10 Universal precision drilling-milling machine for the demanding

10 Universal precision drilling-milling machine for the demanding
Universal precision drilling-milling machine for the demanding user with
Z-axis feed, central lubricating and pneumatic tool changer
· Heavy, solid casting
· Infinitely variable drive
· High concentricity precision due to taper roller bearings, higher
than 0.015 mm measured in the spindle sleeve
· Gearhead ± 60° slewable
· Solid dovetail slideway of the gearhead provides for highest
stability and optimum precision
· Optional, solid, heavy steel substructure provides for stability
· Drill depth stop
· Threading mode
· Automatic mode
· CNC prepared (special spindle bearing of the axes and assembly
options of the Y-axis housing from the rear side)
· Central lubricating for spindle, screw nut and slideways
· Cost-efficient and of stable value
Central lubricating
· Central lubricating for spindle,
screw nut and slideways
Pneumatically tool changer
Item No
€ VAT excl.
Features of performance
Electrical connection
Drilling capacity in steel (St.37)
Continuity drilling cap. in steel
Spindle holding fixture
Spindle holding fixture
Milling capacity cutter head max.
Milling cap. end mill cutter max.
Sleeve travel
Working range
Draw-in rod
Drill-mill head
Slewing range
Z-axis travel
Gear stages Vario
Spindle speed low
Spindle speed average
Spindle speed fast
Cross table
Table length x width
X-axis travel
Y-axis travel
Distance spindle - table
T-slot / distance
Length x Width x Height
Net weight
333 8456
2.2 kW / 230 V ~50 Hz
Short replacement times by one-hand operation
Low weight due to optimized structure
Safe locking due to toggle principle
Precise guidance due to optimized geometry
Lowest air consumption
Ø 28 mm
Ø 24 mm
Z-Axis feed
ISO 40
Ø 80 mm
Ø 32 mm
115 mm
260 mm
± 600
541 mm
3 stages, with speed control
115 - 600 rpm
270 - 1'400 rpm
590 - 3'100 rpm
850 x 240 mm
500 mm
250 mm
470 mm
18 mm / 80 mm / number 3
1'230 x 948 x 1,519 mm
480 kg
· Motor feed Z-Axis
335 2020
· Universal table feed
· Infinitely variable speed adjustment
· Rapid traverse
Assembly kit V99
335 2026
Extent of supply
· Operating tools
Vario drive
· High-performance
Spindle speeds
· Infinitely variable speed adjustment
· Spindle speeds from 115 up to 3'100 rpm
· for tool changer
· operating pressure well readable
Control panel
· Digital speed display
· Emergency-stop push button
· Selector switch operating mode/direction
of rotation
· Potentiometer
· Z-axis feed
Depth gauge
· Digital
· Accuracy of the display 0.01 mm
· Reversible mm/inch
Spindle sleeve feed
· Via star grip (drilling)
· Coupler to change from
manual rough feed to manual
fine feed
· Handwheel for spindle sleeve
fine feed
Cross table
· Compact, precise and largely
· Precisely machined surface
· T-slots
· Adjustable V-ledges
· Adjustable via 3 handwheels
· Included length measuring scale
· Adjustable limit stops
· Compact dovetail slideway
· Highest stability and
optimum precision
Optional steel substructure
· Compact and heavy,
provides for stability
· Chip trays
· Dimensions L x W x H:
1'234 x 750 x 884 mm
· Weight: 130 kg
Item No. 335 3005
€ 619.00 VAT excl.
FIG.: OPTI BF 46 Vario with
optional drill and stand
Operating mode “auto“
automatic mode, the engine will start automatically upon lifting
auto · Inthethelever
and stops in the initial position. This way, it is not necessary
to press the push button Start and Stop for repeated drilling tasks
Operating mode “Threading“
· The engine is being activated by moving the star grip downward. The
turning direction is changed by pressing the end switch on the adjustable drilling depth stop
Machines are CE compliant
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