1.On-Line Software, Inc. dba comPPage, grants you the right to use one copy of the Serial Interface Module software on
a single-user computer, or on a single terminal workstation of a multi-user computer or Local Area Network (LAN).
2. You may not sub license, rent, or lease the software, but you may permanently transfer your license to use the software
and accompanying materials by delivering to another party the original diskettes and materials comprising the software
package, including the title page of the reference manual. You must also simultaneously destroy all copies of the software
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recipient of the software and accompanying materials accepts this agreement and is licensed under the terms of this
Agreement upon initially using the Software.
3. You may not de-compile, disassemble, reverse engineer, copy, transfer, or otherwise use the software except as stated
in this Agreement.
It is the purchasers’ responsibility to determine the suitability of this equipment and its derivatives for any given
application, On-Line Software, Inc. dba comPPage can not give specific advice in this manual, as each use will require
independent evaluation.
On-Line Software, Inc. dba comPPage, only warrants the software product and comPPage or its resellers shall have no
liability for any death, injury or damage, however incurred. The User is responsible for exercising all due prudence and
taking necessary precautions for the safety and protection of lives whenever this product is installed. This software
(product) is warranted to conform to its specifications and be free of defects. This warranty does not apply in case of
improper installation, misuse, failure to follow instructions, abuse or tampering. This warranty is exclusive and expressly
in lieu of all other warranties.
All Inovonics™ wireless transmitters and receivers are covered under the Inovonics™ Warranty and Disclaimer supplied
with each transmitter or receiver. comPPage, Scope™ or any of its dealers, distributor or resellers are shall have no
liability for damages incurred by Inovonics™ equipment.
The Serial Interface Inovonics™ Module works in conjunction with the comPPage PageConnect Server computer paging
software. This module will allow you to connect to the Inovonics™ FA403 serial receiver and convert the numeric string
of data from the FA403 into the information you desire to appear on a staff member’s pager. comPPage PageConnect
Server software acts as the paging server to the Serial Interface Inovonics™ Module. Prior to configuring the Serial
Interface Module, be sure comPPage PageConnect Server is running. This software offers full supervision of all wireless
transmitters and maximum flexibility for configurering by the user.
IBM compatible computer
MS-Window 98, ME, 2000 or NT Operating System
comPPage PageConnect Server
Two(2) serial ports
Scope Transcoder with serial interface
1. Insert CD-Rom into a CD-R or CD-RW drive.
2 Auto Run will activate.
3. If the Visual Basic files on your system are older than the ones being installed, the program will ask you if
you want to update them. Answer YES. Reboot you system and start the install over.
4. After the installation is complete you must configure the system before it will operate properly.
Prior to configuring the Serial Interface Inovonics™ Module, comPPage PageConnect Server must be properly
installed and configured. The Serial Interface Inovonics™ Module uses the information in the paging software to
complete the paging operation. comPPage PageConnect Server and Serial Interface Inovonics™ Module must be
running otherwise paging messages will not be delivered.
1. Select [START], [PROGRAMS],[comPPage SIM]
2. Select [CONFIGURE] from menu icon.
Note: Serial Data Processing is DISABLED during configuration.
3. Select [Configure Port].
4. The Com Port Properties screen will be displayed.
5. Set the communication Port.
a. Select the port from drop down [Port].
b. Select Speed [9600].
c. Data Bits [8]
d. Parity[None]
e. Stop Bits [1]
f. Flow Control [None]
6. Select [OK].
1. Select Inovonics™.
2. Select Configure Protocol.
3.The Configure Inovonics™ Protocol screen will appear.
4. Select Add to add additional transmitters.
5. Select a transmitter to be edited by double clicking on the
Xmitter ID field. The Add Transmitter screen will appear.
You can now edit the information for that transmitter.
6. Selecting Add will open a blank Alerts Xmitter/Matching
7. Enter the appropriate information.
8. On the Configure Inovonics™ screen, select the Monitor Check-in’s time. [5 Minutes, 1,2,3 or 4 Hours]
1. Select Configure Protocol.
2 .The Configure Inovonics™ Protocol screen will appear.
3. Select Add.
4. The Add Alert Xmitter/Translation String will appear.
A. Alert Xmitter ID
- Enter the Transmitter ID and System ID. The
transmitter ID first and system ID separated by
a dash.
B. Translation String
- Enter the information you want to appear on the
pager for this transmitter.
i.e. Room 75 Needs Assistance.
C. Pager/Group
- Select the pager or group of pagers you want to receive
the page..
D. Escalation Pager/Group
- Select the pager or group of pagers you want to escalate
this information to if not reset prior to a preset number of
E. Reset Xmitter ID
- The reset information will be different for each type of
wireless transmitter in use.
1. FA210 - Universal Transmitter – w
2. FA223S-LTH / FA223S Pendant with latching and non-latching – p
3. FA205D – Belt transmitter with double buttons – Leave Blank
F. Repeats (RP)
- Enter the number of repeats you want this alarm to make before escalating to another pager/group or till it
times out and automatically resets.
G. Sec/Repeats Cycles (RC)
- Enter the number of seconds between each repeat.
H. Repeat Until Reset (RUR).
- If this box is checked the alert will page according to the selection of F & G until the transmitter has been
placed in a reset condition or a forced reset has been activated. The following programming recommendation
is made for the following Inovonics™ wireless transmitters.
1. FA210 – Universal Transmitter – Check RUR
2. FA223S-LTH – Pendant, latching – Check RUR
3. FA223S-Non Latching & FA205S,D Pendant- Do not Check
Tamper and Low Battery
After identifying a pager in Page-Link Pro that you want to receive the TAMPER ALARM and LOW BATTERY
alarm, select that pager at the bottom of the CONFIGURE screen labeled MAINTENANCE PAGER. Each time
the TAMPER ALARM is detected from ANY transmitter identified in the ALERT XMITTER ID field, the
message TAMPER ALERT XMITTER X, will be transmitted to the maintenance pager identified at the bottom
of the screen.
The TAMPER ALERT will be re-paged every 5 minutes until reset by correcting the tamper condition.
The same is true for the LOW BATTERY ALERT. Both alerts will be logged.
The SIM Inovonics™ interface software offers FULL SUPERVISON for all Inovonics™ Wireless Transmitter.
Programming the check-in time of the wireless transmitters will be determined by the selection you make on the
MONITOR CHECK-INs on the configuration screen. This selection is a global setting.
Inovonics™ determines battery life on 60 second check-in. You should program your wireless transmitters
according to the time that will be selected for the monitor check-in window. Remember some wireless
transmitters are 2.5 times the programmed time. If you select a 60 second check-in for the FA223S/LT pendant,
your actual check-in time would be approximately 3.5 minutes, allowing for 20% drift. The 5 minute check-in
window would accommodate this period. Remember, the larger amount of transmitters in the system will
increase the amount of data the receiver must process.
If the transmitter is going to be off site for a period of time you should go to that transmitter in the database and
de-activate it by un-checking the ACTIVE box.
Example: Transmitter is programmed for a 5 minute check-in.
- Select 1 Hour from the MONITOR CHECK-INs on the configure inovonics™ screen.
If no alerts or check-ins has been received within the time frame selected on the configure inovonics™
screen, a page stating [TRANSMITTER 10-1 OFF LINE] will be sent to maintenance pager selected.
The page will be repeated every hour. (or time frame selected on the monitor check-in)
To correct the OFF-LINE condition perform one of the following actions.
1. Access the transmitter in the database and un-check the active box.
2. Bring the transmitter with-in range of the FA403 receiver.
3. Replace battery if battery is bad.
4. Reprogram transmitter to correct system ID and transmitter ID as shown in database.
5. Correct entry in transmitter database if found to be in error.
K. Locator
If a Inovonics™ FA536 Locator is installed, the locator will receive alarm information from the wireless
transmitters and relay it to the FA403 receiver with the location of the receiver plus the original alarm.
Locator: Rec Room
Transmitter 10-1(pendant)
Example: original msg – Mrs. Smith Needs Assistance
Locator msg – Mrs. Smith Needs Assistance Rec Room.
L. Programming Chart – Example
Room 222 Bed Call (FA210)
Wing 1
All Call
Mrs. Smith Needs Assistance(FA223S/LTH)
Wing 1
All Call
Dining Room (FA536 Locator)
Nurse Jones Needs Assistance(FA205D)
All Call
Room 222 Bath Call (FA210)
Wing 1
All Call
Note: Reset for FA210 Universal Transmitter should be [w]. Reset for all Pendants should be [p]
M. Typical programming
5 Minutes
60 Seconds (3.5 Minutes)
N/O or N/C
5 Minutes
According to type of switch used.
5 Minutes
5 Minutes
All events that are paged will be logged. Each log is for a 24 hour period and given the name of the month, day and year
(121502) and placed in the subdirectory [LOGS] in the comPPage SIM directory. The log is automatically closed and a
new on opened at the end of day. Using the report generating software, you can create custom reports by Date/Time,
Room Number, Number of times a call was escalated or a listing of all transmitters that were off-line on a given day.
Select [START], [PROGRAMS], [comPPage LRG].
Enter the correction information for the report.
Select [IMPORT], [FILE] and [OPEN].
Using the filtering
Additional Logging for Troubleshooting
When the monitor mode has been selected from the menu bar at the top of the main screen the program will log all
activity from the FA403 receiver to the log file. This log file can be used to determine the cause of a current problem
being encountered.
Exiting Program
When exiting the Serial Interface Module (SIM), select FILE, EXIT and enter the password MAINT. This password is
not case sensitive. If the user does not enter a the password and ignores the window, it times out and goes away, leaving
the application running.
Health Check-In
The Health Check-In is a feature that works in conjunction with transmitters programmed for SYSTEM ID 9 and a time
frame between 6 AM and 10 AM. This feature is activated when the selection, OK Check-In on the Configuration
Inovonics Protocol Screen is checked.
With the OK Check In selected the program will look at the program log between the hours of 6AM and 10AM and
compare all System ID 9 transmitters that have checked in against the database of System ID 9 transmitters. Those that
have not checked in, the staff will be paged. The message received on the staff pager will be; [The translations string plus
the message No Check-In] i.e. Mrs. Jones No Check-In
The System id 9 transmitters alerts will not be processed after 10AM. However, the Low Battery, Tamper and Normal
transmitter check-in will be processed.
When this box is checked the program will process the incoming data for this point.
A specific character indicating the ending of a string of data.
Page another pager not in the original group.
Forced Reset
When a string is set to Repeat Until Reset and no reset string received.
The user can manually reset the string. It will be logged as a Forced Reset.
Log Transactions
If this box is check the program will make a record of all communications
between the host equipment and the Serial Interface Module.
This log may be viewed by using notepad or any text editor and opening the
file SIM LOG FILE, located in the comPPage Sim directory.
Matching String
The information entered into the program for triggering a page.
Number Suffix
The number at the end of a message indicates the repeat sequence.
When exiting the program you will be required to enter a password. Enter
maint, the password is not case sensitive.
Reset String
The information entered by the user for triggering a reset of the active string.
1 – Prefix
The first repeat of a sequence programmed in the RP box.
2 – Prefix
The second repeat of a sequence programmed in the RP box.
ESC – Prefix
Indicates the page has been escalated to the next level as selected.
R - Prefix
A page was sent, sequenced through the programmed repeats and not reset. The
RUR was selected. The page is starting over the programmed sequence.
Number of times the page will be repeated. 1 - 10
The number of Seconds between each repeat. 1 - 300
Repeat until Reset. When this box is checked the paging data will continuously
page until either receiving the reset string or the user force reset the point.
Time Out
No more activity on page.
Translation String
The information entered into the program that will be sent to a pager when the
Matching string is found by the program.
Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Companies, names, and data used in examples herein
are fictitious unless otherwise noted. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any
means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of On-Line Software, Inc. dba
comPPage 2001 On-Line Software, Inc., All rights reserved. Printed in the United States.
Microsoft, MS, Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 95, 98 and ME are all trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
This software package (“software”) is a proprietary product of On-line Software, Inc. dba comPPage, and is protected by
copyright laws and international treaty. You must treat the software like any other copyrighted material, except that you
may place the software on a single hard disk, provided that you keep the original software solely for backup or archival
purposes. Copyright laws prohibit making additional copies of the software for any other reason.
Read this license Agreement before using the enclosed software. This agreement is a legal contract between you, the end
user, and On-Line Software, Inc. dba comPPage, governing your use of the Software. Installing the accompanying
software package indicates your acceptance of this Agreement. This agreement shall also be binding on any subsequent,
authorized licensee. If you do not wish to agree to the terms of this Agreement, promptly return the complete software
package, with disk(s) to the distributor from whom you obtained this product. You will receive a full refund provided you
return the full Software package, and the disk package is unopened. If you have any questions concerning this
Agreement, contact:
Attn: Customer Service
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Technical Support
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