Allen 221 Classroom Technology Tutorial

Allen 221 Classroom Technology Tutorial
ALL 221 Classroom Technology
1. Turn the projector on
a. In the upper right-hand corner of the touch panel, press the power button to wake up the
screen or select “Power On” to wake up the screen.
b. Press “Projector On” for each projector and the Flat Screen individually
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2. Connect your device
a. Connect your device to the preferred cable located in the black cable box next to the touch
panel. The system supports the following signal inputs: HDMI (audio and video), VGA, Bluray, Document Camera, and RCA.
b. For some devices (such as Macbooks and tablets), it may be necessary to connect an adapter
to either the VGA or HDMI. Apple adapters (thunderbolt) are attached to the HDMI cable in
ALL 221.
3. Select the projection source
a. To route a source to a specific display, press and drag the button for the desired source
(HDMI, VGA, Blu-ray, Doc Cam, RCA). Select the desired input icon and drag it into the space
for Projector 1 (or Main Projector).
b. This classroom has a shortcut that will allow you to display the same image on all output
sources (projectors and flat screens). Press the “Sync all to front projector” or “Sync
projectors to Main” button to utilize this shortcut.
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c. As a multi-display system, it is also capable of displaying different images onto different
output sources. For example, one projector can be connected to a computer, while a flat
screen could be displaying the document camera.
4. Audio
a. Audio will accompany video with Projector 1.
b. If you would like to connect the sound to the system, plug the audio cable into the headphone
input of your device. If you are connected via the HDMI cable, audio will automatically route
through the HDMI cable. Some further computer settings may be required, please see the
audio issue troubleshooting steps below.
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Note: the input in use must be dragged onto “Projector 1” for audio, even if that projector is off
and not being used to display an image.
*no audio*
*audio working*
Control the volume by tapping the volume options along the bottom of the screen.
5. Microphones
Allen 221 contains a wireless clip-on microphone and a handheld microphone located in the righthand drawer of the podium. Extra batteries can be found in the drawer or at the SOJC help desk
located in Allen Hall room 319.
a. Turn on the microphone by switching the toggle on the top of the microphone to ON.
b. Tap the “Mic & Audio” button on the touch panel to adjust audio levels.
c. When finished, please turn the microphone off.
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6. Turn off the system when finished
a. Select “Shut Down” on the upper right-hand corner of the touch panel and then press “Yes,
shut down the system and display now” to turn the whole system off.
A. What if my audio isn’t working?
a. HDMI users: If you are connecting the audio through HDMI source and the audio is NOT
transmitting to the room system, please follow these steps:
i. In the lower right-hand corner of your laptop, right-click on the speaker icon and
then select “Playback Devices”
ii. Next, right-click on the “Crestron” input to enable, you may have to right-click on
the “Speakers/Headphones” to disable,
b. VGA Users/Audio Cable users: Confirm that the audio cable is completely plugged into
your device and the far end is plugged into the audio input jack. Confirm that the player
volume (Youtube, Windows Media Player) and the device’s volume are turned up. Next,
turn up the classroom volume on the Crestron touch panel.
B. I’ve plugged in the HDMI (or VGA) cable, but my computer is not projecting?
a. Confirm that the other end of the cable is plugged into the input jack. Next, re-plugin the
cable that is connected to your device (sometimes it can take another try for the
computer to detect the display) Confirm that the correct input is selected on the touch
panel. Call for more assistance!
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C. The Crestron touch panel is frozen.
a. If the Crestron touch panel is frozen and you can not interact with any of the controls,
please contact support immediately!
D. Lighting Presets
a. Light presets and controls on located on the front/right-hand side of the podium
E. Power Outlets and Ethernet Jacks
a. Power outlet and Ethernet Jacks are located directly beneath the lighting controls on the
front/right-hand side of the podium.
F. Projector Screen Control
a. The controls to bring down and put up the Projector screen are located left of the
Ethernet Jack also on the front/right-hand side of the podium.
For further assistance please contact the SOJC tech desk at (541) 346-3715 or CMET at (541) 346-3091.
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