DGN1000 Netgear Router

DGN1000 Netgear Router
DGN1000 Netgear Router
How to find your Wireless Password:
In order to see what your wireless (WiFi) password is you must be connected to your
Netgear Router with a computer or another device capable of displaying an internet page,
this is so that you can gain access to the router’s settings menu.
You can connect your computer to your
router via the Yellow Ethernet Cable that was
you can connect your computer to your
router via the Yellow Ethernet Cable that was
supplied with the router or if you have a
computer or wireless device which already
has been connected or paired to your router
you can use that.
If you are using the Yellow Ethernet Cable,
plug one end of it into any of the Yellow port
on the back of the router and then into your
computer, most desktop computers and
laptops come with a Ethernet socket.
The next step is for you to open your Internet
Browser, this is a program you use in order
view internet pages such as
www.google.co.uk and can be accessed by
clicking on its icon. There are many different
Internet Browsers each of which will have a
different icon.
Once you have your Internet Browser open you will need to access your “Address Bar”, this is usually
found at the top of your Internet Browser and will look something similar to the picture on the left.
Click on this and delete any address that is written in there already, making the address
bar empty and ready for us to type in.
Please now type into the address
If your computer is correctly connected to the
Netgear Router a pop-up box will now appear
asking you for a Username and Password. The
default details are:
Username: admin
Password: password
Once you have entered the above, tick the Remember My Password tick box and then click on the
OK button.
You will now be presented with a Netgear Smart Wizard page which will look similar to this:
You will notice a blue bar on the left side of the page which contains the Netgear Settings Menu,
near the top you will see a section entitles “Setup”, in this is a “Wireless Settings” option, please
click on this to open the Wireless Settings screen.
The Wireless Settings screen should now appear and will look similar to this:
Your Wireless Password is at the bottom of the page as indicated in the above picture with the red
Please note that when making a note of your Wireless Password that you must copy it exactly,
duplicating any upper case letters, spaces or symbols.
When you are done simply close the internet page down.
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