FieldPro Series
Easy series
to carry... easy to use.
PrintekMobile FieldPro printers are great for when
workers need to stay focused on their job, not their
printers. That’s why the FieldPro is engineered to
create crisp, professional-looking citations, field
service, and field sales documents automatically
and reliably. One look will convince you — FieldPro
takes mobility and ease of use to a whole new level.
FieldPro Series
FieldPro is the most compact, lightweight,
and affordable 4”mobile printer ever.
It’s the first advanced printer designed specifically for Mobile
Sales, Field Service, and Public Safety — perfect for all 3”or 4”
receipt, work order, or ticket printing needs. FieldPro printers
are available in cabled, Bluetooth®, and Wi-Fi versions.
Downsized dimensions, upscaled productivity.
FieldPro printers are up to 10% smaller and 40% lighter than competitive models.
Even so, this rugged printer is packed with advanced features to help your mobile
workforce become more productive.
Leadership that leads the way.
And — they include PrintekMobile’s unparalleled level of customer support. Our clients say it’s
the best in the industry. So why not join them, and find out for yourself.
PrintekMobile’s comprehensive
warranty covers the entire
printer... even the battery!
Ready. Go. Print.
FieldPro Series
Compact, Lightweight, Affordable.
The compact FieldPro direct thermal printer features a rugged design
and has an uncommon reserve of battery life for exceptional productivity.
FieldPro helps your service
staff make customers happy.
Your service personnel are the face of
your company in the field. With FieldPro,
contacts with customers are more
satisfying and service more efficient.
A FieldPro can print up-to-date work records,
receipts, invoices, and more right at the
and workers can take credit card payments.
the option of adding peripherals like bar
code scanners and signature capture
pads — without the cost and maintenance
of additional batteries and wireless radios.
And all this is compatible with the mobile
host of your choice — from fully ruggedized
handhelds, laptops, and tablet computers
to data-enabled phones.
Parking tickets: Increase revenue.
FieldPro printers are perfect for route sales,
concession sales, venue sales — or any
place that business takes you. Our enhanced
Bluetooth® security system helps guard credit
boost sales with automatically printed
coupons, timely promotions, and other
The lightweight, portable design of FieldPro
makes for daylong convenience and high
too, because each citation is clear and
legible for reduced challenges and
increased compliance.
Moving violations: Keep
things moving.
Eliminate lines and hassle for your
customers — gain more sales. Mobile
workers can print attractive and authentic
tickets and receipts with FieldPro, plus run
credit card transactions on the spot. What’s
more, FieldPro offers bar code support and
graphics capabilities to make things more
professional and efficient.
FieldPro helps keep officers more productive by
automating citation issuance and reducing time
— and fast. They can even include important
features like officer signatures.
And, FieldPro’s compact size makes it ideal
when space is at a premium, such as in
crowded police cruisers or on motorcycles.
Amusements and gaming:You win.
Ready. Go. Print.
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