508FCG Premium_Manual Tomlinson

508FCG Premium_Manual Tomlinson
Safety Recommendations Inside
This appliance is not for use by children.
Close supervision is necessary when using the oven near
Do not immerse cord or plug in water or liquids.
Do not rinse tempered glass with cold water. Allow to cool before
Unplug cord from outlet when not in use.
Oven should be allowed to cool before cleaning.
Read all instructions before using the oven.
Do not use accessories or attachments not recommended
by manufacturer.
Do not use while standing in a damp area.
Use caution when removing pizza and other hot foods from
the oven.
Only individuals that have read this manual are qualified to
operate this appliance.
Do not attempt to bake greasy foods in the oven.
Use the oven only as indicated in the manual.
Never operate the oven without its crumb tray and food rack.
If this appliance accidentally falls or becomes immersed in
water while it is plugged in, unplug it immediately from the
Do not attempt to dislodge food when the unit is hot or
plugged in.
Use only with a properly grounded outlet
Do not leave the oven unattended while in use.
Make sure timer is in off position before plugging cord into
Do not use crumb tray as baking surface. Only bake food on
wire rack
Do not touch the outer surface of the oven during or
immediately after baking. Protective hot pads or gloves are
recommended when baking.
WARNING: A risk of fire and electrical shock exists in all
electrical appliances and may cause personal injury or death.
Please follow all safety instructions carefully.
CAUTION: This appliance produces heat during use. Proper
precautions must be taken to prevent risk of burns, fire or other
injury to persons or damage to property.
CAUTION: When using electrical appliances, basic safety
precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire,
electric shock and injury.
Please follow these basic safety rules!
During the baking process make certain that there is
adequate air space above and on the sides of the unit for air
circulation. Do not operate this appliance near or touching
any flammable material.
Do not use or attempt to repair a malfunctioning appliance.
Contact Customer Service 1-800-945-4589 ext. 112 for
return or repair authorization.
Do not place this appliance on an unstable surface.
Do not place paper, cardboard, plastic or similar materials in
or on the oven.
Do not clean the metal finish or glass with scouring pad or
harsh abrasives.
Use handle when sliding food rack into the oven.
Not for outdoor use.
As a safety feature, this appliance has a grounded plug to
reduce the risk of electrical shock. This plug is intended to fit
into a grounded outlet only. If the plug does not fit into the
outlet, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat
this safety feature.
Getting to know your FUSION COMMERCIAL Premium 12"
Pizza & Snack Oven
Your FUSION COMMERCIAL Premium 12" Pizza & Snack Oven was
created to bake the finest quality frozen pizza and so much
more. All sorts of other non-greasy frozen and fresh foods
can be baked in your FUSION COMMERCIAL oven. Your FUSION
COMMERCIAL oven bakes just about anything you can bake in
a toaster oven and so much more. Try quesadillas, pretzels,
garlic and cheese breads, egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, chicken
fingers, fish sticks...the choices are almost limitless! Be sure
not to bake greasy foods in your FUSION COMMERCIAL oven.
Handle Assembly
Included with your oven is a parts bag containing an
ergonomically designed cool-touch handle, large phillips head
screw and large thumb nut. Follow the steps listed below to
assemble the handle to the food rack and glass door assembly.
Your FUSION COMMERCIAL oven is a professional restaurant quality
oven designed to fit on a countertop in your kitchen, office, bar
or recreation room. With the oven’s dual baking elements, you
will be able to bake most frozen pizza, single serve entree snack
foods, and appetizers in 30 minutes or less. We recommend
preheating the oven for 5 minutes. Actual baking times could
vary from each product’s recommendations, so check food often
to avoid over-baking by turning on the light and looking through
the glass door.
Step 1: Remove glass door assembly #1924209, handle
assembly #1923248, and food rack #1923489 from the
Step 2: Lay food rack on a stable counter top with loop facing
up and slightly over the edge of the counter.
Step 3: Fit the handle slot on the front of the
glass door over the food rack loop so
the glass door rests flat against the
food rack.
Your FUSION COMMERCIAL oven outer case is made of 22 gauge
brushed 430 stainless steel. The inner case and internal
case parts are made from aluminized steel to protect against
corrosion. The tinted tempered glass door has a stainless steel
Handle slot
Power Capacity
Step 4: Take handle assembly #1923248 and
rotate the handle and bracket so they
lie flat. Fit the bracket slot over the
food rack loop on top of the glass
door as shown (Figure 1).
Replacement Parts
Step 5: Rotate handle assembly and glass
door upright together as a single unit
(Figure 2).
Phillips Head Screw
Your FUSION COMMERCIAL oven operates on 120 volts, draws 12.2
amps and is rated at 1450 watts. For best results, operate your
pizza oven on an individual outlet or circuit branch.
Model #508FCG FUSION COMMERCIAL Premium 12" Pizza & Snack
Oven replacement parts:
Model #
Crumb Tray
Small Phillips Head Screw
Black Knob
Food Rack
Glass Door Assembly
Handle Assembly
Large Phillips Head Screw
Large Thumb Nut
Cleaning Brush
Lens Guard
Food Rack Loop
Figure 1
Figure 2
Step 6: Using hardware found in the parts
bag, take out large phillips head
screw #1923454 and large thumb
nut #1923455. Slide large phillips
head screw through the round hole,
capturing the loop, handle bracket
and the glass door. Thread the large
Large Thumb Nut
thumb nut onto the large phillips
Figure 3
head screw from the opposite of the food rack
and finger tighten only (Figure 3) to prevent damaging
the glass.
Step 7: Rotate the assembled handle down and slide the
completed food rack back into the oven.
Improper assembly of the handle to the food rack could cause
the food rack to rotate and fall when food is removed from the
oven. Do not attempt to grab HOT foods with bare hands when
removing food from the oven.
Halogen Bulb Replacement
Disconnect oven from power source and allow oven and bulb to
cool before servicing. Remove glass door/food rack assembly.
Remove lens guard by lightly squeezing at the top and bottom
and pulling straight out. Unscrew lens. Carefully grasp bulb and
pull straight out. Use caution as excess force may cause the
bulb to break and result in injury. Insert new bulb in socket,
taking care to align prongs with socket. Replace lens and lens
guard. Note: Oils from your fingers can transfer to the glass of
a halogen bulb and may cause bulb failure. Always use a cloth
glove when handling halogen bulbs.
Baking Instructions
Keep your food frozen until ready to bake. The surface area
of the baking rack is approximately 13.25" x 13.25" square so
the oven is large enough to accommodate many types of frozen
food including 12" pizza. Place food onto the baking rack and
slide the rack into the oven. Set the OVEN TEMP dial to the
desired temperature and set the TIMER dial to desired bake
time. Note: You must turn the TIMER past the 2 minute mark in
order to activate the oven.
We do not recommend the use of an extension cord,
however if an extension cord is required caution is
necessary. The cord must be 14 gauge and have a minimum
electrical rating of 120 volts and 15 amps. The electrical
rating will be marked on the cord. Make sure the cord is
arranged so people cannot accidentally pull or trip over it.
Remove the food rack slowly from the oven to insure that
food does not slide off the rack onto the heating elements.
When finished baking, remove plug from power source and
allow oven to cool before cleaning.
To clean the outside of oven, wipe with damp cloth and dry
To clean the crumb tray, remove and rinse with warm soapy
water, wipe with damp cloth and dry thoroughly before
placing back into the oven.
Use caution when cleaning as the construction of this oven
may present some sharp edges on the crumb tray and
surrounding openings to the oven.
Tomlinson guarantees to the original purchaser of each
Tomlinson Fusion Commercial 508FCG 12" Premium Pizza
and Snack Oven that any part thereof which proves to be
defective in material or workmanship within one year of
the date of shipment will be repaired or a replacement part
furnished F.O.B. our factory. Warranty will not apply if our
examination shows oven to be defective as the result of
negligence, abuse, misapplication or alteration by other than
ourselves. Tomlinson will not be responsible for unauthorized
field service. Contact factory at 1-800-945-4589 ext. 112 for
Operating and Cleaning Guidelines
One Year Limited Warranty
Always check your food midway through the baking cycle.
Simply turn on the light and look through the glass door. Rotate
food if necessary to ensure even baking.
The power light on the front of the oven indicates that the
oven is energized.
To operate oven, firmly hold handle and remove food rack.
Place food in center of the rack. Return loaded food rack to
oven, set OVEN TEMP and TIMER to desired settings. Your
oven will automatically shut off when the baking cycle is
To keep your oven clean and ready to use at all times, simply
remove the crumb tray at the end of each use and wipe clean.
Proper cleaning and maintenance will reduce the risk of food
accumulation that may create smoke caused by carbon build up.
The FUSION COMMERCIAL 12" Premium Pizza & Snack Oven
offers a HOLD option that enables you to use the oven without
setting the 30 minute timer. This feature is important during
busy times when you don't want to take the time to preheat the
oven. To use, turn dial to left to HOLD position.
To register your product and activate the
warranty, go to www.tomlinsonind.com.
Click on the SUPPORT tab, then click on
If the electric circuit is overloaded the circuit breaker will trip
and your pizza oven will not operate. Make sure your outlet
has a 20 amp electrical circuit and is separate from other
Customer Service: (800) 945-4589 ext. 112
Should you have any concerns regarding your oven, you should first call
Tomlinson Customer Service between 8am and 5pm
Easterm Standard Time, Monday through Friday.
Refer to Model #508FCG - 1024213
Manufactured in China / Fabricado en China
© 2013 Tomlinson Industries
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