ABS ClASSed Z-drive Tug M/v BuCCAneer ABS ClASSed Zd rive

ABS ClASSed Z-drive Tug M/v BuCCAneer ABS ClASSed Zd rive
ABS Classed Z-Drive Tug
M/V Buccaneer
Graham Offshore Tugs, LLC a SEACOR Company
Seabulk Towing Services, Inc
Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc
Jensen Maritime Consultants
Length Overall
Beam Overall
Depth Molded
Speed – Maximum
Speed – Economy
12’ approx.
14.5 Knots
11.8 Knots
Lube & Hydraulic Oil
Potable Water
Rated Horsepower
29,525 Gallons
1,133 Gallons (Combined)
14,314 Gallons
6,148 Gallons
5,000 BHP
Schuyler Rubber Company 114 SR3D 17” Laminated fenders
with Model 112 Bow Stem Turks Head and Model SSR 10”
D-Shaped Lower Sub-fender Hull Fenders
Pre-construction Primer with Ameron ABC3 Anti-fouling, 240
Epoxy, 450H Finish Urethane and 240 Epoxy Ballast Tank and
Potable Water Coating Systems
FPS-Neptune Ansul USCG/ABS Approved CV98 Marine CO2
Fire Suppression System – Protected Space: Engine Room
Heat Detection for the Main Engines, Z-Drives and Galley
Area with Smoke Detection in the Pilothouse
York Straight Cool/10 Seer/Air Cooled Compressors,
One (1) 5 Ton and One (1) 3 Ton Units,
One (1) Air Handler with Two (2) 15 kW Heating Elements
Two (2) Perko Series 19” 1901 Manual Control
Two (2) Quincy QR-25 Model 325 5 HP Air Compressors with
Two (2) ABS 200 Gallon Air Receivers
Two (2) Viking AK-4195 3 HP Centrifugal Pumps
One (1) Floscan Fuel Monitor System 7,500 w/ Sensors for the
Main Engines and Generators
140 Point NREC PLC Based Alarm and Monitoring
One (1) Barnes 15CCE 7.5 HP Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
Three (3) Doubles
One (1)
Six (6)
Main Engines
Propulsion Alignment
Diesel Generators
Cathodic Protection
Engine Cooling
Main Engine Cooling
Z-Drive Cooling FIFI Engines Cooling
Generators Cooling
Hull Fenders
Coating System
Fire Suppression
Fire Detection
Ships Air Compressors
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Monitoring
Machinery Automation
Bilge & Ballast Pump
Two (2) ABS Caterpillar 3516BHD MCR
2,500 BHP @ 1,600 RPM, each
Two (2) ABS Schottel, Model SRP1215FP
2,400 mm Propellers w/ SST Controls
LamaLo Technology, Inc.
Two (2) John Deere Tier II 99 kW @ 1,800 RPM each
Sixty-five (65) 24# Zinc Anodes – Bolt-on Type
Freshwater Keel Cooling – R. W. Fernstrum & Company
P/S Main Engines Rated for 1 Knot @ 85 Deg. WT
Z-Drives Rated for 1 Knot @ 85 Deg. WT
Two (2) FIFI Engines Rated for 1 Knot @ 85 Deg. WT
Two (2) Generators Rated for 0 Knots @ 85 Deg. WT
FIFI-1 Fire Monitor
Two (2) Model FFS Model IM/FFS-1,200 lbs each, Water
Capacity 5,284 GPM @ 400’, Joystick Control
FIFI-1 Pumps
Two (2) ABS HIJHUIS HGT1.250.500 each @ 5,800 GPM
FIFI-1 Foam
Proportioner Valves
Two (2) FFS IM/PI-100 3% Foam Valves
FIFI-1 Deluge System
ABS FIFI-1 Rated at 450 GPM from the FIFI Pumps
FIFI-1 Diesel Prime Movers Two (2) ABS Caterpillar 3412D 831 BHP @ 2,000 RPM each
with Pilothouse Remote Controls
Hydraulic Escort
Winch Forward
One (1) ABS JonRie/HAGGLUNDS Escort Winch, Series 200,
500’x 7” Synthetic Hawser 20,000 lbs Line Pull, 350,000 lbs
Brake Holding Force, Load Tension System, PLC Controls,
Emergency Release and Marine Coating
Hydraulic Towing Winch Aft One (1) ABS JonRie/HAGGLUNDS Tow Winch, Series 200,
450’x 2-1/2” Hawser 8,000 lbs Line Pull, 175,000 lbs Brake
Holding Force, Load Tension System, PLC Controls,
Emergency Release and Marine Coating
Winch Primary HPU
One (1) JonRie 40 HP Electric Vane Pump, with Relief Valves,
Electronic Flow Control
Winch Emergency HPU
One (1) 10 HP Electric Emergency Back-up (Take Home) HPU
System with Soft Starter
Escort & Towing
Winch Control
JonRie 24VDC Joystick Control Panel, Pilothouse Line Tension
Readout System and Render Recovery Features
GPS Receiver
VHF Radios
SSB Radio
Weather Fax
Depth Sounder Vessel Automation System
Magnetic Compass
Wind Speed Indication
Navigation Light Panel
SART Units
Air Whistle
Two (2) Furuno FR7062 64 NM, 12” CRT Display, 4’ Open
Array Antenna with GPS and Compass Interface
One (1) Furuno GP90 GPS/WAAS Navigator, 6” Display
Two (2) ICOM IC-M502 VHF Radios, Scanning Features
each with Bogan MGN-19 Omni Directional Microphones and
Linemaster 632-S Foot Controls
One (1) ICOM IC-M700 150W SSB Radio
One (1) Furuno FAX207 w/ FAX5 Tuner Coupler
One (1) Raymarine Ray430 and Talk Back System, Two (2)
Exterior Horns and Three (3) Interior Speakers with
Talk Back Capabilities
Five (5) Hose McCann Sound Powered Telephones
One (1) Furuno FCV852L 6” Color Display
One (1) 96 Point ABS Alarm/Monitoring System
One (1) Simrad AP50 Autopilot
One (1) Simrad APC-135 6.5” Magnetic Compass
One (1) RM Young 05106 Wind Monitor with 06206 Marine
Wind Tracker
One (1) J-Box 120VAC Flush Mount Panel
One (1) Moeller 456 Inclinometer
One (1) ACR 2774 CAT 1 406 MHz EPIRB
One (1) ACR Pathfinder 3 Search and Rescue Transponder
One (1) Kahlenberg Brothers Two-tone Air Whistle
Fire & Ballast Pump
Fire Stations
FIFI-1 Fire Stations (Deluge)
Fire Extinguishers
Fireman Outfits
Fire Axes
Life Rafts
Ring Buoys
Life Jackets
Mooring Anchor
One (1) Barnes 25CCE 15 HP Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
Four (4) each with 50’ Fire Hose, Hose Rack, Combination
Nozzle and Spanner Wrench
Seven (7) each with 50’ Fire Hose, Hose Rack, Combination
Nozzle and Spanner Wrench
Seven (7) USCG CO2 Portable Fire Extinguishers
Four (4) USCG Fire Suits each with Spare Air Tanks
Two (2) USCG Approved
Two (2) Switlik 6-man USCG Approved Inflatable Rafts
Three (3) USCG 36” Life Rings with Lights and Lines
Ten (10) Adult, USCG Approved
One (1) 500# Steel Anchor
ABS Classed Z-Drive Tug M/V Buccaneer
American Bureau of Shipping
ABS Maltese Cross A1 Towing Vessel - Maltese Cross AMS,
ABCU, Loadline, Fire Fighting FFV-1, Escort Service,
ABS Bollard Pull Certificate
U.S. Regulatory Under 100 Tons, ITC Under 300
This specification is preliminary and subject to change without notice. Exact tank
capacities, deadweight, deck cargo capacity and other figures that have been
calculated and may change when the actual vessel is delivered.
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