HygroPalm Series
HygroPalm Series
HygroPalm series
The ROTRONIC HygroPalm handheld instrument of the AirChip3000 generation are the perfect instruments for
climatic measurements. They are extremely precise and feature many practical functions, but are easy to use.
HygroPalm are adjusted and configured during production and are therefore ready for immediate use. They can
be configured for specific applications with user-friendly HW4 software or directly on the keypad. A large range of
interchangeable probes enables easy and flexible use, straightforward maintenance and simple calibration.
The HP23 version can be used for the in-situ adjustment of transmitters and for system validation.
For HVAC technicians and inspectors, the pharmaceutical industry, building management systems, the paper industry, research and many others.
Measures humidity, temperature and dew/frost point
Calculates absolute humidity
Range of use 0…100 %rh / -10…60 °C
UART interface
Battery charge monitor
Trend indicator
HygroPalm 23
Order code HP23
2 interchangeable probe inputs
2 analogue inputs for 0…1 VDC or 0(4)…20 mA
9 V battery, rechargeable option
All psychometric calculations available
Real-time clock with back-up battery
Probe adjustment direct to dew point reference
Instrument operating range 0…100 %rh / -10…60 °C
Measurement range 0...100%rh, -100…200 °C (probe dependent)
Saves up to 16,000 measurement pairs: every data record contains
humidity temperature, data, time, batch no. and user ID no.
• Remote control function for transmitters
• Mini USB interface for connection to PC
SUPERTRON - Temperature, Humidity, Moisture Measurement & Calibration
HygroPalm series
Specifications HygroPalm 23
Humidity / Temperature sensor
Depending on probe
Probe type
HygroClip®2 or analogue
Number of probe inputs
Measurement range
Probe dependent
Accuracy at 23 ± 5 °C
Depending on probe used (0.8 %rh, 0.1K)
<0.02 %rh / 0.01 K
Long term stability
Better than 1 %rh / year
Response time humidity sensor t 63
Depending on sensor used, <12…<3 s
Initialization time
<2 s
Electronics operating range
0…100 %rh / -10…60 °C
Display resolution
3 decimals
Display illumination
Alarm indicators
Battery charge indicator
Battery status indicator
Real-time clock with back-up battery
Trend indicator
Probe adjustment with software
1 point & multi-point %rh & °C, with service cable
Probe adjustment with keys
point & multi-point %rh & °C
Probe adjustment with dew point reference
Psychometric calculations
All psychometric calculations available
Data logging
16,000 data records in ASCII mode
Event logging
User information
Via service cable & HW4 software
Device lock (password-protected)
Via service cable & HW4 software
Sensor diagnostics (drift, status)
Via service cable & HW4 software
Service information
Scheduled calibration
Audit trail/Electronic records
Conforms to FDA 21CFR Part 11 and GAMP
Electrical specifications
Power supply
9 V battery or rechargeable battery
Rechargeable battery charge
Current consumption (without backlight)
~10 mA
Supply for third-party probe
Yes, battery voltage
Communication interfaces
Mini USB
Service interface
Maximum length service cable
Mechanical specifications
Housing material
Sensor protection
Depending on probe used
196 x 72 x 35 mm
Approx. 300 g
EN 61000-6-4 & EN 61000-6-2
FDA / GAMP compatibility, audit trail
Conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP4
IP protection
IP 40
SUPERTRON - Temperature, Humidity, Moisture Measurement & Calibration
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