Empowering the Smart Enterprise
NEC UNIVERGE® Desktop Telephones
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Elegantly Designed & Feature
Features overview
Supply Freedom of Choice
Achieve a Premier Multimedia
Choose UNIVERGE® Desktop Telephones
The right phones for every work situation
To stay competitive, enterprises need to have the right
location, you must be able to provide your employees
tools that enable them to be more efficient, flexible, and
with communication tools that facilitate efficiency and
productive. NEC has built smart enterprise solutions that
productivity. But, many businesses and employees have
leverage technologies to optimise business practices,
not taken advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered
drive workforce engagement, and create a competitive
by today’s breed of telephones.
NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop Telephones hold the answer to a
Today, business moves quickly, and to keep up you
multitude of communications problems. With a wide range
must have the right telephone. With the increasingly
of customisable features, these telephones are flexible,
mobile workforce now working from virtually any
easy to use, and provide you with investment protection.
The promise of the
Smart Enterprise!
Customisable telephones to match growing business needs
UNIVERGE Desktop Telephones:
As your business expands, so do your communication needs. With NEC
> Are customisable to meet employees’ specific communications needs
telephones, you can increase feature functionality through applications support
> Will support a wide-range of applications which can help improve overall
and personalisation of the phone. You can choose from our wide assortment
employee efficiency and productivity
the telephone that best fits the individual’s role. Whether they need just a
> Deliver maximum deployment flexibility and investment protection
basic single line telephone or one with a 60-line console attached, NEC offers
> Come as either IP or digital telephones
telephones to fit everyone’s needs.
> Supports XML open interface (on IP telephones)
Choice of IP or Digital Telephones
> Have an easy to use intuitive interface and an interactive user manual
> Have a Bluetooth connection adapter which enables users to receive and
Whether your business communications are pure IP or any combination of IP
place calls through either their smart device or desktop telephone
and digital, NEC provides a full line of telephones that can accommodate your
> Come with options for the visually impaired such as audio key action
needs. The user interface and the terminal functionality remain the same, so a
feedback and large character display
mix of models can be used without extra training
NEC UNIVERGE® Desktop Telephones
Elegantly Designed & Feature Packed
Full Colour or Gray Scale LCD
Call Data: Time & Date, Extension Name and number
and incoming Call Info
Data: XML capabilities/application information when not in a call
Message Waiting Indicator Light
Viewable from front and back of the phone
IP – 7 Colours | Digital – 3 Colours
Soft Keys
Wideband Handset
Colour Options
Piano Black | White Porcelain
Voice switch controlled and features dynamically
change depending on state of phone
Transparent Line Keys that Light Up
One touch access to system features such as:
Extension Dialing | Lines/Call Park
Voicemail Box | Call Recording | Security
Speaker Phone
Feature Keys
Adjustable Stand
Recall | Feature | Answer | Microphone
4 adjustments*
Menu Key
Call history - redial/missed calls
Directories | Settings: ring volume
Customisable Backlit Keypad**
Options: ACD | Retrofit | French
Spanish | Braille Stickers
Navigation Cursor
Support for full duplex hands-free operation
*2 adjustments on DT820 models **not on all models - see datasheet
Hold, Transfer & Speaker Buttons
IP and Digital Desktop Telephones
DT430 & DT830
DT410 Digital Desktop Telephone
> 2-key non-display or 6-key display
> Backlit keypad (6-key model)
> Entry level phone
> Hands-free, Half Duplex
> Soft keys / LCD prompts
> Directory dial key: 10 Feature Key support
> Wall mountable
DT430 Digital Desktop Telephones
> 12, 24 or 32 programmable keys (fixed terminals)
> Backlit keypad
> Backlit Line keys
> DESI-less (8-line display) version
> Hands-free, full duplex
> Headset support, optional EHS support
> Soft keys/LCD prompts
> Navigation cursor & Directory dial key
> Call history
> Bluetooth support (BCAZ)
> Wall mountable
DT830 IP Desktop Telephone
as DT430 plus:
> Network support 10/100 Ethernet
> Backlit LCD display
> XML open interface capabilities
> VoIP encryption
8-line Key Module
DT430 & DT830 DESI-less
60-line DSS Console
For full range and details per model go to www.nec-enterprise.com
DT830CG Colour Display
DT830DG & DT830CG IP Desktop Telephones
as DT830 IP plus:
> 12, 24 or 32 programmable keys (modular support)
> Navigation cursor & Directory dial key
> Gigabit Ethernet
DT830CG IP Desktop Telephone above features plus:
> Full colour backlit LCD display - large size (105.5 x 67.2 mm)
DT820 IP Desktop Telephones
> 6-key and 8-key DESI-less model (expandable to 32)
> Backlit LCD display & Line keys
> Hands-free
> Headset support, optional EHS support
> Navigation cursor & Directory dial key
> XML open interface capabilities
> Soft keys/LCD prompts
> Call history
> VoIP encryption
> Network support 10/100 Ethernet (Opt 1G)
> Wall mountable
> Display: greyscale, backlit, 93.3 x 27.7 mm or 70.04 x 61.04 mm
NEC UNIVERGE® Desktop Telephones
Supply Freedom of Choice
Personalisation is important to the creation of motivated personnel
Running your business on an outdated system or forcing employees to use old
Easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces
devices that are ill equipped to handle their multi-faceted communications needs is
NEC’s desktop telephone interfaces are designed to improve the overall user
bad for business. To facilitate smarter work environments, NEC has developed the
experience, while remaining intuitive – with no extensive training needed. Global icons
next generation of desktop telephones; the UNIVERGE DT800/DT400 Series, which
indicate status at-a-glance including notification of new voice or instant messages,
are supported on the UNIVERGE SV9000 Series platforms.
missed calls, the telephone user’s current presence status, and the device’s current
Call from your desk phone
data protection mode.
NEC’s innovative desktop endpoint design is intended to deliver maximum
Reasons to choose UNIVERGE® Desktop Telephones
deployment flexibility. A wide range of choices allow for multiple combinations that
> Wide-Range of Choices - choose from IP or digital, 2-line keys to 32+ or
fit any and all business niches or personalisation requirements.
DESI-less, grayscale or colour display, custom keypads, plus more
> Customisable function keys – can be adapted to the exact individual
requirements of your business
> User-friendly interface – little or no staff training required
> Gigabit built-in – eliminates the need of having to buy an adapter, even on
DESI-less telephones (Not available on all models)
> Bluetooth Connection Adapter - enables users to receive and place calls
through either their smart device or desktop telephone
> Wireless Adapter – allows placement of telephones anywhere within range
of wireless network
Unique Customisable Business Telephones
Our wide range of UNIVERGE Desktop Telephones are like no other. Their
customisable construction means you can change the design for exact business
requirements. Whether your employees need just a basic single line telephone or one
with a 60-line console attached, NEC offers telephones to fit everyone’s needs.
Achieve a Premier Multimedia Experience
Easy access to information and people is imperative to empowering employees
and improving overall efficiency
NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop Telephones and the full-feature set of applications that they
support provide your business with the right communications tools and a premier
multimedia user experience.
Personal, system and corporate directories
UNIVERGE Desktop Telephones come with corporate directory functionality. Users
can quickly access these directories to easily reach the people they need. There’s
no need to waste time looking up phone numbers. Each entry in the directory is
searchable, and a call can be placed from the searched entry. When a call is received
and if the Caller-ID matches a registered phone number within the directory, the
name of the entry is displayed on the LCD.
XML open interface support on IP terminals
NEC’s IP telephones provide XML open interface support so your developers can
create displayable and accessible applications designed specifically for your business.
The XML interface provides the user with a way to integrate additional productivity
tools such as calendar links, wallboard functionality, call directories, and more, which
are displayed on the telephone’s LCD.
Advanced applications
Delivered directly to the desktop telephone, advanced applications enable staff to
Additional Features
> Call History - Incoming, outgoing and missed calls are logged and are accessible
to the user. Call history can be used to make call backs, and the numbers can be
added to the directory
> Wideband CODEC - utilises wideband CODECs for the truest possible speech
reproduction - resulting in crystal clear audio
> Information Protection Mode - IP telephones offer multiple levels of protection
allowing users to protect personal data, corporate directories and data, and even
lock the device to keep calls from being placed to ensure privacy and security on
each telephone
> Customisable Ring Tones - Different ring tones can be programmed and assigned
work more efficiently and improve customer service. Voicemail, ACD, and customer
to unique telephone numbers in the telephone’s directory plus additional ringtones
information integration help minimise operator and other overhead costs. Users can
can be downloaded from the web
log on to any IP telephone anywhere on the business’s NEC network. Each user profile
and settings are immediately available, without the need for extra programming.
> Internal Zone Paging - Users have the option of getting a message out by paging
either one person or an entire group through the telephone’s speaker
NEC UNIVERGE® Desktop Telephones
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