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Hearing Aid Fitting
The integrated fitting solution
- Audiometry, REM, HIT, and visual speech mapping
leading diagnostic solutions
Hearing Aid Fitting
A complete solution
The Affinity2.0 is a user friendly Hearing Aid Analyzer that interfaces with a full range of integrated audiologic software modules on your laptop
or desktop PC. This combination of hardware and
software make the Affinity2.0 the perfect instrument for hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting
and patient satisfaction.
Modules – your security for the future
Audiometry (basic & advanced)
Hearing Aid Testing
Real Ear Measurements including
Visible Speech Mapping
As new hearing aid technologies evolve – so
will the Affinity2.0. The Affinity2.0 modules will
be upgraded as new stimuli or other advanced
techniques become available. All associated patient records are stored in NOAH or through our
own database program called OtoAccess™. Both
programs are networkable.
The Affinity2.0 is
available with audiometry,
real ear measurement,
visible speech mapping
and hearing aid testing
software modules.
A complete package
The Affinity2.0 has the complete package with
modern applications for dispensing and clinical
evaluations. From beginning to end, the Affinity
provides high quality components with software
features that guide you through the process of
evaluation, remediation/counseling and professional report generation. Streamlining procedures
is made possible with special exporting and
importing functions that enable businesses with
multiple office locations to standardize protocols
and reports. Data management can be shared
between offices and integrated into Electronic
Medical Records.
Printouts and reports – your own designs
Printed reports are user designed through a print
wizard and include a complete set of default
reports. Data can be imported into the system,
a feature used by dispensing chains to distribute
standard tests to their stores and by dispensers
to download specifications from a manufacturer.
Output from Affinity2.0 is in PDF or XML format
depending on the purpose.
Sales and Counseling
A Visible Speech Mapping module is available
with the Affinity2.0 to assist you in educating the
client and family members on the complexities
of hearing aid amplification and the benefits
they will receive. Client decisions on cost/benefit may hinge on their comfort level during the
educational process and Visible Speech Mapping
technology will have a positive influence on their
total hearing aid selection experience.
Personal settings and protocols
The Affinity2.0 permits personalized test configurations to match your clinical needs. The Affinity2.0
includes a set of tests that may be modified to
quickly get you up and running to your own standards and stored for future use.
These user defined protocols are saved under
a unique name for easy recall via a drop down
menu. This enables multiple users to make test
selections that are suitable for their own applications. Larger clinics or dispensing facilities will
find this feature useful as these protocols can be
downloaded and transferred to these sites over
the internet.
Tracking changes
Adding your observations to test results is often
valuable when clients make repeat visits or have
special needs. In addition, the integrated database allows results from different dates to be
displayed together. This saves time when
troubleshooting a hearing aid and is important
when monitoring the progression of hearing loss
in a client. Comparisons can be both onscreen
and printed in reports.
t Modular and upgradeable
t User designed output
t Personal settings
t Sales & Counseling tools
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Design and quality
All in one solution
The Affinity2.0 combines all of the elements of audiometry, HIT, REM and Visible Speech Mapping
into an attractive, compact design. Simply mix
and match the components to your specific needs
and build on the system as your practice grows.
An optional hard cover case adds portability to
Affinity2.0’s many functions. Ideal for the dispensers who make home visits or distribute their time
among a number of clinics or institutions. The
specially designed case carries Affinity2.0 and all
Easy access test chamber
The Affinity2.0 test chamber is ergonomically
designed to permit easy access for placement of
hearing aids, couplers and other accessories.
High quality parts
Couplers are engineered of high quality stainless
steel to ensure a lifetime of use. A unique ‘snap
on’ coupling ring allows quick and easy interchanges between couplers.
A rear storage compartment helps keep components organized and out of the way.
Dedicated outlets
Dedicated input and output connections reduce
the need for swapping cables at any point in your
evaluations. A hinged cabling cover maintains a
professional appearance in your office.
Hardcover carrying case.
Affinity2.0 Hardware
t All in one solution
t Easy access test chamber
t High quality parts
t Dedicated outlets
t Portable
Easy access built in test chamber
Hearing Instrument Testing
The HIT440 provides current ANSI diagnostic
measurements for comparison to manufacturer
specifications. User defined protocols are
easily configured to evaluate specific hearing aid
characteristics and performance. A wide range of
stimuli including ICRA signals are available to test
the newest in non-linear hearing aids.
s¬ Endless loop testing for suspected
intermittent faults
s¬ Directional microphone testing
s¬ Built-in test sequences
s¬ Compatibility with TBS25 (greater
s¬ Historical sessions for comparison
s¬ Report Page
s¬ Customization
Additional features
s¬ Tests all types of hearing aids
s¬ NOAH compatible
s¬ Variable smoothing of curves
s¬ Telecoil testing
s¬ Manual override
t Directional microphones
t Customization of setup
t Report page
t Historical session
t Built-in test sequences
s¬ Import/Export of protocols.
s¬ Wide Range of test stimuli
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Real Ear Measurement
Real-Ear Measurement is the only objective analysis
available to measure the hearing aid output while
the patient is wearing it. The REM440 software is a
reliable verification tool that includes a wide range
of functions for verifying hearing aids, including the
increasingly popular open fit instruments. Now an
additional patient centered counselling and verification tool (Visible Speech Mapping) is available.
ries of client (e.g. adults and or children) or different clinicians using the Affinity2.0 can design their
own protocols. Or you can use specific aid types.
This will often save you significant time and is more
convenient. User protocols are stored on a drop
down menu and run by single click selection.
Open fit capability
The Calibrate for Open Fit function (substitution
method) handles the new trend of open fittings
seen in products like Oticon Dual, Phonak Micro
Savia and Widex Passion. It provides a wide range
of settings and stimuli for testing non-linear
hearing instruments.
RECD and normative data
Thanks to the benefits of universal neonatal hearing
screening (UNHS) an increasing number of babies
with hearing loss are identified within 6 months of
age. As a result more infants and small children are
referred for hearing aid fitting in which Real-Ear to
Coupler Difference (RECD) is an essential measure.
Specially designed components enable a rapid testing of small children whose attention span is very
short. In cases where measurement of REUR and
RECD is not practical, REM440 provides age related
normative data to approximate these values.
Testing advanced features
Hearing aid technology has dramatically improved
over the past decade. Advanced features and algorithms are common in modern digital hearing aids.
The REM440 allows for verifying some of these
advanced features such as Directionality and Noise
Concurrent operation
The REM440 can be open at the same time as
other fitting applications to enable smooth adjustment and verification of the hearing aid.
User protocols and customization of setup
You can design user protocols for different catego-
Twin Headset (both sides with
probe and reference microphones.
t Open fit capability
t Visible Speech
t Normative data
t Concurrent operation
t Historical session
t Report Page
t Customization of setup
t Open Ear Gain, Real Ear to Coupler
and Insertion Gain
Visible Speech Mapping
- Verification, counseling and sales in one!
The Visible Speech Mapping module is designed
to assist clinicians in the important process of fitting and counseling. Incorporated in a verification
screen the system addresses the task of explaining
technical issues to non technical users.
Visible Speech Mapping – a verification tool
Visible Speech Mapping merges real-ear verification and counseling into one screen. You can
match the amplification to target (e.g. DSL mi/o
v5, NAL-NL1) on an aided display and at the same
time show the hearing aid benefit by comparing to an unaided display. The comprehensive
layout showing dynamic range, normal hearing
thresholds, and sound examples assists you in
the process of communicating the measurement
results and making recommendations.
Visible Speech Mapping – a counseling and
sales tool
Realistic expectations are the major psychological
factor in use of the hearing aid. Visible Speech
Mapping is a practical tool to that end. Explain
compression, binaural benefits, and other
advanced features in a simple way - also to
relatives who are often a motivating factor when
people seek hearing assistance. Demonstrate
and explain the difference between two different hearing aids in order to help them make their
final decision when purchasing instruments.
Wave player and external sounds
Stimuli in Affinity2.0 are not restricted to standard
tones and speech. You can add files in WAV format containing any type of noise. You can even
record a relatives voice and play it back through
the WAV player to find out which of two settings
work best. External sounds may be added by using a CD player.
Also for children
Visible Speech Mapping can be used in the adult
as well as the pediatric hearing aid fitting. Based
on individual or predicted RECD values Visible
Speech Mapping can be performed in the 2 cc
coupler. This is particularly helpful when fitting
hearing aids to children. Parents of children with
hearing loss are entering a whole new world with
a terminology all of its own. By helping parents to
absorb and understand what they need to know,
Visible Speech Mapping makes counseling and
verification a positive experience.
Other features
s¬ Live Demonstration of Amplification
s¬ Verification with NAL-NL1 and DSL v5.0a
s¬ Live Voice and Calibrated Test Signals
t Combines verification and
t Demonstrate hearing aid benefits
t Encourages binaural fittings
t Family counseling/education
t Promotes sales
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Audiometry software
The AC440 software turns the Affinity2.0 into one
of the most powerful diagnostic audiometers
available today. Above and beyond the standard
air, bone and speech capabilities, there are a wide
variety of test applications that make it ideal for
the high end clinical environment or for any active
dispensing practice. Multiple methods of using
the software allow previous experiences with
stand alone devices to transfer easily. Historical
data retrieval will display overlapping audiograms
for diagnostic and educational purposes and even
transfers immediately into the REM440 fitting
Report page
Each test session contains a report page which
functions as a holding place for comments. This
ensures that vital tester observations are not lost
and can also function as a summary page for test
results. The report page is saved with the test
results and made available whenever the session
is recalled.
Full test battery
The AC440 has a basic set of test for traditional
audiometry but also includes a battery of tests
suitable for CAPD, differential diagnosis, tinnitus,
hearing loss and hearing aid simulations.
Sales and counseling
The AC440 can be supplemented with modules
for Hearing Loss Simulation (HLS440) or Master Hearing Aid (MHA440). These tools engage
clients and relatives in the fitting process. This is
especially important in establishing the trust and
confidence of first-time users.
Historical sessions
Any historical audiogram can be retrieved for display while you are performing a test, or after you
have completed the examination. It is an invaluable tool when assessing changes over time with
your clients and aids in the counseling process.
User protocols and customization
User protocols are great time savers. They are collections of settings for a particular test procedure
or clinician. They enable you to save your preferences or standard procedures on a drop down
menu from where you can load or run them with
a single click. There is no limit to the number of
protocols you can save.
Dedicated keyboard
The AC440 has an optional dedicated audiometric keyboard to aid in the transition from stand
alone equipment to PC based. Function keys may
be customized to eliminate the cycle of menu
driven selections and speed up your test time.
Data extraction and output
The modern era of electronic medical records
requires methods of data extraction for condensing patient records and sharing information across
clinics. The Affinity2.0 is designed to streamline this
process, thereby improving economy, efficiency
and speed of data management. Data may be
extracted in PDF and XML formats for printouts
and email attachments.
High Frequency (HF440)
The high frequency option on the AC440 software module permits an extended frequency
range out to 20KHz which is typically used
for ototoxic monitoring. When used with the
Multiple Frequency selection it becomes and
even more powerful tool for discreet analysis of
Masking Level Difference
The MLD test is used as part of the CAPD test
battery. Low frequency stimuli in combination
with NB noise (binaurally) and acoustical phase
differences will produce threshold shifts and may
help identify persons with auditory binaural integration problems.
Speech tests from the hard drive
This feature saves time by eliminating the need
for an external CD player for the majority of your
speech tests. Choices for scoring methods allow
you to customize the word presentations and
view the chosen word lists.
Other features
s¬ Air, bone and speech
s¬ Free field applications
s¬ Full client communication connections
s¬ Intuitive pre-programmed tests protocols
s¬ Print wizard: design your own reports
s¬ Results sharing: printed pdf, exported xml
s¬ Integrated database. All data in one place
means all data is available to you
s¬ Possibility for individual user profiles
s¬ TEN(HL) test for diagnosing dead regions in
the cochlea
t Full-test battery
t Speech from hard drive
t High Frequency (HF440)
t Masking Level Difference (MLD)
t Session history: compare audiograms
t Customization of setup / user protocols
t Report page
t Dedicated keyboard
t Data extraction
Dedicated audiometer keyboard
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AC440 Specifications
Safety: IEC 60601-1, Class I, Type B, UL 2601-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2
No. 601.1-M90, IEC 60601-1-1. EMC: IEC 60601-1-2.
Audiometer standards:
Tone: IEC 60645-1/ANSI S3.6 Type 1; Speech: IEC 60645-2/ANSI S3.6 Type A or A-E
AC: ISO389-1, ISO389-2; BC: ISO389-3.
Extended range
If not activated, the AC output will be limited to 20 dB below maximum output.
Tone, Warble Tone, NB, CD1, CD2, Mic1, Mic2, wave files.
Masking stimulus:
Narrow Band Noise or White Noise or Speech Noise.
AC Left + Right, BC Left + Right, Insert Phone Left + Right, Insert Masking, FF1 and
FF2. (Line/power 2x10W/4:).
TDH39 Audiometric headset, B71 Bone conductor.
Tone presentation:
Manual or Reverse. Single or multiple pulses.
Patient signal:
One or two (optional) hand held push button.
Talk Forward and Talk Back.
Storage capacity:
Tone audiogram: dB HL, MCL, UCL, binaural, aided.
Speech audiogram:
WR1, WR2, WR3, MCL, UCL, aided, unaided, binaural.
Compatible software:
NOAH 3 compatible office systems, OtoAccess™.
Maximum hearing
HDA200 EARTone5A
NB(dBHL) Extern FF
Included Parts:
Affinity2.0 Hardware
Affinity2.0 AC440 CD with speech files
TDH39 Audiometric headset
B71 Bone conductor
APS3 Patient response switch
MTH400 Headset
EM400 Electret Talkback Mic
EARTONE 3A inserts (sub. 5A’s upon request)
Talk back microphone
Standard USB cable
Power Cable 120 or 230V
Patch cords
Warranty card
Calibration certificate
Operation manual
Optional Parts:
Audiometer keyboard with live voice mic.
EarTone5A audiometric headset
EMS400 Talk back Microphone
ACC60 Affinity carrying case
CIR22 Insert masking earphones
UCO15 Optical USB Extension Cable
Included tests:
Masking Level Difference (MLD440)
Multi Frequency Module (MF440),
Speech from Hard-drive (SFH440),
Weber Test
SISI test (SISI440)
Master Hearing Aid (MHA440),
Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS440)
TEN(HL) test for diagnosing dead regions in the cochlea
Optional tests:
High Frequency audiometry (HF440)
Read more here:
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REM440 Specifications
Real Ear Measurement:
EN 61669, ISO 12124, ANSI S3.46.
Frequency Range:
Frequency distortion:
Frequency Accuracy:
± 1%.
Intensity range:
40 – 90 dB
Intensity accuracy:
± 1.5 % dB
Frequency Resolution:
1/3, 1/6, 1/12 and 1/24 octave or 1024 point FFT.
Sweep Speed:
1.5 - 12 sec.
Stimulus Signal:
Warble Tone, Pure Tone, Random noise, Pseudo random noise, Band limited white
noise, Chirp, ICRA, Real Speech, any other sound file (automatic calibration available).
Measurement Intensity
Probe microphone 40-145 dB SPL ± 2 dB. Reference microphone: Intensity: 40 – 100
REM440 module comes with a set of Test Protocols loaded. Additional Test Protocols
can be designed by user, or easily imported into the system.
Compatible Software:
NOAH 3, OtoAccess™.
Available Tests:
REUR - REIG- RECD - REAR - REAG - REOR - REOG - REUG - Input - Output
Included Parts:
Affinity2.0 REM440 CD
IHM60 In-situ headset with probe microphone and reference microphone (double)
IGT50 Insertion gain tubes 36 pcs.
SPL60 Transducer Kit for RECD measurement incl. probes and eartips
BET60 Box with Eartips for for RECD measurement.
Standard USB cable
Power cable 120 or 230V
Operation manual
Optional Parts:
Calibration adaptor for insitu reference
VSP440 Visible Speech Mapping Module
Read more here:
lleeaaddiinngg ddiiaaggnnoossttiicc ssoolluuttiioonnss
HIT440 Specifications
Hearing Aid Analyzer:
EN 60118-0, EN 60118-7, ANSI S3.22.
Frequency Range:
Frequency Resolution:
1/3, 1/6, 1/12 and 1/24 octave or 1024 point FFT.
Frequency Accuracy:
± 1%.
Sweep Speed:
1.5 - 12 sec.
Stimulus Signal:
Warble Tone, Pure Tone, Random noise, Pseudo random noise, Band limited white
noise, Chirp, ICRA, Real Speech, any other sound file (automatic calibration available).
Intensity Range:
40-100 dB SPL in 1 dB steps.
Intensity accuracy:
± 1.5 % dB
Stimulus Distortion:
Less than 1 % THD.
Coupler Microphone
FF Loudspeaker Output:
Max 6 W into 8ohms, max 10 W into 4 ohms.
Telecoil drive in Test
10 – 100 mA/meter.
Battery Simulator:
Standard types are selectable, Custom types within 1.1 – 1.6 V, 0 – 25 Ohm range.
Test box:
Built-in test box holds telecoil drive as well as special dual speaker set for checking
directional microphone function.
HIT module comes with a set of Test Protocols loaded. Additional Test Protocols can
be designed by user, or easily imported into the system.
Compatible Software:
NOAH 3, OtoAccess™.
Available Tests:
IEC118, ANSI 3.22, Custom - OSPL90 - Full On Gain - Input/Output - Attack/Recovery
Time - Reference Test Gain - Frequency Response - Equivalent Input Noise - Harmonic
Distortion - Intermodulation Distortion - Battery Current Drain/Battery Life Time - Microphone Directionality - Coil Frequency Response - Coil Harmonic Distortion Coil Full-On Gain Response
Included Parts:
Affinity2.0 HIT440 CD
2CC coupler with microphone and adaptors for
ITE, BTE and Body Style HA
Battery Adapters BAA675, BAA13, BAA312,
Coupler seal wax
Reference Microphone
Standard USB Cable
Power Cable 120 or 230V
Operation Manual
Optional Parts:
Couplers 1.2CC and 0.6CC: ITE, BTE, Body
Ear Simulator
TBS25M External Test Chamber incl. cables.
ACC60 Affinity carrying Case
Calibration Adaptor
Safety Standards:
EN 60601-1, Class I, Type B, UL 2601-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 601.1-M90,
EN 60601-1-1. EMC: EN 60601-1-2.
Medical CE-mark:
The CE-mark indicates that Interacoustics A/S meets the requirements of the Annex II of
the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Approval of the quality system is made by TÜV
– identification no. 0123.
Built-in USB1.1 computer interface. Optical isolation available.
PC Minimum
General: 1.2 GHz Pentium 4 class CPU (or better) with at least 512 MB ram, DVD drive,
USB connector.
Display: minimum resolution of 1024x768 with hardware accelerated DirectX/Direct3D
graphics card.
Disk Space: At least 1GB available space
Processor/clock speed: 800 MHz Pentium 3 or better
Operating System: 98 SE/2000/ XP/ME.
Painted metal cabinet bottom and moulded plastic top.
5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs.
(WxDxH): 42x38x15 cm / 16.5x15x5.5 inches
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lleeaaddiinngg ddiiaaggnnoossttiicc ssoolluuttiioonnss
Products in this group:
Interacoustics – the best choice
With over 40 years of experience, Interacoustics is dedicated to supplying its customers with the best possible solutions for their audiologic needs. This is accomplished by
maintaining a continuous dialogue with healthcare professionals working in all sectors
of audiology. Our equipment meets the highest possible engineering standards and we
provide design know-how that can only come from close contact with clinical practice.
s¬ Affinity2.0 hardware
s¬ HIT440 Hearing Instrument Testing
s¬ REM440 Real Ear Measurement
Solutions on every scale
Designing equipment for every size of clinic in so many countries puts us in the unique
s¬ AC440 Audiometry module
position of being able to offer solutions that fit your requirements exactly. Audiometry,
s¬ VSP440 Visible Speech Mapping and
Counselling module
tympanometry, electrophysiology, hearing aid testing, balance investigation are all within
our scope and can be integrated to suit your needs.
Design for diagnosis
We design equipment to make testing and interpretation easier. This means better interfaces, well designed screen layouts, printed reports and interaction over networks with
databases and electronic records systems. In most cases, you can configure the settings
and layout yourself.
Related products:
s¬ TBS25 External Test Chamber
Support worldwide
The Interacoustics name is not only your guarantee of quality and functionality, but also
for support. We operate in over 100 countries worldwide through a well coordinated
network of distributors and service centres to ensure that you receive total support and
83006304-US - 9 - 11/2009
Sales and service in your area:
Read more here:
Interacoustics USA
Phone: 1-800 947 6334 · Fax: 1-952-903-4200
7625 Golden Triangle Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
leading diagnostic solutions
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