AXIS M30 Network Camera Series

AXIS M30 Network Camera Series
AXIS M30 Network Camera Series
Fixed mini domes with HDTV and 360°/180° panoramic views.
> Compact, vandal- and
dust-resistant design
> Wide angle and 360°/
180° panoramic views
> HDTV video quality
> Easy, flexible
> Edge storage
AXIS M30 Series addresses the market’s need for affordably priced, highly discreet and
easy-to-install indoor fixed domes with HDTV performance and 360°/180° panoramic views. They
are ideal for retail stores, hotels, schools and offices with tight budgets for video surveillance.
Providing superb video quality, AXIS M30 cameras range
from the palm-sized AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3005-V
with HDTV performance, to the wide-angle AXIS M3006-V
with 3-megapixel resolution, and AXIS M3007-P/-PV,
5-megapixel fixed domes that provide a 360° view when
ceiling mounted or 180° view when wall mounted.
All AXIS M30 cameras are vandal- and dust-resistant except for AXIS M3007-P, and can be mounted on walls or
ceilings. AXIS M3007-P is instead even more discreet
with its smoke-detector look. AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V/
M3006-V cameras have a 3-axis camera angle adjustment for flexible installation. The three cameras also support Corridor Format for vertically oriented video streams
that maximize coverage of areas such as corridors, hallways or aisles. All AXIS M30 cameras come focused at
AXIS M30 cameras support AXIS Camera Application
Platform for intelligent video applications such as people
counting. AXIS M3006-V and AXIS M3007-P/-PV have
substantial capacity for video analytics.
The cameras offer a convenient video management
solution with their built-in memory card slot for edge
storage and support for software such as the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion.
Simplifying installation, AXIS M30 cameras come with a
2 m (6.6 ft.) network cable and are powered using Power
over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af).
Affordable, compact and easy-to-install fixed domes with
superb video quality
HDTV and multi-megapixel models
AXIS M30 cameras share a discreet form factor and are designed
for quick and easy installation. The models—with different viewing
angles, resolution, frame rate and intelligent video capacity—have
been optimized to provide best-in-class performance for the different
application needs of price-sensitive customers.
AXIS M3007-P/-PV cameras have a 5-megapixel sensor that enables
detailed, high-quality 360° and 180° panoramic views. AXIS M3006-V
not only supports HDTV 1080p but can also provide 3-megapixel video
streams with 50% more resolution than HDTV 1080p. With a 134° angle of view, AXIS M3006-V can provide full coverage of an area when
installed near a corner. Meanwhile, the palm-sized AXIS M3004-V
and AXIS M3005-V provide the smallest form factor. AXIS M3004-V
supports full frame rate 1-megapixel/HDTV 720p performance, while
AXIS M3005-V delivers HDTV 1080p with more than double the
resolution of HDTV 720p.
360°/180° fixed domes
AXIS M3007-P/-PV are 360°/180° fixed domes that can cover an area
of more than 650 m² (7,000 sq. ft.). They can be used to help detect
activities, track the flow of people and improve area management.
AXIS M3007-P/-PV cameras support several viewing modes: 360° overview and dewarped views such as panorama, double panorama and quad
views. The quad view mode is suitable, for instance, when the camera is
positioned at an intersection of corridors. The camera also provides view
area modes where users can digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on areas of
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: overview of a 240 m² (2,600 sq. ft.) area
AXIS M3006-V: corner view
Digital PTZ and multi-view streaming
The digital pan/tilt/zoom functionality in all AXIS M30 cameras can
be seen as enabling the cameras to have a “digital varifocal lens”
that allows the cameras’ angle of view to be adjusted remotely after
the physical installation. This functionality is especially useful with
AXIS M3006-V because of its wide angle of view and high resolution.
When digital PTZ is used together with multi-view streaming in
AXIS M3006-V, different areas of a scene can be cropped from the full
view and streamed simultaneously for viewing or recording. Multi-view
streaming simulates several virtual cameras and can help minimize the
bit rate and storage needs.
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: view area mode
with digital pan/tilt/zoom functionality
3-axis camera angle adjustment
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V/M3006-V cameras have a 3-axis camera
angle adjustment that enables users to:
> mount the cameras on walls or ceilings
> easily adjust the cameras’ direction
> easily level the image
> get vertically oriented video streams (Axis’ Corridor Format)
Axis’ Corridor Format is achieved when the 3-axis camera angle
adjustment is used together with the camera interface’s ability to rotate
the image. The format optimizes the coverage of areas such as aisles,
hallways and corridors, maximizing image quality while eliminating
bandwidth and storage waste.
Comparison of viewing angles
9:16 Corridor Format
Approx. field of view comparison
AXIS M3006-V
Horizontal angle of view
AXIS M3007-P/-PV in wall-mount, panoramic view
Ceiling or
or wall
AXIS M3004-V
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: 187°
AXIS M3006-V: 134°
AXIS M3005-V: 118°
AXIS M3004-V: 80°
AXIS M3005-V
AXIS M3006-V
AXIS M3007-P
42 mm (1.7”)
53 mm (2.1”)
42 mm (1.7”)
85 mm (3.4”)
AXIS M3004-V
AXIS M3005-V
Ø131 mm (5.2”)
Ø131 mm (5.2”)
Ø131 mm (5.2”)
65 mm (2.6”)
Ø100 mm (4”)
51 mm (2”)
27 mm (1.1”)
Optional accessories
White/black skin for
the camera casing
(All models except
AXIS M3007-P)
Optional lens and
focus tool for
AXIS M3004-V and
AXIS M3005-V
AXIS T91A Camera Holders
3/4” or 1.5” NPS for
AXIS M3006-V and
AXIS M3007-P/-PV
AXIS P8221 Network
I/O Audio Module
AXIS Camera Companion (included),
AXIS Camera Station and video
management software from Axis'
Application Development Partners
(not included). See
Technical Specifications – AXIS M30 Network Camera Series
AXIS M3004-V: 1 MP / HDTV 720p, vandal and dust resistant
AXIS M3005-V: 2 MP / HDTV 1080p, vandal and dust resistant
AXIS M3006-V: 3 MP / HDTV 1080p, vandal and dust resistant
AXIS M3007-P: 5 MP, 360°/180°, discreet smoke-detector look
AXIS M3007-PV: 5 MP, 360°/180°, vandal and dust resistant
Note: AXIS M3011 and AXIS M3014 are handled separately from the
new AXIS M30 Series
Image sensor
Light sensitivity
Shutter time
Camera angle
AXIS M3004-V: 1/4” progressive scan RGB CMOS
AXIS M3005-V: 1/2.7” progressive scan RGB CMOS
AXIS M3006-V: 1/3.6” (effective) progressive scan RGB CMOS
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: 1/3.2” progressive scan RGB CMOS
M12 mount, F2.8, fixed iris, megapixel resolution
AXIS M3004-V: 2.8 mm, 80° horizontal angle of view
AXIS M3005-V: 2.8 mm, 118° horizontal angle of view
AXIS M3006-V: 1.6 mm, 134° horizontal angle of view
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: 1.3 mm, 187° horizontal angle of view
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: 1.5 - 100000 lux, F2.8
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: 0.6 - 200000 lux, F2.8
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: 1/8000 s to 1/6 s
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: 1/24000 s to 2 s
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: Pan ±175°, tilt ±45°, rotation ±175°
AXIS M3006-V: Pan ±180°, tilt 0-45°, rotation ±178°
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: Rotation ±180°
Supported protocols
System integration
Open API for software integration, including VAPIX® and
AXIS Camera Application Platform from Axis Communications,
available at
AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) with One-Click Camera
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V/M3006-V: ONVIF, specification
available at
Intelligent video Video motion detection, active tampering alarm
AXIS Camera Application Platform enabling installation of
additional applications
(In AXIS M3007-P/-PV, additionally installed applications can be
used in the 360° overview mode only)
Event triggers
Intelligent video, edge storage events
Event actions
Video compression
H.264 Main Profile (MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC), Motion JPEG
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: Also H.264 Baseline
AXIS M3004-V: 1280x800 (1 MP) to 320x240
AXIS M3005-V: 1920x1080 (HDTV 1080p) to 320x240
AXIS M3006-V: 2048x1536 (3 MP) to 160x120
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: 2592x1944 (5 MP) to 160x120
Frame rate
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: 25/30 fps with power line frequency
H.264/Motion JPEG 50/60 Hz
AXIS M3006-V: 3 MP capture mode: 16/20 fps with power line
frequency 50/60 Hz
HDTV 1080p (1920x1080) and 2 MP 4:3 (1600x1200) capture
modes: 25/30 fps with power line frequency 50/60 Hz
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: 12 fps in 360° overview and panoramic
Video streaming Multiple, individually configurable streams in H.264 and
Motion JPEG
Controllable frame rate and bandwidth
AXIS M3006-V: Up to 8 individually cropped out view areas.
When streaming 4 view areas and 1 overview in VGA resolution,
the frame rate is 16/20 fps per stream with power line
frequency 50/60 Hz (3 MP capture mode)
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: 360° overview, panorama, double
panorama, quad view. Up to 4 individually cropped out and
dewarped view areas. When streaming 4 dewarped view areas
and one 360° overview in VGA resolution, the frame rate is 10
fps per stream
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: Digital PTZ
AXIS M3006-V: Digital PTZ, preset positions, guard tour
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: Digital PTZ with dewarping, preset
positions, guard tour
Image settings
Compression, color, brightness, sharpness, contrast, white
balance, exposure control, backlight compensation, wide
dynamic range - dynamic contrast, text and image overlay,
privacy mask, mirroring of images
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: Exposure zones, finetuning of low light behavior
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V/M3006-V: Rotation: 0°, 90°, 180°,
270°, including Corridor Format
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: Rotation: 0°, 180°
* This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use
in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
Password protection, IP address filtering, HTTPS* encryption,
IEEE 802.1X network access control, digest authentication, user
access log
IPv4/v6, HTTP, HTTPS*, SSL/TLS*, QoS Layer 3 DiffServ, FTP,
CIFS/SMB, SMTP, Bonjour, UPnP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3(MIB-II), DNS,
Data streaming
installation aid
Edge storage
File upload: FTP, HTTP, network share and email; notification:
email, HTTP and TCP; video recording to edge storage; pre- and
post-alarm video buffering
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: Go to PTZ preset, guard
Event data
Pixel counter
Casing color: white NCS S 1002-B; encapsulated electronics
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: IP42 water- and dust-resistant,
IK08 impact-resistant, polycarbonate/ABS casing
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-PV: IP42 water- and dust-resistant,
IK08 impact-resistant, aluminum and polycarbonate/ABS casing
AXIS M3007-P: Discreet, smoke-detector like design with
uncovered lens, aluminum and polycarbonate/ABS casing
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: 256 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash
AXIS M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: 512 MB RAM, 128 MB
Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af
AXIS M3004-V: Class 1, max. 2.2 W
AXIS M3005-V: Class 1, max. 2.7 W
AXIS M3006-V: Class 2, max. 4.5 W
AXIS M3007-P/-PV: Class 2, max. 4.6 W
Male RJ-45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX PoE on a 2 m (6.6 ft.)
network cable
MicroSD/microSDHC/microSDXC slot supporting memory
card up to 64 GB (card not included); support for recording to
network share (network-attached storage or file server)
Humidity 15 - 85% RH (non-condensing)
AXIS M3004-V/M3006-V/M3007-P/M3007-PV: 0 ºC to 45 ºC
(32 ºF to 113 ºF)
AXIS M3005-V: 0 ºC to 40 ºC (32 ºF to 104 ºF)
EN 55022 Class B, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 55024,
FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class B, ICES-003 Class B, VCCI Class B,
C-tick AS/NZS CISPR 22 KCC Class B, IEC/EN/UL 69050-1
All models except AXIS M3007-P: IEC 60529 IP42, IEC 62262
Class IK08
AXIS M3004-V/M3005-V: 200 g (0.44 lb.)
AXIS M3006-V: 640 g (1.4 lb.)
AXIS M3007-P: 570 g (1.3 lb.)
AXIS M3007-PV: 610 g (1.4 lb.)
Drill hole template, Installation Guide, Installation and
Management Software CD, Windows decoder 1-user license,
Torx L-key
More information is available at
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