MikroTik RB 450/750 series, Restore to Factory

MikroTik RB 450/750 series, Restore to Factory
MikroTik RB 450/750 series, Restore to Factory Default
Any/all existing settings will be abandoned and the administrator will be given the choice of
accepting the default RouterBoard function as a SOHO switch that can plug directly into a
broadband modem and serve DHCP to connected devices
Ethernet 1 IP = Assigned by Brodband Modem via DHCP (& is Gateway)
DHCP Server will serve 10.1.88.x to devices plugged into ports below
Ethernet 2 Switch Port
Ethernet 3 Switch Port
Ethernet 4 Switch Port
Ethernet 5 Switch Port
-orthe administrator will be given an option to abandon the automatic configuration script that
is noted above, leaving the RouterBoard with no configuration, requiring the administrator
to fully configure it themselves, as desired.
Press-and-hold [Reset]
Power-up MikroTik router
Continue pressing [Reset] – The “Activity” light will eventually “rapid-flash”.
Continue pressing [Reset] through a 10-count after the rapid flash ceases, THEN release
Using a computer that is setup for DHCP and DISCONNECTED from other networks (including
o Attach to the RouterBoard’s Ethernet Port 2
o Open a Web Browser and enter the URL of
o When prompted, select the option titled “WinBox.exe” > [Save File]
o Close browser when done
Run winbox.exe to manage the Mikrotik RouterBoard
o [ . . .] > Select your router > [Connect]
o Upon initial launch, you are given two options. It is your choice to:
 EITHER: Press [Ok] to run a script that will auto-configure the RB as a SOHO
Switch with the following characteristics:
 Ethernet #1 = WAN as a DHCP client
 Ethernet #2-5 = LAN Switch; IP =
o Access this IP via http: for configuration
 DHCP server for LAN (workstations are served DHCP)
 NAT Masquerade on WAN port
 OR: Press [Remove Configuration] and the RouterBoard will be left with NO
configuration. You must manually configure it to your liking (see BeansTalk:
MikroTik RB450/750 as a simple Router for an example).
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