IP Camera Surveillance System Improves Factory Security - D-Link

IP Camera Surveillance System Improves Factory Security - D-Link
case study
IP Camera Surveillance System
Improves Factory Security
Key D-Link Purchase Drives
 Value
D-Link provided superior
surveillance and video
archiving capabilities with
clear benefits to Aracemco
 Seamless Implementation
The D-Link equipment
integrated seamlessly into
the existing IP network
without any issues
 Service and Support
D-Link Professional Services
& SI partner PAVLI worked
to execute and tune the
network for optimal
 Performance
The high resolution cameras
and digital recording system
offered the functionality
Aracemo needed to enhance
its security.
ARACEMCO was established in Egypt in
1975 and is the second largest company in
Egypt that is producing ceramic and
sanitary products.
The Company also has many safety
certifications including ISO certification
with high production of sanitary and
ceramic products.
Business situation
ARACEMCO were looking for IP
surveillance solution to monitor factory
productions line operation and control
employees, in the same time they were
looking to monitor gates and walls around
factory to increase the security and reduce
They required around 40 megapixel
cameras with HD resolution to be used for
monitoring to cover the entire factory and
high security areas.
ARACEMO wanted a surveillance system
where they can increase the number of
cameras in the future without any hassle
and cabling cost involved.
Technical situation
Bandwidth and Storage utilization was a
major concern for the customer. 24x7 HD
recording was required with alerts on event
occurrences. Central recording of the
cameras using minimal storage space was
necessary. Since it was a production plant ,
IP cameras & enclosures with outdoor
ratings were needed to be mounted on poles
and walls in and around the factory.
A powerful camera surveillance software
was required to monitor, record and
playback the videos and connect to their
existing network.
D-Link Solution
D-Link provided the solution with HD
cameras with higher resolution featuring
superior image quality and optimized
bandwidth efficiency by H.264 codec
support, in most of the critical area covering
the factory. The IP cameras provided were
IP66 outdoor rated to withstand climatic
D-Link D-View Cam camera management
software (VMS) was used to monitor and
manage the cameras. The recording of the
cameras was done centrally using D-Link
SAN storage system.
case study
DCS-6818 Fast Dome PTZ Camera has 360
degree range of motion with its apparatus
housed in a weatherproof and vandalproof enclosure (IP66 & IK-10 standard). A
built-in heater and fan allows camera to
operate in extreme environments at
temperatures ranging from -40 to 50 °C.
DCS-3411 with DCS-60 enclosure were
used in areas where there needed a high
quality fixed camera.
DCS-7110 outdoor camera with IP66
rating has a built-in IR LED to help keep
watch over areas in complete darkness.
The cameras also have an IR-cut
removable filter for day/night use.
All the cameras provide High-quality video
feeds for Real-time video compression
using the H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG
The DSN-6000 Series SAN Storage used to
store camera feeds presents a highavailability iSCSI SAN platform that supports
services for applications demanding high
throughput, scalability, and flexible storage
Installation of the new D-Link IP Surveillance
system has made security monitoring easy,
enabling the Factory management to obtain
multiple views of the premises from one
central location, and even access this
surveillance data remotely. And, with digital
video capture, it’s more convenient to search,
play back and store the footage.
The IP cameras allow the capture of high
quality images both during the day and at
night, thus providing effective 24-hour
monitoring of the inside and outside of the
The complete product integration includes
Fast Dome Outdoor camera , 18 X optical zoom
Fixed Outdoor PoE camera with IR LED
Fixed PoE camera
Outdoor Enclosure for DCS-3411
12 Bay IP SAN Storage
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