ETAP Installation Quick Guide

ETAP Installation
Quick Guide
Network Licenses
Install the ETAP License Manager on a computer designated as the ETAP License Manager
Server. In this configuration, the ETAP Security Key must be located at the server.
1. Install ETAP License Manager
(PC reboot is not required)
2. Firewall: Allow Port 6260
3. Turn off UAC (User Account Control)
during the installation
4. Insert ETAP Security Key
1. Install ETAP
2. Launch ETAP and Enter Activation Code
(Activation Code is saved in etaps.ini*)
Stand-Alone Licenses
With this option, ETAP and ETAP License Manager will be automatically installed on your
1. Install ETAP with License Manager
2. Insert ETAP Security Key
3. Launch ETAP and Enter Activation Code
(Activation Code is saved in etaps.ini*)
4. To reset License Manager: Start\All Programs\ETAP XXXX\Reset License Manager
Or Reboot
* To determine the location of the ETAPS.INI file used by ETAP, launch ETAP and go to View\Message log. The path to
the ETAPS.INI file is specified in this log.
The path to ETAPS.INI file may be one of the following and in the order listed
Local - e.g., C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\OTI\ETAPS\(ETAP Version #)\etaps.ini
User - e.g., C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\OTI\ETAPS\(ETAP Version #)\etaps.ini
Common - e.g., C:\ProgramData\OTI\ETAPS\(ETAP Version #)\etaps.ini
App - e.g., C:\ETAP XXXX\etaps.ini (application folder)
Windows - e.g., C:\Windows\etaps.ini<BR/>
Any manual changes to the ETAPS.INI file require re-launching ETAP in order for that change to take effect.
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