METzElEr ME 880 / 888 TyrE carE

Metzeler ME 880 / 888 tyre care
The Metzeler ME 880 Marathon & ME 888 Marathon Ultra have been developed to give Cruisers improved handling and road grip.
Metzeler has achieved this with more rounded tyre profiles and relatively soft rubber compounds (for the ME 880).
Fitting an ME 880 or ME 888 rear with either a ME 880, ME 888 or Lasertec front as a set, will ensure you get the best handling possible
from your motorcycle.
The Metzeler Marathon range is now the most preferred tyre for cruiser applications in NZ.
Follow these simple tips to get the best from your Metzeler ME 880 / ME 888:
Motorcycle owner’s manual tyre pressures are often for single rider riding with minimal weight on the motorcycle. You need to
establish pressures based on your personal loads i.e. your weight, your luggage.
Determine tyre pressures (cold) for your regular riding – this is rider only with little or no luggage.
Determine tyre pressures (cold) for your loaded riding – increase tyre pressures to these levels when you are carrying a pillion
and luggage.
How do we know what the right pressure is?
Your tyre profile should
look like this when fully
 It should not look like
Most of us run tyres that are under inflated. This increases the heat in the tyre and dramatically shortens tyre life, and will cause
uneven wear.
Use your motorcycle manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressures as a starting point. Then when you have your bike fully loaded, have
a friend of similar weight sit on the bike when it is standing stationary with rider, pillion and luggage loaded.
Then inflate your tyres until the profile matches the above illustration. Do not exceed 55psi. Once you have done this trial, use these
higher pressures each time your bike is fully loaded. Your motorcycle’s handling will be better, your tyres will achieve significantly longer
mileage, and wear more evenly. And it will save you money!
Big V-Twins: These machines have enormous amounts of engine torque both in acceleration
and deceleration. Your tyre has to deliver all this power and torque onto ¾ chip tar seal, (NZ
road chip is some of the harshest in the world) while also being your bikes first shock absorber.
As a result the following tyre wear patterns can appear (see illustration). These patterns are not
always regular because they are often caused by “events” – going down through the gears –
as the rider engages lower gears and there is sometimes insufficient shock travel available to
absorb the high engine torque.
These patterns do not adversely effect the tyre’s performance or safety, but are a visual
indication of your motorcycles significant torque.
Regular maintenance and correct setup of your shock absorbers will reduce tyre stress and
help their durability.