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For operation manuals and other technical documents
please see links below.
To update your receiver now (and frequently later) please visit our
website and download the latest firmware.
Here are links to the ALPHA firmware, documentation, and
• ALPHA Downloads
• ALPHA Newest Firmware Version
• Firmware Loader (Firmware Loading Software) free
• ALPHA Operator’s Manual
• TriVU (Windows GUI Configuration Utility) free
• ModemVU (Internal and External Modem Configuration Software) free
• GREIS (GNSS Receiver External Interface Specification)
Field software and powerful office GIS software to process GPS&GLONASS data:
• Tracy (Field Software [RTK&PPK] Guide & Software Download* )
* The unique registration code see in your order
• Justin (Data Processing Software Guide & Software*)
* The software is installed from your order
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Support Inquiries
In order to address customer support inquires in a timely and
effective manner; JAVAD GNSS has created a powerful online
question utility. To take advantage of this utility, please log
into your JAVAD GNSS account and select QUESTIONS from the
drop down menu.
The questions utility may also be reached by following this link,
When the JAVAD GNSS support team posts a response to your inquiry, an email containing this response
is sent to the email address you have registered in your profile.
Option Authorization File
JAVAD GNSS issues an Option Authorization File (OAF) to
enable the specific options that customer’s purchase.
An OAF allows customers to customize and configure
the ALPHA according to particular needs, thus only
purchasing those options needed.
Typically, all ALPHA receivers ship with a temporary OAF
that allows the receiver to be used for a predetermined
period of time (typically 60 days). When the receiver is
purchased, a new OAF activates purchased options
permanently. Receiver options remain intact when
clearing the NVRAM or resetting the receiver.
For a complete list of available options and details,
consult your dealer, or visit the JAVAD GNSS website:
To load new OAF to receiver use the TriVU software
Receiver-to-computer RS232
p/n 14-578103-01
SAE-to-SAE cable extension
p/n 14-578102-01
Receiver-to-SAE power cable
p/n 14-578101-01
Power to charger cable
p/n 14-508052-01
Power supply with SAE connector
p/n 22-570101-01
GSM antenna (optional)
p/n 30-587310-01
USB cable (optional)
p/n 14-578104-01
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