PM50 Exhaust Fitting Instructions

PM50 Exhaust Fitting Instructions
Thank you for purchasing a PM50 X-Tech performance pipe kit, you have purchased one of the highest performance bolt on
parts available. Please follow the instructions carefully.
Please note the PM50 is supplied as standard in an oil finish and must be de greased and coated with a suitable heat
resistant paint or lacquer before fitting.
Fitting Exhaust System
1. Remove old exhaust and hanging bracket as required.
2. Fit new hanging bracket finger tight on to engine casing with the original bolts.
(Fit PM50 in place with down pipe finger tight on to cylinder at this stage.)
3. Offer chamber onto cleaned slip joint [use silicone instant gasket on slip joint and cylinder joint] fit 2x retaining springs.
4. Locate the 2x captive chamber bolts through main hanging bracket with the rubber mounting in between use 2x m8 flat
washers and nylocks to secure loosely at this stage.
5. Adjust system into position taking care that there is at least 10-15 mm clearance between the down pipe and side
bodywork, at this stage clean the inside of bodywork [nearest to down pipe] and stick on the alloy tape provided to
reduce heat damage to plastic.
6. Starting from the cylinder nuts tighten all fasteners with the system in the correct position n.b. do not over tighten
chamber rubber mounting bolts, it is important that the system sits in an unstressed position as you secure all fasteners.
7. Jetting / Carb Details for Dellorto type carbs.
Permanently remove the long plastic air intake connector that goes from the air box to under the bodywork.
8. Unscrew the single bolt from the carb top and lift out the slide.
9. Compress the slide spring and lift up the white plastic bush remove the needle and reset the circlip into the 3rd groove
down re assemble in reverse order.
10. Remove the carb float bowl and replace the standard main jet # 81 with a # 90 supplied.
11. At this stage you may wish to match the inside of the carbs rubber mount to manifold, this can be done off, using a
coarse half round file.
12. Adjust air screw (side front down at angle) in all the way (do not over tighten) and back out one full turn.
Fitting Variator Rollers
1. Remove left hand crank case cover (kick start lever can be left in place.)
2. Undo the 14mm flange nut on the crank end.
3. Remove the fan, pulley, belt and variator.
4. Unscrew the 3x screws on the back and pull apart.
5. Remove the 6x variator rollers and replace with new standard rollers note new rollers are self lubricating and hence will
not require further greasing.
6. Reassemble in the reverse order. In order to gain some belt slack whilst reassembling you can squeeze apart the rear
pulley and push the belt into the center. If your machine has covered more than 1500 miles we recommend replacement
with a Polini Kevlar belt part no. PO248.042
7. When refitting the side cover you will need to ease the belt inwards top and bottom for the cover to seat fully.
Spark Plug Use NGKB9EV - set electrode gap to 19 thou.
The above details are typical to most Speedfight 100 models and have been tried and tested to the best of our ability.
However we cannot be held responsible or, control the many factors that affect an engines performance, if yours does not
respond to the above base line settings it may be necessary to re jet and/or adjust, in any case you will need to check the
color of the spark plug center electrode for signs of correct jetting e.g. black too rich white too weak oatmeal/light brown is
the ideal. Always use super unleaded fuel - we endorse and recommend the use of Castrol TTS fully synthetic two stoke
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