ASUS My Cinema-U3100MINI_PLUS_V2/T/RC Digital TV Stick

ASUS My Cinema-U3100MINI_PLUS_V2/T/RC Digital TV Stick
Digital TV Stick
Enjoy High-Quality Digital TV Watching Anywhere
Just plug My Cinema-U3100MiniPlus_V2 digital TV stick to your computer’s USB 2.0
connector, and you’re ready to watch and record high-quality DVB-T TV programs. My
Cinema- U3100MiniPlus_V2 adopts a highly integrated single chip that could improve
terrestrial DTV reception and protect against adjacent channels interference. Furthermore,
with its miniature design, you can take it along on travels, and it has also built in IR receiver
that enables channel easily to surf. U3100MiniPlus_V2 provides a versatile set of PVR
functions such as TV viewing, TimeShift, EPG and scheduled recording and ASUS
VideoSecurity Online Technology for building a home monitoring system. With ASUS My
Cinema- U3100MiniPlus_V2, you can easily turn your PC or notebook into an all-around
entertainment center.
Key Features
ASUS Unique Technology:
ASUS GadgeTV Technology provides the useful Windows Gadget tool to watch and record
live TV directly on your Vista/Win7 sidebar.
Asus Pop-Up TV Technology for TV watching instantly without manually launching any
All-in-one Multimedia Center:
USB 2.0 high-definition digital TV receiver
Watch and record digital TV programs (DVB-T) on your desktop PC or notebook
Support MPEG2 and MPEG4 (H.264) TV programs receiving and recording
Record, edit and burn video into DVD or VCD
Snapshot for your favorite images
Remote control kit for easy channel surfing (with built-in IR receiver)
Compact and trendy design for easy portability
Windows 7, Vista, XP certificated and MCE compatible
ASUS U3100Mini Digital TV Stick is Easy
to Use
[ASUS GadgeTV] Live TV in Sidebar in Win7 / Vista
Auto-launch a Vista sidebar TV on startup with ASUS GadgeTV Technology. From now on, you
will never missing any exciting moment when you’re working.
[ASUS Pop-Up TV] Simply, friendly, PC TV enjoyment, only one step away!
Unique “ Asus Pop-Up TV technology “ for TV watching instantly without manually launching
any more
TV Tuner
Bus Standard
Digital Tuner Input
Remote Control kits
Remote controller
Cable & Adaptor
External Antenna Cable
Digital TV Watching & Recording
Software Bundled
Arcsoft TotalMedia
Video & Pictures Sorting
Video & Pictures Editing
VCD & DVD Burning
System Requirements
Minimum CPU: Pentium 4 2.6GHz / AMD K7 or above
Minimum system memory:
* XP/MCE: 256MB ; Win7/Vista:1GB
Minimum video memory:
* XP/MCE: 32MB ; W7/Vista: 128M
Minimum hard drive space:
* 1GB
One available USB port
CD-ROM drive for driver installation
Media Player 9 or above
DirectX-compatible audio solution
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7
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