KAW KFX450R HEADER (000757).qxp

KAW KFX450R HEADER (000757).qxp
4-Stroke Header Installation Instructions
Thank you for choosing FMF as your performance aftermarket exhaust. We have spent countless
hours of R&D and testing to ensure you receive the highest quality product on the market today.
All FMF products are developed using the most current technology available for design and manufacturing. Every exhaust is made 100% at the Flying Machine Factory in Southern California. We
use only the highest quality American materials for function and durability.
Since 1973, FMF has been bringing you the very best in bolt on performance. Our products are
specifically engineered to broaden your existing powerband and give you an all around power
increase with substantial weight savings. Bolt on FMF and FEEL THE POWER!
Check out our website at www.fmfracing.com for more information.
This product is designed for closed course use only unless otherwise stated and not intended to meet emission regulations for use on public lands, roads or access routes – consult with local jurisdictions.
Please read all instructions thoroughly before installation. Failure to follow all installation instructions will void any warranty implied or
otherwise. FMF Racing is not responsible for problems due to improper installation and/or improper use.
Before you begin installing this product, we recommend wearing safety glasses and mechanics gloves. You must know how to remove and
replace your stock exhaust in order to install this FMF product otherwise have it installed by a professional mechanic. Keep all stock parts
from your existing system as some components may be necessary to install your new FMF exhaust depending on the application.
Parts Supplied
Tools Required
(1) FMF Header
(1) applicable hardware kit
various wrenches
contact cleaner
High Temp silicone
Removal and Pre-Installation
Make sure engine is completely cool prior to installation and the vehicle is in stable position.
Remove the muffler (see instructions for removing muffler or refer to your service manual).
Remove hardware attaching stock header to the exhaust port. Note the stock mounting hardware will
be necessary to mount the FMF header for most applications. Keep the existing exhaust port gasket as
it will be reused if in good condition (minimal cracks, no tears) otherwise replace with a new gasket.
Gently remove the header. On some models, you may need to remove other components to access the
Using contact cleaner, clean the exhaust port or flange where the header connects. Allow to dry then
lightly coat with a bead of high temp silicone for an improved seal.
18033 S. Santa Fe Ave., Rancho Dominguez, CA 90221
PH 310.631.4363
FX 310.900.5699
(070520, 000757)
Align the FMF header into position and re-install following the applicable illustration above. Do not tighten at this time. Note: Use a spring puller tool to install the exhaust springs where applicable. Springs
are attached after the mounting hardware has been installed.
Using contact cleaner, clean the slip-fit section of the header where the muffler midpipe connects. Allow
to dry then lightly coat with a bead of high temp silicone for an improved seal.
Install the muffler at this time, using the instructions provided, but do not fully tighten mounting hardware. Note - depending on your header, it may be necessary to slightly bend the wire guard
near the header/muffler junction for adequate pipe clearance. Bend the guard away from
the muffler to allow a minimum 1/8" clearance.
Make sure the header and muffler are in neutral positions and not binding. Slowly tighten all mounting
fasteners and clamps to manufacturer’s specifications, starting from the header and working to the muffler.
Inspect the complete exhaust to make sure there is no contact with the frame, shock spring, engine,
body panels, or any cables, hoses, or wiring. The exhaust system should only be in contact with the
exhaust port and mounting points. Confirm all controls operate in accordance with the manufacturer’s
We recommend using high temp silicone for an improved seal. Please follow instructions for the silicone
and allow sufficient time to dry before starting the engine.
Start the engine and bring it up to operating temperature. Check for exhaust leaks.
Let engine cool completely and retorque all mounting hardware to manufacturer’s specifications.
DISCLAIMER: All products manufactured and/or distributed by FMF Racing are a) intended for use on stock vehicles specific to the U.S. market; b) for closed
course use only unless otherwise stated and c) not intended to meet emission regulations for use on public lands, roads or access routes – consult with local jurisdictions. FMF Racing makes no claims as to the products applicability, effectiveness or fitment on modified machines. FMF Racing is the sole determines of abuse,
misuse, installation errors and modifications. We assume no liability for any errors in listings, specifications, part numbers, prices or model applications. We
reserve the right to change specifications, product descriptions, product quality, pricing and application at any time without notice and without further obligation.
Buyer assumes all risk for any and all damage caused to themselves, a third party and/or property by virtue of failure of these products. By installing and/or
using an FMF product, you hereby accept and understand these stated terms and conditions and have followed all instructional steps.
LIMITED WARRANTY: All merchandise manufactured by FMF Racing has a warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of
invoice. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective products. There is no warranty for normal wear and tear, any type of crash damage or for
product failure due to improper muffler or packing maintenance. FMF Racing reserves the right to repair, replace or issue an FMF credit for defective product at its
discretion. Credits are valid for a period of one (1) year from issuance. No credit will be issued for labor or other costs incurred beyond the value of the original
product. Product returned as a warranty after having been used, if found to be defective, is not valued at the full purchase price. A depreciated value will be estimated for used product. Product accepted as a warranty claim and repaired or replaced will be returned via UPS-ground freight no charge. Warranty excludes
product that has been modified or where the product was improperly installed, abnormally used or misused. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other guarantees
or warranties implied or expressed. This includes, without limitation, any warranties or merchantability and fitment for a particular purpose. We make no warranty as to products distributed by FMF Racing, expressed or implied. We will, however, pass on all warranties made by the manufacturer, who has sole responsibility
for performing such warranties. A return authorization number must be issued by FMF Racing before product is returned. Returns must be sent back to FMF
Racing freight prepaid. Proof of purchase, such as a copy of the original invoice, must accompany all warranty claims. Warranties will be honored to the direct
purchaser only.
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