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TM-600 / TM-610
Analogue mobile radios
TM-600 and TM-610 mobile radios deliver reliable analogue communications for
desktop or in-vehicle deployments. The TM-600 can indicate the channel on its
numerical 8-segment display. In addition, LEDs show the channel search and
transmitting power.
The large 15-segment LCD display on the TM-610 provides information on channels
or zones, as well as call numbers and other function settings. The keyboard and display
are illuminated to ensure the products can also be used at night.
Analogue mobile radios
Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
When receiving an HDC2400TM or HDC1200 signal, the display shows the
identification or the name of the caller. The firmware of the radio transceiver
supports a selective call list with up to 128 entries (128 for TM-610, 8 for TM-600).
Stun / Kill & Revive
This function protects against unauthorised use of lost or rented devices using a
remote-controlled blocking of the transmitting/receiving mode.
A blocked device can be used again only after entering the unblock code.
DTMF function
The DTMF call function provides you with flexible dialling procedures, such as dial
by names, automatic dialling, repeat dial and manual dialling. Frequently
dialled call numbers can be stored individually and easily accessible in the call
number memory.
Loudspeaker function (PA)
With the loudspeaker function, the audio signal of the microphone is transferred
to the external loudspeaker via the powerful amplifier. This produces clear
announcements from the vehicle.
Large 15-segment LCD display (TM-610)
You can show channels or zones as well as call numbers and other function settings
via the display. Keyboard and display are illuminated so that visibility is good, even
at night.
Numeric 8-segment LED display (TM-600)
The numeric 8-segment display shows the operating channel.
In addition, LEDs show the channel search and transmitting power.
128 channels and dynamic "regrouping" function (TM-610)
128 channels and the "zoning" function of the TM-610 provide you with a flexible
organisation of work groups. You can assign each channel a zone name, so that
identification is quick and simple. The dynamic regrouping function provides the
highest flexbility for ever-changing working groups.
Lone Worker
The Lone Worker function offers you additional safety if you are
working alone and away from your team. If you do not respond to a
warning tone that is emitted at regular intervals, an emergency call is
automatically transmitted.
Operation via vehicle ignition key, time-controlled switch-off
The radio transceiver can be switched on and off together with the
ignition of the vehicle. In this case, the device can be switched on only
via the vehicle ignition and is automatically switched off after a preset
time after the engine is switched off.
6 / 4 programmable keys with background illumination
These keys allow quick and easy access to the most frequently used
Line-connected "cloning" function
This function allow you to transfer the radio parameters quickly and
easily from one radio transceiver to another radio transceiver.
Varied scan options (TM-610)
The TM-610 scan enables a single or multi-zone scan. With the scan
functions, channels can be added/removed and interference channels
can be deleted. In addition, you can also select a priority channel.
Channel scan (TM-600)
The scan function of the TM-600 contains the priority channel selection,
and temporary deletion of interfering channels.
Additional features
Programming via PC
Dual home channels
Auto transpond
Time-out timer (TOT)
Busy channel lockout
Off-hook decode
Selectable squelch levels
Frequency reverse
Talk-around function
UST (User Selectable Tone)
You can select the CTCSS/CDCSS codes via a programmed function key.
Leasing operation
5-tone signalling for TM-610 - requires SM07R1
Powerful loudspeaker
The HYT voice technology and
powerful loudspeakers ensure a clear
audio output.
Numeric 8-segment
LED display (TM-600)
The numeric 8-segment
display shows the operating
channel. LEDs show the channel
search and transmitting
Large 15-segment
LCD display (TM-610)
Channels, call numbers
and other function settings
are displayed. The keyboard
and display are illuminated
so that the user has good
good visibility, even at night.
Emergency call
Both radios can send an emergency
signal using the emergency call button.
In the box
Hand-held microphone SM11R1
Installation kit
Vehicle power
cable 3 m PWC06
Optional accessories
Hand-held microphone SM07R2
Hand-held microphone with 16-key
keypad SM07R1
External speaker
Table microphone
Programming cable
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Technical data
General data
Frequency ranges
136 – 174 MHz
400 – 470 MHz
Channel capacity
8 (TM-600), 128 (TM-610)
Channel spacing
12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Operating voltage
13,6 V DC ± 15 %
Current consumption
Standby mode: 0.5 A
Receiving mode: < 2.0 A
Transmitting mode < 5 A (5 W) / < 8 A
(25 W)
RF transmitting power
5 / 25 W
16 K0F3E / 11 K0F3E
Interfering signals and harmonics
- 36 dBm (< 1 GHz)
- 30 dBm (> 1 GHz)
FM noise
> 45 dB (20 / 25 KHz)
> 40 dB (12,5 KHz)
Audio distortion
Operating temperature range
- 30 °C to + 60 °C
Frequency stability
± 2.5 ppm
0,28 μV
Dimensions (H × W ×D)
152 mm × 43 mm × 125 mm
Frequency intermodulation
65 dB
1 kg
Spurious response rejection
70 dB
50 Ω
Hum and noise
> 45 dB (20 / 25 KHz)
> 40 dB (12,5 KHz)
Internal audio output power
5 W (< 5 % distortion)
3 W (< 3 % distortion)
External audio output power
13 W (< 5 % distortion)
12 W (< 3 % distortion)
Antenna impedance
All technical indications were tested according to the corresponding standards.
Subject to change on the basis of continuous development.
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