E3—The Third Generation Eclipse 3™ with autoSAT®

E3—The Third Generation
Eclipse 3™ with autoSAT®
Personal Ambulatory Oxygen System (PAOS)™
Enhanced performance, revolutionary clinical benefits and
innovative accessories take the next generation Eclipse to
new heights. Its the all-in-one solution for your oxygen
business—fulfilling both clinical needs and patient wants.
Streamlining oxygen delivery.
Delivering patient satisfaction.
Consistently delivering on time, every time.
The Eclipse 3 delivers, so you don’t have to.
Simple. The Eclipse 3 is a single solution, better for your patients and your business.
• Offers both continuous flow and pulse dosing options
• One machine for stationary, ambulatory and travel needs
• Lower operational costs by reducing monthly deliveries and simplifying
inventory management
• Maximum Medicare reimbursement with two billing codes: E1390 & E1392
• Longer service intervals with lower maintenance costs
• The only system on the market that can be upgraded in the field as new technology
becomes available
Trusted. Patients want the freedom to enjoy life at a moment’s notice and the peace of
mind that the reliable Eclipse 3 delivers. It keeps up with the various activities of daily living
while providing the individualized oxygen prescription. Oxygen anytime, anywhere.
• Active and healthier patients create stronger referrals
• Simplifies the patients’ continuum of care with one device
• No waiting for cylinder deliveries and replaces bulky equipment
• The sleek design is small, quiet and can lower electric bills
• AC/DC and battery power options extend therapy time and patient travel
• FAA Approved for commercial airline travel
• Accessory options that support an active lifestyle
Proven. The AARC suggests “titrate to saturate” and the Eclipse was developed with that
theory in mind. With a comprehensive dosing selection, a broader patient population can be
treated at rest, during sleep, at exercise and at altitude. It’s superior oxygen delivery.
• autoSAT Technology, a pulse delivery system, maintains a consistent pulse dose volume for
every breath as your patient’s respiratory rate changes
• Consistently delivers a fixed pulse dose volume up to 96mL (in increments of 16mL)
in addition, three new pulse dose volumes of 128mL, 160mL and 192mL
• New control panel displays in either LPM or mL for a more accurate prescription verification
• Can be used with CPAP and bi-level devices in Continuous Flow
Greater than 99% product reliability success rate (out-of-box
and over the product life.) Fewer device failures reduce patient
call backs which lower operational costs
Adjustable Rise Time Options
Three available rise time options—Fast, Medium and Slow.
Adjustable rise time allows the clinician to choose the
pulse dose delivery waveform for patient comfort.
Eclipse 3. The 3rd Generation has arrived. The all-in-one oxygen system for 24/7 needs.
• autoSAT Technology
• Approved for Rx of 0.5 – 3.0 LPM continuous flow
• Pulse Dose volumes up to 96mL (in increments of 16mL) in addition,
three new pulse dose volumes of 128mL, 160mL and 192mL
• mL and LPM dose LCD Display
• Three available rise time options—Fast, Medium and Slow
• Adjustable Pulse Dose sensitivity settings
Standard Eclipse Accessories
• New innovative Universal Cart design allows for easy access to battery
• New AC and DC adapters that are smaller in size yet more durable
• More user-friendly alarm package
• In Pulse Dose Mode, if an inspiratory effort is not detected, the device will deliver a
continuous flow of oxygen; continually searching for a breath every 15 seconds.
• Easy-access service and maintenance information
Desktop Charger PN #7112
The Eclipse 3, featuring
autoSAT Technology,
consistently maintains an
FiO2 by adjusting to the
patient’s respiratory rate.
As their rate increases,
the autoSAT feature will
servo-control the device to
automatically increase oxygen
output to ensure uninterrupted
delivery of the set pulse dose
volume. autoSAT provides the
patient with unparalleled
performance without limiting
available oxygen, enabling the
system to automatically adjust to
increased oxygen demands that
often occur as a part of a
patient’s everyday life.
autoSAT Technology
FiO2 at a 48mL—Setting of 3
autoSAT™ Technology chart referencing the Eclipse FiO2 Pulse setting of 48mL
Trigger sensitivity Adjustable between
-0.125 cm H2O to -0.40 cm H2O
Eclipse 3 Oxygen System Specifications*
Size: H x W x D
Power Cartridge
19.3 x 12.3 x 7.1 inches
49.0 x 31.2 x 18.0 cm
15 pounds
3.4 pounds
Pulse Dose settings
(measured in mL)
16-96 (16mL increments), 128mL, 160mL, 192mL
Oxygen concentration
90% ± 3% @ sea level
Oxygen output pressure
5.0 psig (34.5 kPa) nominal
Sound level
48 dB(A) at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode
40 dB(A) at 3.0 Pulse Dose setting
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
12 V nominal
Quantity (2) 97.5 W-Hr battery packs each containing
7.92 grams of equivalent lithium content
Power Consumption
52 watts at 1.0 LPM continuous flow
145 watts at 3.0 LPM continuous flow
45 watts at 1.0 pulse dose setting
95 watts at 6.0 pulse dose setting
Nominal Power Cartridge
operating time
Power Cartridge
recharge time
1.8 to 5.0 hrs, dependent upon the flow recharge time setting,
to achieve 80% capacity from a fully discharged Power Cartridge
Back up alarm power
9 Volt battery
Oxygen concentration
Green Light = Normal Operation
Yellow Light = Warning or Caution
Red Light Flashing = Abnormal Operation
Operating temperature
50° F to 104° F (10° C to 40° C) at
82.4° F (28° C) dew point, non-condensing
0-13,123 feet (0-4000 meters)
Continuous Flow settings
0.5 to 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments)
(measured in Liters Per Minute LPM)
Power specifications:
AC Operation
DC Operation
Power Cartridge
operating range
Loss of power
Low Power Cartridge
Low Therapeutic Oxygen Output
Oxygen flow outside normal limits
No inspiration detected in
Pulse Dose Mode
Unit Malfunction
Model Selection Guide
Note: The Eclipse Oxygen System consists of
Concentrator, Power Cartridge, AC Power Supply, DC
Power Supply and Cart with telescoping handle.
Item No: 5900
Eclipse 3 Oxygen System, Model 1000B
North American Power Cord, English Manual
LPM continuous flow
LPM continuous flow
pulse dose setting,12bpm
pulse dose setting,12bpm
Customer Service Department
11436 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA 92121-1306
Telephone: 800.826.4610
*Specifications subject to change without notice