Using Roger Pen

Using Roger Pen
Reference Sheet
Designed with discretion in mind, the Roger Pen features adaptive wireless transmission, fully automated settings, wideband
audio Bluetooth for cell phone use, TV connectivity, and an audio input for listening to multimedia devices.
Daily use of Roger Pen
1. Charge Roger Pen either in the docking station
or using the mini-USB power cord. Charge for 2
hours for maximum use.
2. Turn microphone on by pressing the button
for 2 seconds until the indicator light turns white.
3. The pictures on the right show how to use the
Roger Pen in different situations.
4. Charge the Roger Pen daily after usage.
Around the neck
Interview style
Conference style
Using Roger Pen with Bluetooth cell phones and multimedia devices
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1. After the Roger Pen is paired and connected
with the Bluetooth cell phone (consult
Roger Pen User Guide), it is ready to use for
phone calls.
• Answer a call by pressing the
on the Roger Pen. Speak into the Roger Pen.
• End a call by pressing the
• Make a call by dialing the number on the
cell phone. You will hear the ringing tone and
conversation through your hearing aids.
2. Connect your Roger Pen to a multimedia device
in either of the following ways before switching
on the multimedia device:
a) Connect the docking station to the audio device and dock the Roger Pen.
b) Connect the Roger Pen using the
micro-USB cable.