Clarisonic vs. Olay: Getting What You Pay For

Clarisonic vs. Olay: Getting What You Pay For
Clarisonic vs. Olay: Getting What You Pay For
It seems like almost every major
over-the-counter skin care line has
their own version of a skin cleansing
brush these days. So why do we still
recommend the Clarisonic PRO Skin
Cleansing brush above all the rest?
Consider this comparison between
the Clarisonic PRO and the Olay
Professional PROx.
The Olay brush has rotating bristles
that tug and pull on your skin,
which can be abrasive and irritating,
especially to sensitive skin. It runs off
of two AA batteries, so you spend
time and money replacing batteries
and recycling the old ones. While
the unit is water resistant, it is not
completely sealed. This means it
could malfunction.
The Clarisonic is unique in that its
antibacterial Dupont Super Soft
nylon bristles oscillate back and
forth working with the skin’s natural
elasticity to gently exfoliate and
thoroughly cleanse your makeup off.
The 5 speeds and 3 different facial
brush heads offered are great
because the brush can be adjusted
to suit any skin type, from delicate
to oily, combination, or rosacea
prone skin. The unit is rechargeable
and completely sealed, so it can be
used in the bath or shower — no
water can get inside. When combined with the body brush, it is
perfect for using to exfoliate,
smooth, and soften stubborn body
parts, including the backs of the
arms where patients commonly have
rough, bumpy skin. The life
expectancy of the brush is 5-7 years
and it comes with a 2 year warranty.
The company offers a 60 day better
skin or your money back guarantee.
the value you get in return more
than makes up for the difference.
This is one device that continually
has patients saying, “I love my
The Clarisonic Pro Cleansing System
may have a higher cost up front
compared to other knock-offs, but
Try it for yourself and see how it
makes your skin look and feel.
more effective
than manual
more makeup
removal than
manual cleansing
greater absorption
of vitamin C
after use*
* Compared to manual cleansing, data on file
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EXPIRES 10/31/11
Clarisonic or
Opal Device
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Spring is here. Summer just around the corner. The new
seasons signal change or the opportunity for change.
In my practice you will be seeing new products, new
staff and new procedures. We continue to be impressed
with results we are seeing from our new skin tightening
procedure Ulthera. The face is still the most popular
area for treatment, but we are seeing good results
Dr. Welsh
from the treatment of body parts, especially arms.
We recently learned that we are the top center in the nation for this
procedure. Coolscuplting (fat melting) with Zeltiq is also exceeding our
expectations for results. New techniques for older procedures are also
giving excellent results. We are using our familiar fillers Radiesse,
Restylane, Juvederm and Scupltra to restore volume, lift and contour the
face. We are using Botox in the lip, lower face and neck to achieve gentle
lower face lifting and to soften wrinkles in these areas.
My personal life will also be changing dramatically as my son, Daniel,
graduates from Lick-Wilmerding High School (LWHS) and gets ready to
head to college. He will be attending UC Berkeley (my alma mater) as of
this writing, Go Bears! My daughter,
Loie, will be leaving Convent
Elementary and heading to LWHS.
Before this all happens we will have
our annual family summer trip to
Hood River, Oregon. This beautiful
town in the Columbia River Gorge is a
mecca for kite surfing, windsurfing,
Dr. Welsh windsurfing in the
hiking and biking.
Columbia River Gorge, with SPF 60.
Sonic Infusion for
Younger, More
Beautiful Eyes!
The eye area of skin is notorious
for being poor quality, especially
as we age. Fine lines, crepiness,
and lax skin are inevitable. Luckily,
Clarisonic has invented a solution to
this problem. A palm-sized sonic
infusion device, the Opal is specially
designed to help build skin's
resilience over time and prevent
future damage around the eyes.
The Clarisonic Opal Sonic
Infusion System uses proven sonic
technology to apply eye serum
better than manual application.
Opal delivers Anti-Aging Sea Serum
at 7,500 vibrations a minute. The
gentle sonic micro massage infuses
serum more effectively — instantly
hydrating and building skin’s
resilience over time for healthier,
younger looking eyes. If you feel
your eye area makes you appear
tired, the Opal may be for you.
Coolsculpt your way into Summer
With the Spring season’s sunny, warm reminders, Summer (and Summer
clothing!) may be in the back of your mind. Coolsculpting™, by Zeltiq™, is
the perfect way to get rid of fat in those troublesome areas of the stomach,
love handles, and back! Eliminating 20 – 25% of fat cells in the areas treated,
let Zeltiq “cool” and “sculpt” those annoying bulges and rolls that diet and
exercise just won’t work off. 1 – 4 one hour sessions are typically needed,
depending on the amount of fat and
areas to be treated, and full results
generally show after 4 months. So call
our office, set up your consultation,
and see if Zeltiq is the right option for
you to “cool” your way into the warm,
4 months After
sunny months to come.
Safe for all skin types, the Opal is
used twice a day along with their
Anti-Aging Sea Serum or your
favorite eye cream. The Replenix
Retinol Repair or SkinMedica TNS
Eye Repair both offer collagen
boosting ingredients that aid the
Opal in its task. Call our office for
more details or to purchase this
device, and enjoy younger, more
beautiful eyes today!
Acne: More Than Skin Deep
For those of
you who do
not know
me, my
name is Jane
Thomas and
I am
a boardcertified
Adult Nurse
Jane Thomas
Practitioner. It
is my professional goal to provide
excellent, evidenced-based dermatologic care and to educate
each patient on their specific skin
condition. One of the areas that I
specialize in and feel very passionate about is the treatment of acne.
Acne is a complex skin condition
that affects nearly fifty million
Americans. This physically and
emotionally devastating skin
disease does not discriminate
when it chooses its victims. It
affects teenagers as well as people
in their fifties. In fact, about half of
adult women experience mild to
moderate acne. If this sounds like
you, it’s time to put down the
Proactiv and seek professional
help. We have many successful
treatment options and can create
an individualized plan of care to
address your acne and give you
clear skin.
Acne, so what is it? Acne is a
complicated multi-factorial process
that is most heavily influenced by
genetics and hormones. The spots
actually left behind by lesions can
be worse than the lesion itself.
This can include red and brown
blemishes and scars.
How is acne treated? The secret
in controlling acne is to stop the
complex acne process down in the
pores where it begins and prevent
new lesions from forming.
may include prescription topical
and/or oral medications as
well as physical modalities such
as chemical peels or Isolaz
treatments (a non-invasive light
device that relies on vacuum and
a broad-spectrum of light to
treat acne).
Mild acne, for example, can often
be significantly improved with the
use of topical medications that
contain active acne fighting
ingredients such as, salicylic acid,
benzoyl peroxide, and/or retin-a.
Light salicylic acid peels, also
known as beta peels, can be
helpful in treating mild-moderate
acne. These peels are used in
conjunction with topical and
oral therapies to help to reduce
excessive skin oils, remove
stubborn blackheads, even out
skin pigmentation, and improve
the penetration of topical
Moderate to severe acne,
however, typically requires
oral medications, such as oral
antibiotics or accutane, to
successfully clear the skin.
Our treatment plan is initially
based on the severity of your
acne, the past medications you’ve
tried, and your health history. It
Birth control pills and the
medication spironolactone are
also promising long-term treatment options for many women
suffering from adult hormonal
acne. If you are frustrated with
your skin, make an appointment
with me to discuss your options.
Keeping Body Parts Under Wraps?
Who hasn't stood in the mirror pulling their skin tighter on various
body parts, thinking, "If it were just a little tighter…"?
Our last newsletter highlighted the Ulthera treatment for facial
tightening, but did you know this procedure also works to improve skin
elasticity on the arms, abdomen, knees, buttocks, breasts, and thighs?
If you are frustrated with any of these areas due to loose skin and
wrinkling, consider trying Ultherapy, and set your body free!
Dr. Welsh on the Essentials of Skin Care
My staff and I often reflect on the vast array of skincare products and new skincare lines. Clever marketing can make it
difficult to separate hype from fact. In our office we use a scientifically based system to select products and then adapt
this to each patient’s needs.
When devising a particular patient’s skincare program, we take into consideration a patient’s skin type (oily, normal,
dry, sensitive or resistant) and any dermatologic problems such as acne, uneven pigmentation, facial redness, and
amount of wrinkling. When I refer to scientifically based skincare, I am not talking about the usual skincare regime of
cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, although these are important. I am thinking about the following categories:
1) Topical Antioxidants 2) Sunscreen 3) Retinoids 4) DNA Repair 5) Growth factors and peptides.
The daily use of an antioxidant scavenges free
radicals in the skin. These small molecules are caused
by sun exposure and cause cellular damage, which
can lead to wrinkles and skin discoloration. The most
important ones are: 1) Vitamin C (not all are equal),
we have picked products designed to penetrate the
epidermis and the dermis much better than ascorbic
acid 2) Vitamin E 3) Green Tea 4) Idebenone
5) Coffeeberry 6) Niacinamide
The daily use of sunscreen is non-negotiable. You
only need to compare the sun-protected skin of your
bottom to the skin of your forearms to see how UV
radiation contributes to aging.
If you read my previous newsletter, or are a regular patient, you
know that Retin-A is also non-negotiable. There are 30 years of
studies which show that retinoids improve wrinkling, increase the
thickness of the dermal layer of the skin, improves mottled pigmentation, and make the skin smoother and more radiant. We
believe everyone can use a retinoid. Listed below are the ones for
specific skin types.
These are new products that have been shown to reduce the
incidence of skin cancer and improve cellular function. These are
especially important for older or heavily sun damaged patients.
This wide array of ingredients, many proprietary, may be derived
from fetal stem cells. They restore a higher level of growth factors
in the skin mimicking the milieu of younger skin. They are elastin
and collagen boosters. Peptides may also function as growth
factors and others encourage skin hydration reducing the
appearance of fine lines. These versatile products can be used with
your morning or evening regime, whatever suits your schedule.
Sunscreens come in a variety of formulations. I
personally prefer a sunscreen that has high SPF and
a combination of physical and chemical sun blocks.
Unless a sunscreen is extremely occlusive, it is
unlikely to cause acne. Physical sun blocks, e.g.,
Zinc oxide, Titianium dioxide, and iron oxide tend to
cause less irritation in patients with sensitive skin.
You can simply pick from the choices below and purchase from our web store at or
from our office. We are, of course, always available for more guidance in person or by phone.
Normal to Dry:
Normal to Dry:
Normal to Dry:
Normal to Dry:
–SkinCeuticals C+E
–Prevage MD
–Replenix Triple
Antioxidant Cream
–Obagi Healthy Skin
–Revision Intellishade
Ultimate Defense
–Tretinoin .05%
Normal to Oily:
Normal to Oily:
–Dr. Welsh’s Oil Free Sunblock
–Colorescience Sunforgettable
–SkinCeuticals UV Defense
SPF 50
–Retin-A Microgel
–Tretinoin .1% Cream
–Neova DNA
Total Repair
–SkinCeuticals Phloretin
–Replenix Green Tea Serum
–Replenix Triple Antioxidant
–Replenix Green Tea Cream
–Revale Skin
–SkinMedica Redness Relief
Normal to Oily:
Normal to Oily:
Normal to Dry:
–Neocutis Bio-Cream
–TNS Essential
–Neova Crème de la Copper
–DNA Repair Factor
Nourishing Lotion
–Neova DNA Total Repair
Normal to Oily:
–Ti-Silc SPF 60
–Ti-Zo SPF 40
–SkinCeuticals Physical
Block SPF 50
–TNS Dermal Repair
–TNS Ceramide Treatment
–Neocutis Bio‐Cream
–TNS Essential Serum
–Atralin Gel
–Replenix Retinol 5x Serum
–Neocutis Bio-Gel
–TNS Essential Serum
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