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Plug & Cool
Quality Comfort in Mind
Air conditioners require complicated installations that require
hacking your walls and fixing ugly piping that destroys the beauty
of your home. It's also costly and time consuming to install them.
Introducing Portable Coolness
Which 1s why MEC's portable air conditioners do away with the
hassle of installation for a simple plug & cool approach making it
perfect for supplemental cooling, back-up cooling, cooling a
particular hotspot, or if you just want to preserve the beauty of
your home.
Save Space
If you live in an apartment or condo, you may be restricted when
it comes to fitting cooling units due to space considerations.
Portable air conditioners are space-savers that can be an
alternative for condo dwellers.
Cool in Style
Designed to look aesthetically pleasing, portable air conditioners
will fit into the interior decor of your home with ease.
Cool Anywhere
With the ability to put it just about anywhere with an electrical
outlet, our portable air conditioners can be set up outdoors when
you're inviting friends over for a fun and cool evening.
Portable Air Conditioners
can be used In:
* Homes ® Apartments & Condos
* Computer Server Rooms * Industrial Areas
* Hospitals * Laboratories * X-Ray Centres * Offices
* Schools * Halls
Plug & Cool
Wall-Mounted Split Unit
Portable Air Purifier
MEC’s range of cooling appliances harness the latest in cooling
technology with cool design. Live the cool life with the Eclipse
series of air conditioners with independent humidifiers & easy
cleaning panels, bring the cool anywhere with the iPort portable
air conditioners or breathe the fresh air from the Nano Hippo
Air Purifier with a 4-layer filter.
1.5 HP
Port G12000 PRIC
West Misia
вм 1 / 99
Normal RM2045
East Msia
Normal RM2099
art ;
A x E 1 EA
eur Ё pl
~~ Cooling with no borders ?
de If you ever need cooling thats convenient and can be placed anywhere in “©
Lg your house or in the outdoors, MEC's Port, is a portable cooling solution that
es allows you to do so. lts as simple as plugging it into a power outlet and cool. x | 1.0 HP Р
e There's no need for complicated installation or hacking your wall. RA ¡Port G9000 PRIC y:
ря ci
: . ts eu ad = + ! West Mia
vas 5 > r ‘ SP > a an” 4 pe я = т A rm | 266
DE W TEST 1m arte „ Е, Mormal RM1849
9 = à dé , = Ai À , foot Ja
mue °Ц E is Fe х - r : - 4” A : 1638 "
PES iT E ADS am]
La Normal RM1899
i ge
Installation Kit
Portable Air Purifier
RM5909 (WM) RM699 (EM)
"White stocks fast!
("All prices include Goods & Services Tax) 3
a . E —
West Miia
rm 1499
Normal RM 1859
East Mia
West Mia
rm1 749
Mormal RM2 149
East Mia
RM] 799
Normal RM2 199
, в A ) | |
T = % 4% | |
\ -
ES E U |
Whether you're a homeowner or a restaurateur who needs a cooling
solution indoors or outdoors, MEC's B Series Portable Air Conditioner gives
you powerful cooling at the fraction of the cost with an energy saving mode.
| ! À HIPPO 40BK"
= N —4 Portable Air Purifier
4 RM599 (WM)
RM699 (EM)
Special Features
Outdoor Unit
D series
West Mia
Normal RM1639
East Mia
Mormal RM1679
Hfficient cooling
10910 UtOOOrs
MEC's D Series Portable Air Conditioner features high cooling efficiency
with ultimate convenience. Using an LED display with a remote control, you
can easily customise your ideal setting for your home or the outdoors.
e Le = Твен у =
. a
и — = : й Ш
mr SE -_— —
- E E a — .
Special Features
Water Drainage Wall Hacking Installation Outdoor Unit
6 ("All prices include Goods & services Tax)
Portable Air Purifier
RM599 (WM)
RM699 (EM)
“While stocks last!
("All prices include Goods & Services Tax) 7
aa ido Ea
1 зе
i DD ; 10H 1.5HP
1, TOR STE 4 CAD-GO9WRIF Eclipse CAD-G12WRI1F Eclipse
L + N pl a p À ' I
% ae | AT : | West Miia West Misia 4.4 Ру"
EERE 04 мау : rm929 m1249 BO
a. E E“ = Normal RAA1059 Normal RM1415 — CTE
cast M sia cast Mia
Be comfortable and 989 150 que
Normal RM1 119 Normal RM 1489 =
For indoor cooling that's effective and looks good, MEC's Wall-mounted i 2.0HP 2.5HP
Split Units use built-in green ioniser technology to trap dust in the air and q Sealer sean. CARI EN,
release cleaner air. An independent dehumidifier within the unit allows it to SAVE 1750 > 2469 —
i al i RM y E RM i |
automatically control the humidity in your home at comfortable levels. EN Normal RM2059 pl етот Normal RM2859 ==
a A - A East Mia East Mia
S rm1830 rm2579
Normal RM2139 Normal FM2969
Independent Dehumidifier
for Healthier Environment
The dehumidifier function eliminates humidity to help
prevent fungus growth that can be dangerous to health.
Easy Cleaning Panel
a PP Filter
The front panel and filter can be detached easily, so the
dust on the panel and filter can be washed off by water.
Portable Air Purifier
RM599 (WM) RM699 (EM)
“While stocks last!
8 ("All prices include Goods & Services Tax) ("All prices include Goods & Services Tax) 9
Breathe easy
With fresher air
With the air pollution from the outdoors coming into your home, you can
never be sure that the air you breathe is safe for you and your family.
But with MEC’s Nano Hippo Portable Air Purifiers, you can be rest-assured
that you'll only breathe clean and fresh air that has been purified from
impurities and pollutants with an advanced 4-stage filtration system.
р осо ==;
=— == True HEPA
=== == Filter
Special Features
Sleeping Quiet Simple Touch Plasma Mode Air Quality Energy
Mode Operation Will maintain the Sensor Efficient
y Low noise 26dBA Comes with natural ion balance
4 remote control in the room
: 5 . чл оо. МАК E E -
| | w= or = F7 N Fi Far a = A 1 he E Y A ma e |
10 (Al MS es 20005 & SENICES la
a i
Va 1 —
| 50WH
Applicable Area: 40m?
West Mia
Normal RA] 399
cast Mia
вм 1099
Normal RM 1499
a а ааанннннннни,
| №
— ES
Applicable Area: 40m
West Msia
Normal RAA 299
cast Msia
км 999
Mormal AAA] 399
Portable Air Purifier
("All prices include Goods & Services Tax) 11
1 10
/ \
4-Layer Filters
Activated True HEPA Multi-functional Pre-filter
© Carbon Filter or © Filter ©
ia cw ad a
Unique multi-stage system Installation Tips
that guarantees the best air quality: How to install your portable air-conditioner
O Pre-filter Place on firm and level foundation Should be placed within reach of
: : to minimise vibrations. roperly rated ground socket.
Washable filter that traps dust / dirt / airborne particles. it e E 9
O Multi-functional Filter The unit has caster for easy Air inlet and outlet of the unit
placement but should be moved should not be blocked
Antibacterial & antifungal functions. on smooth and flat surfaces. by obstacles.
O True HEPA Filter - traps 99.97% of particles
This high performance filter with antibacterial coating removes fine
dust and cigarette smoke, while eliminating germs and mould.
O Activated Carbon Filter
Absorbs odour and harmful gases.
Allow at least 30cm of
space from the wall.
Window Slider Kit
Minimum: 67.5cm (2.22ft)
Maximum: 123cm (4.04ft)
Window Slider Kit
Minimum: 67.5cm (2.22ft)
Maximum: 123cm (4.04ft)
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rE Authorised Dealer %
\_ A
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time of printing and subject to change without prior notice,
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