Alber Battery Monitoring System

Alber Battery Monitoring System
AC Power Systems for
Business-Critical Continuity
Alber Battery Monitoring System
When the unexpected is unacceptable
We’re Emerson Network Power, backed by Emerson, a global company that brings technology and
engineering together to provide innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers. We’re the world
leader in providing Business-Critical Continuity™ to organizations like yours, enabled by our product and
service centers of expertise.
For more than thirty years, Albér – Emerson Network Power, has dedicated its worldwide operations
to raising the bar in battery testing and monitoring. It’s what we do and we take our mission very
seriously. Today, Albér is the trusted name in many business sectors that depend on power backup
systems with mission critical battery applications.
For Battery Monitoring Systems we provide the reliability of our measuring patented technics, the flexibility of our equipment system, the savings related to the optimized useful battery life.
Keep the line on
Your battery is the heart of your backup system.
And just like your own heart, you don't want it to fail
Healty batteries make for a heltier bottom line. Mission critical
technology fuels the global economy 24/7, 365 days a year.
Downtime, even a few critical minutes, can cost you millions of dollars.
Albér monitors your batteries and prevents premature battery failures.
Albér’s Internal DC Resistance test method eliminates the uncertainty
of outdated test methods. Much like a battery ultrasound, our proven
method enables the user to “look inside” and assesses the battery’s
true condition.
This is the very reason our customers trust Albér to detect potential
battery problems before they become a major financial problem.
Application Areas
•Major data centers
•Global financial networks
•Industrial manufacturing
•Critical aviation
communication centers
•Nuclear power plants
•Hospitals and other
organizations with vital
power backup requirements
On-Line Permanently Installed Equipment
The Albér battery monitoring system offers state- This data allow the user to avoid battery failures
of-the-art technology that ensures battery and optimize useful battery life. The system alarm
system reliability.
on conditions outside set thresholds and commuThe monitors measure cell or block voltage, nicate to users via the Albér Monitor software or
ambient temperature and discharge current via Modbus or SNMP to third party systems or
24x7x365. The monitor performs automatic internal building management systems. Communication
is via network card, modem or serial port.
resistance tests on regular intervals.
Advantages and Features
• Reliable and repeatable measurements unaffected by noise.
• Automatically detects and record discharges.
• Display discharges in real time for safe discharge tests.
• Communication via serial port, modem or TCP/IP network card.
• Modbus or SNMP protocol for communication to third party systems.
• Fiber optic cable for problem free communication between modules.
• Standard and customizable reports.
Continuity without compromises
This is the fully modular monitor
solution for large UPS battery
systems. It can be configured for
any battery setup and the distributed technology allows for fast
and reliable cell scanning.
The Albér system utilizes three
building blocks.The Controller is
the central point in the system
and consolidates all data and
communicates via selected com
munication option. The Data
Collection Module (DCM) is the
measuring device that is directly
connected to the batteries. The
External Load Module (ELM) is
used during the resistance test.
net and is supplied with custom
cables, with leads cut to length
and labeled for quick and easy
This is the optimal monitor for
smaller DC systems. One MPMOptimized monitor for battery 100 can monitor up to four
systems based on 12V VRLA batteries. strings of 48VDC or a single
The monitor is designed to be string of 130VDC.
mounted on top of a battery cabiBDS-40
BMDM Software
The battery management software allows for efficient trending
Set thresholds on all parameters,
with color coding that simplifies
analysis. A Java based web client
is also available.
The BMDM software is designed
to give the user complete control.
Graphs are easy to interpret with
color codes indicating weak
cells.The built-in setup wizard
assists during startup for problem free install.
Total Cost of Ownership
The total cost of the ownership is reduced by the ped maintenance, the avoided premature failure
optimized useful lifetime of the batteries, the hel- of the battery, the increased safety.
If one cell fails open, that cell will
bring down the complete string.
Detect weak cells before they cause a failure.
12 V
12 V
12 V
12 V
12 V
12 V
12 V
0 Volt
On-Line Portable Equipment
The Cellcorder CRT-300 Cell Resistance Tester was specially designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards
for testing batteries online.
CRT-300 Cell
Resistance Tester
When a battery is tested online, the test is subjected to ripple from the charger, which makes ohmic measurement
tests complicated. The well-proven Alber DC resistance test
method completely eliminates these distorting factors.
The Cellcorder outstrips competitive testing instruments by producing very high repeatability in testing.
The Cellcorder comes with easy keyboard entry, hard
shell carrying case, AC charger, data trending and analysis software and a user-friendly manual. An optional
IR printer is available.
W 178 mm x D 76 mm x H 305 mm
W7” x D3” x H12” x
1.5 Kg
The solution for the continuity
Technical Data
BDS-256 System
Parameters per One Controller
N° of cell channels:
Up to eight strings of 256 cells per string.
Up to 6 DCM units per string.
Packaging Controller: 19” rack-mount,
W 482,6mm x D 207mm x H 133,4mm / W 19” x D 8,5” x H 5,25”
Packaging DCM1:
19” rack-mount,
W 482,6mm x D 308mm x H 44,5mm / W 19” x D 12,125” x H 1,75”
Packaging ELM2:
19” rack-mount,
W 482,6mm x D 308.8mm x H 133,4mm / W 19” x D 12,156” x H 5,25”
Optional brackets available for mounting in 23” rack.
Note: (1)- Data Collection Module (2)- External Load Module
Parameters per one BDS-40 Base Unit
N° of cell channels:
Up to one string of 40 cells and five Plus Unit for five additional
strings of 40 cells each, 12V cell. Max 480Vdc.
Packaging Base Unit: W 482,6mm x D 411,5mm x H 198,1mm
W 19” x D 16,2” x H 7,8”
Packaging Plus Unit: W 482,6mm x D 411,5mm x H 155mm
W 19” x D 16,2” x H 6,1”
N° of cell channels:
Up to four strings of 2, 4, 6, 8V cells,
up to one string 12V cells. Max 130Vdc.
19” or 23” rack-mount,
W 482,6mm or 584,2mm x D 257,3 mm x H 44,45mm
W 19” or 23” x D 10,13 ” x H 1,75”
Wall-mount with optional mounting brackets
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