View the Mini Microphone Data Sheet

View the Mini Microphone Data Sheet
Product description
The ReSound Unite® Mini Microphone transmits
speech directly to your patient’s hearing instruments from a range of up to 20 feet. It is:
• Small
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Wireless
Easy to connect
• Easy to wear (clip on or wear with lanyard)
• Just press the pairing button on the ReSound Unite
Mini Microphone, then open and close the battery
door of the hearing instruments within 20 seconds and
it automatically pairs with the hearing instruments
The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone optimizes
signal-to-noise ratio in person-to-person communication. It sends a speaker’s voice directly
into your patient’s hearing instruments without
the need for any extra devices—no cables,
cords or necklaces. It is effortless, reliable and
improves speech understanding in difficult
listening situations where distance, background
noise or poor acoustics is an issue. And since
the listener is not required to look directly at
the speaker during a conversation, he or she is
free to perform dual attention tasks that normal
hearing people take for granted.
In essence the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone
extends the hearing range well beyond the reach
of any hearing instrument in a variety of situations, such as when having conversations:
• At home
• In the car
• While dining out
The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone also functions as a portable audio streaming device. Via
its plug-and-play line input connector, the user
can connect to virtually any audio source, e.g.,
MP3 player, computer, phone, or even TV, to
stream audio directly to the hearing instruments.
It is ideal for situations such as:
• Pairing can also be done through the ReSound
Aventa® 3 fitting software
• One-time pairing procedure—once paired the
ReSound Unite Mini Microphone will stay paired with
the hearing instruments
Easy to use
• Simply turn the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone ON
and access one of the streaming programs
• Easy to recharge using the included charger
• Talk time 8.5 hours
• Small and lightweight clip-on or lanyard worn device,
no extra devices or cables needed
• Plug-and-play line-in functionality
• Volume control adjustment for personal preference
2.4 GHz wireless technology
• A smart, robust and reliable standard that has a
strong, clear and stable signal
• No synchronization issues between sound and lip
movements due to an imperceptible 20 ms delay
• Watching TV at a friend’s house
• Listening to an MP3 player while exercising
• Skyping or other online communication
GN ReSound North America • 8001 Bloomington Freeway, Bloomington, MN 55420 • 1-800-248-4327
Government Services: 1-800-392-9932 •
GN ReSound Canada • 303 Supertest Road, Toronto, Ontario M3J 2M4 • 1-888-737-6863 •
1. Mini USB connector port for charging
2. Microphone inlet
3. Line-in input
4. ON/OFF switch
5. Volume control
6. Light indicator (LED)
8. Pairing button
9. Wall plug
10. Mini USB connector cable for charging
Patents pending.
Technical data
Power supply /battery
All specifications are subject to change without notice.
Power connection
Audio interface
Audio bandwidth
Line input sensitivity (nominal)
Wireless connections
Wireless streaming frequency
Wireless Audio streaming range
Audio streaming latency
400016011 Rev.A 2011.09
ESD tolerance
2.4 x 1.3 x 0.7 in
0.74 oz
External wall adaptor, 5 V DC
8.5 hours talk time
Mini USB
Line-in connector
Microphone: 300 Hz – 5 kHz
Line-in: 20 Hz – 9.4 kHz
25 mV
Multiple hearing instruments per ReSound Unite Mini Microphone.
Up to 3 streaming devices (combination of ReSound Unite
Mini Microphones and TV) per binaural set of hearing instruments
2.4 GHz
up to 20 ft
20 ms
Maximum -4 dBm In compliance with all relevant standards
Operating temperature
32° to 130° F
Storage temperature
-4° to 110° F
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