FAQ SOLO series

FAQ SOLO series
SOLO series
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Question: What is best feature of the SOLO series?
Answer: The Microlab SOLO series are high fidelity speakers built with wooden finishes for that classic feel and look. Importantly, the
drivers used in this series are designed by our well known Danish acoustic consultant, Mr Peter Larsen. These speaker drivers
are of the finest quality with superb acoustic resolution and near perfect frequency response.
Question: The Microlab SOLO series have very nice varnish wood finishes, how do I care for these?
Answer: Simply use damp cloth to wipe the dust off. For stubborn stains, just use the damp cloth with mild detergent to clean. Please
do not use any other solvent to clean as it could damage the finishes.
Question: Can I connect both Input 1 and Input 2 at the same time at the rear panel console?
Answer: No, it is advisable to leave only one Input connection at the playback session. This is because the connections at the rear panel
are in series. This can cause distortion to be produce at the speakers or audio to deteriorate at the speaker. This is caused by
the playback devices affecting each other. For perfect playback performance just connect to one set of Input.
Question: What are the 2 plastic tabs sandwiched in between the speaker cover fabric and the cabinets?
Answer: These are the tweeter protector which are used to prevent damage during transportation. These should be kept in storage for
future use. Please remove these prior to use.
Question: Can I use other makes of speaker cables?
Answer: Yes, you can. Please take note that sound improvement or deterioration are subject to the type of speaker cables used. These
must be tested first before committing to it. The included speaker cables are tested with our speakers and sufficient for
general use. We do not warranty or guarantee the speaker performances when use with these third party speaker cables.
Question: What type of speaker cables used?
Answer: Generally, 18 gauge speaker cables are sufficient.
Question: I have just bought one of the SOLO series, why the sound is a bit stiff?
Answer: The speaker drivers are all brand new, please use the speakers for a month to “run up” and “loosen” the drivers. The SOLO
series are high fidelity class speakers, after using it for one month, the sound will turn dynamic and its true powerful
characters will be heard.
Question: What are the metal grills at the rear panel for? Are the speakers overheated?
Answer: The cooling fins at the rear panel are for keeping the temperature low to improve and prevent “power compression”, thus the
speakers performances can be kept at optimum level. “power compression” is caused by heat on the voice coils. The heat
caused the DC resistance to increases and thus less power transfer. With Microlab design, the amplifier is kept at optimum
level and high performances.
Question: What are the optimum positions for the SOLO series?
Answer: Similar to standard speakers placement, these should be placed in front left and right of your listening position. These are
placed at equidistant and faced directly to the listening position. Do not angle these to your position unless your room as an
awkward shape. The distant between the pair should not be too great as you will loose information between the two. The
distance to the wall affects the bass, so if you want more bass - move it closer. But not too close as it could cause boom effect.
The best listening position are what your ears like to hear, so please go ahead and experiment according to your own room
sonic characters.
Question: Are the SOLOs magnetically shielded and what are these?
Answer: Magnetic shielding means the speaker driver magnet are neutralized inside. If this is not done, it can affect nearby TV or
monitor by causing strange colours to appear on screen. Yes, the SOLOs are built with magnetic shielding.
Question: Can I mount the SOLOs to the wall or bracket?
Answer: Yes you can do this by simply placing on wall brackets. Do not drill holes into the SOLO cabinet as these will damage the wood
finishes and cause distortion to the performances or air leaks. Simply use Blu-tak to secure to the brackets or stands.
Question: What is the big hole at the back of the cabinet for?
Answer: The big hole is the Bass reflex tunnel, and used to prevent “stiffness” of the air in the cabinet. This tunnel improve the speaker
driver efficiency and thus frequencies are not lost. Mostly low frequencies are more pronounced with this design and therefore
deeper bass production.
Question: My SOLO have a fuse at the rear panel, what is it for?
Answer: The fuse is to protect the speaker driver from damage during a surge in electricity power. Please if you need to replace one,
always use the same rating as displayed at the back label or the fuse itself.
Question: Why are speakers labelled + and - or red and black?
Answer: The speaker driver works with magnet diaphragm that moves the speaker driver cone out and in. The + or red signal move the
cone outward and push air. The - or black signal move the cone inward and pulls the air. Always wired the terminals correctly to
corresponding signals. Do not mixed them up as it will affect the sound performances.
All specifications and information are subject to changes without further notice.
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