RCU Review: Ikarus Pitts Special S1-S

RCU Review: Ikarus Pitts Special S1-S
 RCU Review: Ikarus Pitts Special S1-S More On This Product
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Review by: David "Mordib" Johnson - email me
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See the Pitts S1-S in action!
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I've always been partial to biplanes, even in foamies. The Ikarus Pitts
S1-S a very attractive design from Ikarus that promises great
performance and little assembly time. Will it live up to the reputation that
other Shockflyers have earned? That's exactly what we're about to find out!
Ease of Assembly
Aerobatic ability
Kit Name: Pitts S1-S (reviewed with Brushless Power Option)
Price: $59.95 for kit alone
Wingspan: 26.8"
Length: 24.4"
Flying Weight : from 6.5 oz
Engine Used: Brushless S1 motor & Lexors 12 amp brushless controller
Prop: APC 9 x 7.5
Transmitter: Futaba 9CAP
Receiver: Berg Microstamp
Servos: (3) Futaba S3108
Battery: Thunderpower 3 cell 11.1 volt 900 mah pack
Channels/Mixing Used: none
Manufacturer: Ikarus
Simple, fast assembly
Attractive, vibrant colors
Cool scale looks
Light in the air
Fuse piece was slightly warped
Manual is mostly a pictoral
Carton contents
Glue shock fuse sides
Bevel & hinge tail surfaces
The Piits came unharmed in it's packaging. All components were accounted for and everything looked great. Vivid
and colorful like all the Shockflyers.The manual is more of a pictoral than a written manual, but even so it was easy
to follow along and I found myself with no questions. I first put the fuse sides on the central fuse. I did find the fin to
be slightly twisted, but gentle heat from a heat gun allows me to settle it back flat with the rest of the fuse. After
beveling the surfaces of the elevators & rudder with a sanding block, I hingetaped them in place.
Fuse stiffener
Wings assembled
Wings attached to fuse
A flat piece is used to reinforce the fuse. I glued this i aplce with Zap foam safe CA making sure the sids and fuse
were square to one another. Next I taped & glued the leading edge carbon to the wings, beveled the ailerons and
taped them in place. Next the wings are aeembled to the fuse and struts added.
Motor install
Gear setup
Servo installation
I used the carbon fiber motor mount to install the S1 brushless motor. A simple cross section is cut out of the fuse
to make room. Time to put the gear on. I followed the nstructions and glued the proper carbon fiber rods and
doublers in place. I'm usually hard on landing gear, so I'll be interested in how well they hold up. Next the servos
are installed. I used hot melt glue to attach them.
Battery placement
ESC placement
Receiver placement
There is ample room to place the battery, ESC and receiver, and in places that aren't too noticable either for a nice
clean install. The battery can easily be adjusted fore and aft to adjust CG. That's it! A quick and simple build. Now
let's go fly it.
The best December day we could get in Ohio was pretty overcast with about
5-7 mph winds. Still the temperature was fairly mild and off we went. The first
take of was off asphalt and the vibration caused one "wheel/wheelpant" to
come off... I hadn't glued them as I wanted to keep the option of removing
them and reattaching them later... but it's better to place a drop of CA on
each assembly to hold it fast.
The brushless option was plenty powerful and would take the plane straight
up out of sight. It would hover the plane well and pull out fairly quickly.
Overall a good match for the airframe.
The Pitts flew very nicely and had less coupling in knife edge than I
expected. It would do tight and big loops both inside and out and tracked
relatively well through them. The slight winds did push me around a bit, but
the Pitts faired better than I expected here as well. While it won't take too
heavy of winds... the 5 mph winds didn't prove unenjoyable.
I believe the C.G. setting to be a bit conservative and as I slid the pack back it
became more stable in a hover. As set stock it exhibited a little more wing
rock than with it further aft so you will need to adjust the CG to your taste.
Start out at the stock location and drop back about 1/8" at a time.
As a package the Pitts with brushless power set is a good value and
performs well. Of course the airframe can be built even lighter with careful
selection of hardware, but the combo proved to be a good choice.
I did notice that it took a little throttle on landing approach just as glow/gas
powered bipes do. So keep a click or two in to maintain a clean glide in.
See the Pitts S1-S in action!
Large - 8 meg Broadband Windows Media Format
Medium - 3.7 meg Dial-up Windows Media Format
As another Shockflyer you can exect similar performance as other Ikarus foam offerings. Is it leaps and bounds
ahead of other designs? Well no... but it's every bit as good a selection as the others. Lightweight, colorful and fun
to fly, the Ikarus Shockflyer Pitts S1S is a good choice for your next foamy.
Ikarus USA
TEL (239) 690-0003
Futaba Corporation of America
Distributed Exclusively in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico by:
Great Planes Model Distributors
P.O. Box 9021; Champaign, IL 61826-9021
Website: www.futaba-rc.com
Products used: Futaba 9CAP transmitter, S3108 servos
Thunderpower Batteries
4720 W. University Ave.,
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 228-8883
Website: www.thunderpower-batteries.com
Products used: 900 mah lipoly packs
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