Quick Start Guide for InZone modem

Quick Start Guide for InZone modem
Quick Start Guide
for InZone modem
Thank you for choosing Optus Wireless Broadband.
This guide is here to help you set up your Optus Wireless Broadband service with the
InZone modem and your computer.
It’s important to read through the Security and Usage sections.
As an Optus Broadband customer, you can enjoy a range of Optus services, including
the Optus Internet Security Suite, Optus e-mail, account management tools and the
Optus Internet Portal.
Make a note of your Optus details here:
Primary email address:
Your email address is your username@optusnet.com.au)
About the InZone modem
The InZone modem supports HSDPA/WCDMA 2100, GSM/GPRS/EDGE
1900/1800/900/850, and network auto-switch.
InZone modem
Phone Cable Socket
Ethernet Port
Power adapter/USB Cable
mode indicator
Signal strength indicator
ON/OFF key
WLAN indicator
Power Indicator
This pack includes:
The InZone modem (HUAWEI E960)
USB and ethernet cables
Power adapter
A Quick Start Guide
Getting Started
Step 1: Insert the SIM Card
! Caution: When inserting or removing the SIM card, you must disconnect the
power adapter from the modem.
Take out the card socket from the modem. Insert the Optus
InZone Wireless Broadband SIM card into the socket (which
comes with your self installation kit) with the golden contact
facing upward. Insert the card socket into the modem.
Step 2: Connecting via ethernet
Step 2a: Connect the power adapter
Please use the power adapter supplied to prevent damage
to your modem.
power adapter
Step 2b: Connect the ethernet cable
Connect one end of the supplied ethernet cable to an
available ethernet port on the modem. Connect the other end
to a spare ethernet port on your computer. Once a successful
connection has been established, the network mode indicator
on the modem will turn green.
ethernet cable
Step 3: Placement
The InZone modem can be placed either horizontally, hanging against a wall, or
leaning against the pedestal. Optus recommends that you place the modem in an
elevated position or near a window, so it can receive better signal strength.
If using the supplied pedestal, press the bayonet of the pedestal and place the
InZone modem
into the pedestal as shown below.
2 Caution: Optus recommends that you place all other
! electrical 1devices at least one metre away from the
InZone modem to avoid electrical interference.
Setting up an Optus Username and Email account
The Optus Wireless Broadband service provides you with access to a number of
Member Service features including access to email accounts, Internet Usage Meter
and MyZoo Portal. To access these features you will require an OptusZoo username.
To set up an OptusZoo Username:
Connect your InZone modem to the internet.
Enter www.optuszoo.com.au/owbsetup into the address field of your internet browser.
Enter a desired Username and Password and click next. This Username will allow you to access the OptusZoo Member Services.
Follow the onscreen steps to complete your sign up.
For your convenience, we have provided an area at the front of this guide for you to record your details.
You are now ready to browse the internet on your Optus Wireless Broadband service.
Read on to find out how to access the Wireless Gateway Guide,
and for Advanced Settings.
Advanced Settings
Managing your modem (Web Management tool) & Configuring Wireless LAN
Now that you have successfully connected to Optus Wireless Broadband (via
ethernet), you will be able to configure the Wireless LAN or other gateway-related
services. This will allow you to use your InZone modem wirelessly in your premise.
Ie. Your computer/s does not need to be wired to the modem. To do this you will
need to access the gateway management page.
Step 1: Open a web browser and type ( into the address field.
Step 2: Now select Admin.
• Admin: Has the rights to view and modify the modem configuration.
The default password for Admin access is “admin”.
! Note: Only one user can log in to the Web Gateway Management
page at a time.
For detailed information on how to use and configure your InZone modem, refer to
the Huawei User Guide. This is located in Member Services under Wireless - InZone
Home – Getting Connect – Optus Supplied Device.
Step 3: Select ‘Advanced Settings’ on the left side menu
Step 4: Select ‘WLAN Enable’ icon from the screen
Step 5: Select ‘Enabled’ and click ‘Apply’
Step 6: Wait until device has saved the new settings,
and then click ‘continue’.
Note: As your InZone modem is now Wireless LAN enabled, Optus recommends that you set up security encryption on your InZone device. Adding encryption prevents unauthorised traffic monitoring and access.
The InZone modem provides a number of ways you can protect your connection. Refer to sections 4 and 5 of the Huawei User Guide for detailed information on how to set up security encryption on your InZone device.
Technical Help
Should you require assistance, please call one of our helpful
Optus Customer Care Specialists on 1300 553 937.
Technical Help
Should you require assistance,
please call one of our helpful
Optus Customer Care Specialists
on 1300 553 937 24 hours a day,
7 days per week.
This all looks pretty
easy to me.
Warning: This equipment will not operate without power.
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