Všeobecný popis KV zosilňovača OM2500

Všeobecný popis KV zosilňovača OM2500
Instruction Manual
OM3500 A
OM POWER, s. r. o. 930 30 Báč 126
General description of the OM 3500 A Remote control
Remote Control expands possibilities of using OM3500 A up to 10 meters away from your
operating position. When needed it is also possible to connect Remote Control unit to LAN
network and control it using special software (not part of this package) to unlimited distance.
It is absolutely a must to observe and follow all best practices and safety precautions as well
as your local health and safety law and fire / electricity regulations. We do recommend using
visual remote control like Web Camera etc.
Package includes:
 Remote control OM3500A
 Power supply 230V / 12V, 600mA
 10m patch lead to link Remote control with OM3500A PA
Front Panel
- Standard ON / OFF switch. On state is indicated by green LED on the switch
- button controls the operating state of the PA. When i noperating mode green
LED is lid
- Power LED indicates connection of power supply. 12V / 500 mA
- Red Fault LED indicates fault on PA. It shall be lid on any fault condition!
- yellow LED indicates Standby state of the PA
- yellow LED will be lid if PI tuning circuit indicates that additional tuning is
- indicates 2nd grid protection. Trigered if safe screen current has been reached )
- Yellow LED will indicate excessive reflected power on PA’s antenna socket
- will be lid if maximum drive power has been exceeded
- 30 segments bar graph will indicate peak output power
Rear panel
- Standard RJ45 connector - LAN Interface for remote access
- Main ON / OFF switch. (Cut’s off 12V supply to unit)
DC 12V
- power jack (5,5 / 2,1) for supply of 12V / 600mA
- kalibračný potenciometer ( v prípade potreby na zosuladenie výkonového
bargrafu s bargrafom na OM3500A )
- socket for direct connection to OM3500A PA
Please pay extra attention not to use PA socket as LAN socket as harmful voltages could damage your
Ethernet devices such as switches, PCs etc. Use only supplied 10m cable to connect your PA with
Remote Control unit.
The Remote control box has to be grounded properly! Connect the screw on the rear panel of the box
to your local grounding system with a copper-cable; use a cross-section of 4 mm2 at least.
Connect your transceiver and amplifier to the same grounding system of your shack carefully!
If you use a power amplifier with higher output you have to be aware that your grounding system
works properly. All parts have to be grounded to the same system. Use short cables and make sure
that there are good contacts! Otherwise you run the risk of damaging your equipment, having
problems with TVI/BCI or your signal may be distorted.
Deployment instructions:
1. Connect unit with OM 3500A PA using supplied cable
2. Supply 12V DC voltage to power socket using supplied PSU
3. Check that green POWER LED and yellow STBY LED are both lid. Shall any connection fault
occur it will be indicated by sequenced POWER and STBY flashing and FAULT led will be lid
4. Turn the PA on using the ON button. Tube heating process will begin. This will be indicated by
green LED on the ON button and by flashing of four LEDs (TUNE,GRID,SWR,DRIVE)
(WAIT led will be also lid on the PA’s front panel)
5. After heating process PA is now ready to be turned into operating mode using OPERATE
button. Use same switch to enter STBY / OPERATE (works as reset shall fault state occur)
LAN Connection
Remote unit is interfaced to LAN via XPORT made by Lantronix (type XP1001000-03R more info
can be found at www.lantronix.com ).
Default factory settings of XPORT are:
IP address
( first series can be:
These are strictly default settings. You can modify any of these by going to XPORT web GUI via your
web browser. We do not recommend changing any other parameters of the XPORT interface as loss of
communication can be caused by doing so. There is no default user name or password. It is highly
recommended to secure web interface with username and password.
For remote control over LAN and monitoring special software is needed. It is available free of change;
it can be downloaded from the following address:
http://code.google.com/p/ompowerremote/downloads/list .
Definition of communication over LAN / Internet
When turned on and operating OM3500 A transmits information about level of output power
being delivered by PA. This value is sent 10 times per second. Also it will send letter „W“ as
wait once per scond.
After successful heating process "W" is replaced by staus of the PA:
 "Z" indicates STBY mode. "Z" indicates it is not possible to go OPERATE for any
 "S" indicates that switch is in OPERATE position but Remote control box or remote
software ha manualy turned PA into STBY, but it is possible to switch PA into
 "O" PA is in OPERATE mode
Transmit power value is delivered as sum of number 128 and a number in range 0 to 127 (full
power) in binary form. (bit 7 set to 1) that means that real number transmitted is 10000000 to
If FAULT state has been trigered fault code is sent followed 0,5 second later by 0 and by fault
code again. This then loops in same frequency as flashing lights on front panel.
Shall a fatal fault state occurs unit will sent "T" character.
Reset is possible by sending "R" When PA accepts reset command it shall respond with a „G“
followed by transmit power value and state "Z", "S" or "O" according to operating state of the
List of fault codes:
"0" – no fault
"1" – IP (Plate curent too high)
"2" – HV (Plate / Anode voltage too low)
"3" – SWR (excessive reflected power)
"4" - Ig2 (Screen current limit exceeded)
"5" – Overdrive (too much drive from exciter)
"6" - FWD=0 (power output is zero with drive power higher than zero)
"7" – Igmax (1st grid current limit exceeded)
"8" – Tune (insufficient tuning – retune PA)
Commands over LAN
"S" - enters PA into STBY
- reply of PA:
"O" - enters PA into OPERATE
- reply of PA:
"R" - reset fault
- reply of PA: "G" folowed by "S" or "O"
">" - Turn PA ON
- reply of PA:
"<" - Turn PA OFF
- reply of PA:
"F" - Sends last 20 fault codes. Reply is list of all 20 fault codes.
Letters and numbers indicated between “ “ are ASCII characters. Only power output level is
transmitted as BINARY number.
It is possible that CPU won’t accept command for first time it has been send. That is reason
why algorhytm has been designed to send reply as confirmation otherwise command should
be resend!
In case your Remote control unit for OM3500A amplifier is not working
correctly, please contact the manufacturer or your distributor,
Manufacturer’s contacts: OM POWER, s.r.o.
930 30 Báč 126
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