"Keypad Provides Interactive Link" - November

"Keypad Provides Interactive Link" - November
All Control
Are Housed
in the Keypad
The company’s compact
stand-alone solution pulls
all of the control electronics into the keypad. It’s
an easy-to-administer and
cost-effective means of
controlling access to a building. But because
all control electronics are in the keypad, it’s not
recommended for exterior or high-security applications. Compact systems can be fitted to one or
many doors within a building, and additional doors
may be added as required. They are available in a
choice of TOUCHLOCK keypads, PROXIMITY
readers and CARDLOCK (mag stripe) readers.
Access is gained by using a code or PIN with a
keypad or by presenting a valid token to readers.
Simple token management using the company’s
token packs allows for straightforward administration. The system allows for 10,000 users and
up to 50 codes.
Paxton Access
For Free Information circle 453 or visit www.sdmmag.com/
webcard or www.paxton-access.com.
Scramble Keypad
Reorders Numbers for
Additional Security
PCSC’s Scramble Keypad SP-100 is designed to
prevent PIN codes from being seen by onlookers. Every time the keypad is activated, the LED
displays a different, randomly allocated set of
numbers from 0 to 9. Only those standing directly
in front of the keypad are able to see the scrambled digits. Lighted and scrambled digits have
a very narrow viewing angle. The
membrane keypad is
extremely durable,
and the SP-100 has a
weatherproof rating
of IP65. Individual
PIN codes can be up
to 5 digits in length,
using a 26-bit card
format. The keypad
is ideal for high-security and high-traffic areas
packed with possible “onlookers.” Those settings
include airports, docks and banks.
For Free Information circle 454 or visit www.sdmmag.com/
webcard or www.1pcsc.com.
A Sleek, Simple &
Ultra-Thin Choice
Digital Monitoring Products has introduced
the most recent addition to its Thinline Series
of ultra-low profile keypads. The innovative
7063A and 7073A Aqualite keypads contain
an on-board DMP proximity reader that permits users to simply present their proximity credentials to the keypad to
gain access to a secure area. In addition to being ultra-low profile, these
keypads are simple, sleek and secure, and equally applicable to residential and commercial applications. Their cool blue lighting delivers an
innovative design to the same flexible features as standard DMP keypads.
Those features include alarm silence while systems remain armed; visual
and audible alarm notification; and optional proximity reader integration
that accepts HID 1300 Series credentials.
Digital Monitoring Products (DMP)
For Free Information circle 455 or visit www.sdmmag.com/webcard or www.dmp com.
Biometric Keypad Integrates
with Most Alarm Panels
Napco’s Gemini product line has become even more appealing with the
addition of the new indoor/outdoor Gemini BioReader biometric keypad.
The BioReader can be integrated with most brands
of alarm panels, or used as a stand-alone alarm and
garage door access control solution. BioReader is
compatible with all Gemini and Express security systems in 3- and 4-wire bus, and will easily operate electric garage doors and lighting systems. Simply touch
a button to arm or disarm a system, or activate relay
groups. The days of worrying about losing keys or
memorizing complicated codes are over. BioReader’s
optical biometric fingerprint reader does away with
code pass-along. It helps assure reliable use by manual laborers and older
individuals whose fingertips are worn and considered “hard to print.”
Napco Security Systems
For Free Information circle 456 or visit www.sdmmag.com/webcard or www.napcosecurity.com.
Keypad Provides an
Interactive Link &
Integrated Functionality
RS2’s MR-DT 16-position Display Terminal Keypad features an integrated 32-character LCD display. When combined with one of RS2’s System Control Processors,
the keypad provides an interactive link and truly integrated functionality
to the access control system. The unit features a 2-wire RS-485 port for
direct connection to the access control system, as well as a reader port
permitting attachment of an external reader to the unit. The display is a
32-character backlit LCD, providing system information clearly, even in
conditions that make clear vision challenging. Text is displayed exactly
as the controller sent it, providing access and alarm status feedback or
other free-form messaging or instructions that the system generates.
RS2 Technologies LLC
For Free Information circle 457 or visit www.sdmmag.com/webcard or www.rs2tech.com.
November 2009
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