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Self Priming Trash Pumps
4-inch heavy duty trash pump for fast dewatering
The PTS 4V self-priming centrifugal trash pump can move
larger amounts of water for a variety of job sites. With the ability
to pump up to 705 gpm (2667 l/min) and solids up to 2-inches
(50 mm), this pump is ideal for dewatering excavations, utility
vaults, mining work, swimming pools, lakes and barge holds or
wherever there is unwanted water. With the radial flow design,
quality components and built-in contractor friendly features, this
trash pump has redefined the quality and durability standards of
self-priming, centrifugal trash pumps.
Durable impeller and volute, with ductile iron volute insert,
provide a rugged, easy to maintain pump that will stay on the
job longer.
Thread-on mixed flow impeller design produces higher
volume and head for increased pump performance.
Heavy duty frame with central lifting point and pneumatic
tires combine pump and engine protection with easy
Mechanical seal runs in oil bath to reduce maintenance and
protect seal in dry conditions. – compiled on 08.06.2017
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Technical specifications
L x W x H Shipping
36 x 34.5 x 34.5 in
37.2 x 25.5 x 33.5 in
Diameter Suction and Discharge
4 in
Operating weight
358 lb
Shipping weight
330 lb
Operating data
Discharge Head
Discharge capacity
105 ft
689 US gpm
45.5 psi
Suction height Lift
25 ft
Solids diameter Max. Size
2 in
Engine / Motor
Engine / Motor type
Engine / Motor manufacturer
Air cooled Twin cylinder
Briggs & Stratton
29.3 in³
RPM / speed Max. Engine
3,600 rpm
RPM / speed Operating
3,600 rpm
Power Max. Rated
Power Rating Specification
16 hp
SAE J1995
Engine oil
1.7 US qt
Fuel type
Tank capacity Fuel
Fuel consumption
4.5 US gal
1.28 US gal/h
3.6 h
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information on engine power can be found in the operator's manual; the stated power may vary due to specific operating conditions.
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