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smooth out the bottom
Put lin. to Zin. water in the pool to cover the floor. Once pool flooris slightly covered, gently smooth out all wrinkles. Start in the center of
the pool and work your way clockwise to the outside.
5-5 -003095
Shadow water. DROWNING
You can be perman enily ijered. Walch children al all les.
Only for outdoor use
Teach your children to swim.
Fever dive, jump, or slide into the pool.
Adult supervision 1s always required.
Parents should learn CPR.
Never swim alone.
Keep all electrical radios, speakers and other appliances away from the swimming pool.
When you touch the filter, pump, or electrical parts, be sure the ground under your
feet 15 ‘Bone Dry”
All electrical outlets should have a GFC| and connections should be a minimum of
5 feet (1.57 m) from the outside penmeter of the wal ofthe pool. From 5-10 feet
(1.52-3.05 тп), there should be either à fixed connection {outlet box} or twistlock
connection with à GFCI
Connect power cords to a 3-wire grounang-type outlet only
keep all breakable objects out of the pool area
Alcohol consumption and pool activities do not mix. Never allow anyone to swim,
dive or slide under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Severe electrical shock could result if you install your pump or filter on a deck. The
pump or filter could fall into the water, causing severe shock or electrocution. Do
not install on a deck or other surface at, above, or slightly below the top rail of the
Do not use the pool during severe weather conditions, i.e. electacal storms,
tornadoes, etc.
Be aware of overhead power lines when vacuuming your pool or using a
telescoping pole.
Do not allow diving, climbing, sitting, or standing on the top rails of the pools.
Do not allow roughhousing and horseplay.
Do not engage in extended breath holding activities underwater, you may black out
and drown.
Install a pool ladder(s) or staircase for entry and ext from the pool.
Keep deck clean and clear of objects that may create a tapping hazard.
Check regularly for signs of wear or loose bolts that could make the deck unsafe
Instruct pool users about the proper use of all pool ladders) and staircases.
Face ladder going up or down.
Allow only one person at a ime on the ladder
Check all nuts and bolts regulady to ensure that the ladder stays sturdy
Remove or secure the ladder to prevert entry to pool when not in use.
Please contad pool site dealer or manufacturer for additional safety signs if
deemed Necessary
For pool service, select a certified pool professional.
Ary equipment connected to the arculation systems shall be postioned so as to
prevent their being used as a means of access to the pool by young children
The installation must comply with the codes of the authornty having jurisdiction and
may require permits for building, plumbing electrical zoning, etc
The pool shall be located a minimum distance of 6ft. (1.83 m) from any electrical
All 125 volt, 15 and 20 ampere receptacles located within 20. (6.0 m) of the pool
shall be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) The 20 ft. (6 m)
distance 1s measured via the shortest straight ine distance thé supply cord Would
follow without piercing a floor, wall, ceiling, doorway, window, or other permanent
Prior to use of the pool, the installer shall affix all nó diving signs and safety signs in
accordance with installation instructions so they can be easily visible
A barrier is necessary to provide protection against potertial drowning and near
drowning and that barriers are not a substitute for the constart supervision of
Alist of emergency telephone numbers shall be posted, such as the nearest
available police, fire, ambulance, and/or rescue unit. These numbers are to be kept
near the telephone that is closest to the pool.
Toys, chairs, tables, or similar obyects that a young child could climb shall be at
least 4 feet (1219 mm) from the pool
If deck is used by the installer, t will need to comply with APSP-6.
Basic lifesaving equipment, including one of the following, shall be on hand at all
times: a. Alight strong, ngid pole (shepherd's crook) not less than 12 ft (366m)
long. b. Áminimum 4 in. (6 mm) diameter rope as long as 1%: times the maximum
width of the pool or 50 feet (15.74 m), whichever is less, which has been firmly
attached to 8 Coast Guard-approved nng buoy or a similarly approved flotation
The swimming pool cover is not designated as a safety bamier
Flease use artificial hghting during nighttime pool use, to illuminate all safety signs,
ladders, steps, deck surfaces and walks.
The pool is subjed to wear and detenorstion. | fnot mamntamed properly, certain
types of excessive or accelerated detenoration can lead to failure of the pool
structure that might mlease large quantities of water that could cause bodily harm
and property damage.
The bottom of the pool shall be visible at all times from the outside perimeter of the
The installer of the wind liner shall affix on the orginal or replacement ner, or on
the pool structure, all safety signs in accordance with the manufacturers
|f you have a filter pump, refer to the pump's manual for instructions.
The ladder shall be located on a solid base and the ladder shall be installed per the
ladders instructions.
Fublications are available that descnbe the nsk of drowning, entrapment, and diving
accidents. Available publications related to pool safety include the Association of
Fool and Spa Professionals’ (APSF) booldets entitted: The Sensible Way to Enjoy
Your Aboveground'Onground Swimming Fool, Children Aren't Waterproof, Pool and
Spa Emergency Procedures for Infants and Children, Layers of Protection, and the
latest published édition of ANS [/APSP-& Model Barrier Code for Residential
Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
For further safety tips check out the following websites:
www homesafetycouncil.org
hito Za. safety-counci.ominfo/childaater html
www. Safekids org
Www. ASp.org
Please read carefully and keep for future reference
Installation usually takes approximately 20 minutes with 2-3 people excluding
earthworks and filling.
(For 14. x 4Bin. f4 27m x 1.77, 15 x 471. /4.57m x 1.07m 15ft. x 48in. /
4 57mx 1.22m, 161. x 48in / 4 66m x 1. 22m pools.)
Installation usually takes approximately 30 minutes with 2-3 people excluding
earthworks and filling.
[Except for 14%. x 48in. /4 27m x 1.22m, 15%. x 42in. /4 57m x 1.07m,
15ft. x 46in. /4 57m x 1 22m, 161t. x 48in. /4 88m x 1.22m pools.)
Part descriptions.
STEEL PRO" Frame Pool
| E a 8 | a
E "le Rive
a G |" a e
E = =>
o B DB
Control valve Stopper yF400 188-023 blue) Pool inlet Strainer
como ore om mi
white) +
Stopper #F4D0188-02{blue} Heavy-duty repair patch
*F4H 0188-02 (grey)
L AFA AD 16B-02(white) р
STEEL PRO™ Frame Poo
Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET | Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET
Complate Structure PIADB1C 16/01) Complete Structure Р2117(01}
А Тор Ва 261029 15 | A, Top Ra 261345 16
E Vertical Pooi Lag 261034 15 3 Vartccal Pool Lag P61346 16
+ T-connector Р61035 15 C T-connector P61347 16
D Pin P61007 32 | Г Pan 261349 34
E Footing PS1005 15 E Fooling Р61348 16
F Pin Gasket P61078 39 | F Pin Gasket 261339 34
Pool Liner 5549045516 1 J Pool Linear 5645345516 1
H Hose Adaptor -400198-056 1 | H Hosa Adaptor РАНО198-038 1
4 Sprng-loaded Pin P6106 4 Sprng-osdad Pr P61340
Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET
Complete Étructure РЗА027015 | Complete Structure P2123
À Top Rail P51029 15 A Top Rail P61345 №
E Vertical Pool Leg Р61416 15 | В Vertical Pool Leg P61352 20
or T-connector Р61412 15 C T-connéctor P&1354 20
D Pin Pé1007 32 | D Pin P61349 42
E Footing FE1005 15 E Footing P61348 №
F Pin Gasket Р61028 32 Е Pin Gasket P61336 42
d Fool Liner 56439045516 1 J Fool Liner 56368A5516 1
H Hose Adaptor F4DO 198-038 1 H Hose Adaptor FAHO19B-038 1
KK Spring-loaded Pin РЕ10086 | К Spring-loaded Fin P6TI50
Dimension: 18ft. x din. | Dimension: 22ft. x52in.
Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET Part MN. Description Part code OTY/SET
Complète Structure FZA026016{01) Complete Structure F2125
À Top Rai PATO? 18 | À Top Rail Pé 1345
= Vertical Pool Leg P&1417 18 = Vertical Pool Leg P61352 2
С T-comector FE1413 18 G T-connector P61355 >
D Pin Р61007 38 D Pin P61349 46
E Footing FE1030 18 | = Footing F6 1348 ?
Е Fin Gasket P&1028 ЗВ F Fin Gasket P61339 46
J Fool Liner OA 3ASS16 1 J Fool Liner 5630745516 1
H Hose Adaptor F4 DO 198-038 1 * H Hose Adaptor F4H0198-038 1
К Spring-loaded Pin Р61031 | К Spring-loaded Fin P61350
STEEL™ Frame Pool
1sion: 14ft. x 48in. Dimension: 24ft. x 62in.
Description Part code OTY/SET Part MN. Description Part code OTY/SET
Complate Structure P2116 Complata Structure P2127
A Top Ra P61126 14 | А Тор Ва 261345 2
В vertical Poo! Lag P61127 14 B Vertical Pool Lag P61352 2
С T-comnactor P61128 14 | С T-connector P61355 24
D Pin Pä1110 30 D Pin 261349 50
E Fooling 261129 14 = Footing 281348 24
Pm Gasket P61111 30 | F Pin Gasket 261339 50
J Pool Liner (Grewbrown) (56443455 16/0648545516 1 J Pool Liner 5639445516 1
a Hosa Adaptor F4H0198-038 1 | H Hosa Adaptor РАНО198-03В 1
М Spmng-loadad Pi P61108 I Spring<doadad Pn P61350
Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET Part N. Description Part code OTY/SET
Complete Structure P2121 Complete Structure F2129
А Top Rail P&1130 16 À Top Rail P&1345 26
В Vertical Fool Leg P61131 18 | B Vertical Pool Leg PAII57 %
С T-connector P61096 18 С T-connector P61355 2
D Fin P&1110 ЗВ D Pin Pé1349 a
E Footing PE1134 18 Е Footing Pé 1348 26
F Fin Gasket P81111 38 F Pin Gasket P61339 54
J Fool Liner 564 50ASS 16 1 | J Fool Liner 5630545516 1
H Hose Adaptor FAH 0105-028 i H Hose Adaptor F4H01 98-038 1
К Sprna-oaded Pin P61132 I К Spring-loaded Fin Pé1350
5-5 -005093
NOTE: The pool must be set up on a completely flat and level surface.
Please do not install the pool if the surface is inclined or sloped.
Correct conditions to set up the pool:
« The selected location has to be capable of uniformly supporting the weight for the
entire time the poolis installed, moreover the location must be flat and must be
cleared of all ciyects and debris including stones and bvigs
« We recommend positioning the pool away from any objects children could use to
chmb into the pool
NOTE: Postion the pool near an adequate drainage system to deal with
overflow or to discharge the pool
Incorrect conditions to set up the pool:
- On uneven ground the pool may collapse causing serious personal injury and/or
damage to personal property and will void the warranty and prevent any service claims.
« Sand should not be usedto create a level base; the ground must be dug out if
« Directly under overhead power lings or trees. Be sure the location does not
contain underground utility pipes, lines à cables of any kind.
« Do not set up the pool on dnveways, decks, platforms, gravel or asphalt surfaces
The selected location should be firm enough to withstand the pressure of the
water, Mud, sand, soft / loose soil or tar are not sutable
“Grass Or other vegetaton under the pool will die and may cause odors and slime to
develop, therefore we recommend removing all grass from the selected pool locabion.
“ Avoid areas prone to aggressive plant and weed species that may grow through
the ground cloth or hiner.
NOTE: Check with your local city council for by-laws relating to fenang,
barners, hghting and safety requirements and ensure you comply with all laws
NOTE: If have a filter pump, refer tó the pump’'s manual for instructions.
NOTE: The ladder must match the pool se and should to be used only for
entering and exiting the pool. №15 forbidden to exceed the permitted payload of the
ladder. Check regularly if the ladder is properly assembled.
Bestway Inflatables will not be responsible for damage caused to the pool due to
mishandling or failure to follow these instructions
1. Lay out all parts and check that you have the correct quantbibes as listed inthe
components list. If you are missing any part do not assemble the pool, contact
Bestway Customers Service.
2. spread out the pool and make sure he poclis ng side up, let à sit exposed to
direct sunlight for 1 hour or more so that the poolis more flexible during Set up.
3. Place the pool near an adequate drainage system to deal with overflow water
and ensure the pool's inlet A and outlet B are comectly positioned to allow your
fiter pump to connect to a power source.
Note: Do not use extension power cords to power your pump
ATTE NTI ON: Do not drag the pool on the ground, this can damage
the pool.
4 Insert the stopper plugs into inlet A and outlet B on the wall from the inside of
the pool (See Fig.1)
NOTE „Рог 16f. x 48in, (4.88m x 1.22m! 1886. x 48in. (549m x 1 22m}
18%. x 241. (5.49m x 1.3?2m), 201. x 46m. 16.10 x 1.2Z2m) 22. x 51.
(5. 1mx 1.32) 246. x 521, [5.32mx 1.32) 261. x San. (9 93m x 1 52m} poolis,
please refer to the connechon valve installabon on following Page.
5. Insert top rail (A) into the pole pockets at the top of the pool. (See Fig 2)
6. Conned top rai (4) with T-Connector (C) at each of corner and insert pins (D)
into gasket (F) first and then inte pre-drlled holes of the frame.
NOTE: The gasket cups should face downwards to prevent water leaking
into the top rails. (See Fig.3,4 5)
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all top rails (A) are connected with T-Connectors (C)
and the top frame is set up. For ease of assembly slightly raise the last 2 rails to
an inverted v shape and insert into the last T-Connectors (C). Slowly lower until
fully connected taking care not to pinch your fingers. (See Fig 6)
8. Attach all footings (E) to the bottom of the vertical pool legs (B). (See Fig. 7)
9. Put all vertical pool legs (B) nside the pool wall band. Connect vertical pool leg
(B) into the bottom of the T-Connector {C). Make sure the vertical pool leg (B)
has the spring Icaded pins at the top when connecting the T-Connector (C)
(See Fig 8)
10. Full the frame from different directions to ensure all rails, pool legs and
connectors are firmly jointed. (See Fig 8)
11. Ensure drain valve is firmly closed. Smooth out the bottom
12. Put 1° to 2' {2.5cm to Sem) water in the pool to cover the floor, Once pool Aoor
18 slightly covered, gently smooth out all wrinkles. Stat inthe center of the pool
and work your way clockwise to the outside.
Fig. 2 Fig. 3
(Fig. 4 ТРЕ
| f
| L r J
(Fig. 7 | [Fig.a Y (Fig. 9 E
N & Ah JL J
| Connection Valve Assembly
For 16. x 48in. (4.88m x 1 22m), 158. x 46in. (5. 49m x 122m),
180. x 52in (549m x 132m), 200. x 48in (610m x 122m}, 220. x 52in_ (6.71m x 132m).
248. x 521n. (7.32mx 1.32m), 26%. x 52in. (7.93 m x 132m) pool model (See Fig. 10)
e Fig.10 TS
À 5
| -
Filling Pool with Water
| ATTENTION: Do not leave pool unattended while filling with water.
1. Fill pool until water capacity is 90%, DO NOT OVERFILL as this could cause the
pool to collapse. In times of heavy ranfall you may need to empty some of the
| water to ensure the level is comect (See Fig. 11.12)
2 “When filling the pool is completed, check that the water is not collecting on any
Side to ensure the pool 1s level
| | M PORTAN T: If pool is not level, drain water and re-level ground by
digging out (See Fig. 13). Never attempt to move the pool with water init, senous
| personal injury or damage to the pool may result.
WARNI NG: Your pool may contain a great deal of pressure. If your pool
| has any bulge or uneven side then the pool 1s not level, the sides may burst ana the
water may discharge suddenly causing senous personal injury and/or damage to
3. Check pool for any leaks at valves or seams, check ground cloth for any evident
water loss. Do not add chemicals until this has been done
NOTE: In the event of a leak, patch your pool using the Heavy-auwty repair
| patch provided. Refer to the FAQ's for further information.
Fig. 1 Fig. 12
Proper Water Level
| NOTE: Drawings for illustration purpose only. May not reflect actual product.
Not to scale.
Pool Maintenance
If wou do not adhere to the maintenance guidelines below, your health might be at
nsk, especially that of your children.
| M Р O RTAN E If you don't respect the ideal values of the water
chemicals the PVC can be damaged and become discolor.
The following table lists the sequence of the tests that should be camed out for the
ideal values and possible adwns. Regularly check the pH value and chlonne
concentration weekly and adjust to the ideal values.
pH value 14-786
Cyanuric acid 30 = 50 ppm
Free chiorine 2 = 4 ppm
Chionne compound 0
Algae None visible
Calcum hardness 200 - 400 ppm
To keep your pool clean.
1. Contact your local pool supply shop for advice and purchase of chemicals and pH
lats. One of the most important factors to increase the hfe of the liner is to keep
continously clean and healthy water. Please strictly follow the mstructions from
professional technicians for the water treatment through the use of chemicals.
Z. Locate a bucket of water next to poolto clean users’ feet before entenng pool.
3. Cover the pool when not in use.
4. Slam pool regularly to avoid settled dirt.
5. Check and wash the filter cartridge regularly
B. Gently clean any scum from below the top ning with a clean cloth
7. Please be careful in case of rain water, kindly check that the water level is not
higher than the expected. |f so, YOU HAVE TO DISCHARGE THE EXCESS
Proper maintenance can maximize the life of your pool.
During the season of use of the swimming pool, the filtration system must be
necessarily put into service every day enough hme to assure at least a complete
renewal of the volume of water.
ATTE NTION . Do not use pump when pool 15 IN use
During the season of use ofthe swimming pool, the filtration system must be
necessarily put into service every day enough for a long time to assure at least a
complete renewal of the volume of water
Check pool for any leaks from valves or seams, chedk the ground cloth for any
evident water loss. Do not add chemicals until this has been done,
NO TE: Inthe evert of a leak, patch your pool using the Heavy-duty repair
patch provided. Refer to the FAQS for further information.
1. Unscrew the drain valve cap onthe outside of the pool counter dockwise and
? Connect the adaptor to the hose and put the other end ofthe hose in the area
where you are going to drain your pool. (Check local regulations for drainage
by-laws }
3. Screw control ring ofthe hose adaptor clockwise onto the drain valve. The drain
vale will be open and water will start to drain automatically.
ATTE NTION 1 Water low can be cortrolled with the control ring
4. \When draining 15 finished, unscrew the control ring to close the valve.
&. Disconnect the hose.
6. Screw the cap back onto the drain valve.
7. Ar dry pool.
ATTE NTION: Do not leave the drained pool outside.
Storage and Winterization
1. Please remove all the accessones and spare parts of the pool and store them
dean año dry.
2. Once pod rs completely dry spraide with talcum powder to prevent pool rom
sticking together fold pool carefully. If pool is not completely dry mold may result
and will damage the pool ner
. Store liner and accessories in a dry place with a moderate temperature between
SAC 74 49F and 38%C / 100%.
4. During the reimy season, pool and accessories should be stored as per above
instructions also.
5. Improper draining of the pool might cause serous personal injury and/or damage
to personal property
. We strongly recommend the pool is disassembled dunng the off season (winter
months). Store in a dry location out of children's reach.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a suitable base for the Frame Set pool?
Almost any completely lat, solid, level surface can be used. Do not use sand as &
leveling matenal as tt is prone to shifting under the pool. The ground should be dug
out unt it is perfectly level. Do not set up on driveways, decks, platforms, gravel or
asphalt. The ground should bé fim enough to withstand the weight and pressure of
the water: mud, sand, soft loose Soil or tar are not suitable. A concrete base can be
used but care should be taken not to drag the pool across the surface as abrasions
could tear the liner. If the poolis to be setup ona lawn, # 15 recommended that the
grass is removed from where the pool will sit as it will die and may cause odors /
slime. Certain types of hardy grass can grow through the ner as can aggressive
bushes / plants by the side of the pool. Ensure adjacent vegetation 1s cut back where
necessary Use of a ground cloth assists in protecting the base of the pool.
2. How will | know if my pool is set up on unleveled ground?
If your pool appears to be bulging on one side it 1s not set up on level ground. [tis
important that you empty your pod and move the pool to a level ste. Ifthe pool is not
on level ground it will place undue stress on the seams and could result in the seams
bursting which will cause flooding, property damage and potentially personal injury or
Fil your pool following the instructions in the owner's manual carefully. This will
ensure that you do not waste water and the pool can be moved easily so that the
ground can be leveled at an appropnate time and not after you have completely filled
it with walter.
3. Can | have my pool filled by a water service?
Ywe recommend using a garden hose under low pressure for filling your pool |f à is
necessary to use a water delivery service, t 1s best to fill the pool with one inch of
water by hose and smooth wnnldes first. Use a water service that is able to regulate
the flow of water to prevent damage. Ensure you stop at each step as noted in the
instruction manual to ensure your pool is level. Bestway will not be held responsible
for pools damaged or weakened by water delivery services.
4. What is the maximum fill height of the pool?
Fill pool urtd water capacity 1s 80% up to the bottom of the top mil of the podi.
Never attempt to fil your poo beyond the base of the rail. Ye recommend leaving
extra room to account for water displacement when occupants are inside thé pool
You may have to top up the water during the season which has been lost through
evaporation or normal use.
5. My pool is leaking, what do | do to fix it?
The pool does not need to be emphed to fix any holes. Self-adheswe underwater
repair patches can be purchased at your local pool / hardware store. For external
use, use the repair patch provided. For internal holes, dean the hole on the inside of
the pool to wipe off any oils and algae. Cut a drcle large enough te cover the hole
and apply the patch securely onto the side in the water Cut a second patch and
apply to the outside of the pool for extra strength. |f the hole is inthe base of the pool
use one patch only and weigh й down with a heavy object while it bonds. |f yo have
patched the pool when tt 15 empty we recommend you leave tt at least 12 hours
before filing.
6. Where can | buy filter cartridges and how often should | change them?
Fitter cartridges to fit your filter pump should be available from the store where vou
purchased your pool. |fnot, most mess retailers sell iter cartridges as an accessory.
If vou are unable to obtain replacements please call our toll-free number and we will
assist you in finding a8 source local to you The cartridges should be changed every
2 weeks dependent upon use of the pool. Check the filter on a weekly basis and
clean by hosing down any débris and particles.
Note: Ensure your pump is disconnected from the electrical supply before
checking the fiter cartridge. You can also vist our website www bestw ay-service.com
for cartridge purchase.
7. How many times a year should | change the water?
This is dépendant on the amount of use the pool receves, and the attention paid
to covenng the pool and keeping chemicals properly balanced. If maintained
correctly the water should last a full summer season. Please contact your local pool
chemical suppher for detailed information regarding chemicals, they will be able to
advise you how to best maintain the cleankness of your water
8. Do | need to take my pool down for the winter?
Yes, Above-ground pools may collapse under the weight of ice and snow and the
Fv C walls wall be damaged. We recommend talking the pool down when
temperatures fall below 8°C J 45°F. The pool should be stored indoors in a moderate
temperature beween 5°C/ 41% and 38°C / 100°F. Flease store away from
chemicals and rodents and out of the reach of children.
9. Му pool is fading — why is that?
Excesswe use of chemicals can cause the color of the mside of the ner to fade;
this 1s similar to a swimsuit fading over time from repeated contact with chlorinated
10. How many years will the pool last?
There is no set time limit for the pool to last following the instructions in the
owners manual and with proper care, maintenance and storage you can
considerably increase the life of your pool. Improper set-up, use or care can result in
failure of the pool.
11. Do you recommend the use of a filter pump with a Bestway pool?
Absolutely We strongly recommend you use a filter pump which will maintain the
cleanliness of the water
12. Which are the most important functions of my filter pump?
The most important function of a filter pump 1s the elimination of every sort of
impurity from the water with the aid of a filter catndoge and chemical products for its
ег або.
For more information and detailed video installation instructions,
please visit our website at http Awww bestway-service com
Limited BESTWAY® Manufacturer's Warranty
The product you have purchased comes with a hmited warranty Bestway® stands behind our quality guarantee and assures, through a replacement warranty, your product will
be free from manufacturers defects thet result in leaks
If a manufacturer defect 15 found within:
30 days from the original date of purchase
Please contact your Bestway Alter Sales Center before sending any documents. They will provide full instructions of what 1s needed for your claim. Bestway® is not responsible
for economic loss due to water or chemical costs, and will not replace any products deemed to have been damaged due to negligence or having been used outside of the
owner's manual guidelines. To enact a warranty dam, this form must be completed and supplied with a copy of your purchase receipt and photos of the defects to the Bestway
After Sales Center Bestway's warranty covers manufacturing defeds discovered while unpacking the product or during use, as recommended within the user manual. This
warranty applies only to products which must not have been modified by any 3rd parties. The product must be stored and handled in accomance with the technical
recommendations. If a product is deemed to be detective by Bestway® the warranty covers the repair or replacement of the detective part only Replacements and repairs don't
extend the duration of waranty:
The original receiptipurchase invoice 15 required and will determine the start and the end dates of the warranty
Please choose the type of your pool:
Name: Telephone:
Address: Mobile
City State Fax
Zip/Postal Code: Country. US o Canada oc E-mail:
HBX XX XX +——¥® [tem Code
YYYY-M M-DD 3 Batch Number
22 X5
Description of problem
E item tears / Leaking ® Faulty welding С) Faulty upper ring ÉS Faulty drain valve
y Others, please describe © Missing part - Please use the code for the missing part, this can be found in the owner's manual
Hestway does not warranty items which have been subject to
» |mproper or abnormal use + Failure to follow the instructions as provided by Bestway « Negligence » Commercial use = Accident = Vandalism » Terrorist Activity
« |mproper use of chemicals » Exposure to extreme weather conditions « Negligence during pool set-up or disassembly
« Damages beyond Bestways control, and acts of nature (force majeure)
This warranty is void if any unauthorred repair change or modification has been made to any part of the equipment
This product 1s designed in accordance with standards for a specific use. Any modifications or transformations greater than that indicated by the manufacturer could result in
serious nsks for the user and will void the warranty
Bestway reserves the right to request photographic evidence of defective parts, or to require the retum of the item for additional testing.
Bestway (USA) Inc
Tel:1-555-638-3666 Fax: 1-450-636-1668
infoi@be stwaynorthamenca com
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E-mail: sacd bestway-brazil.com
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E-mail. bulgaria &bestway-service com
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Czech Republic
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Russia (Poccua)
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Authorized Service Centers
Serbia and Montenegro
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Slovak Republic
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