Cuckoo Clock Instructions

Cuckoo Clock Instructions
Cuckoo Clock Instructions:
Before hanging up the clock please carefully read these
operating instructions. It is very important to follow these
Unpack with care. When removing the clock from the box,
please hold it at the roof only be cautious of the carvings, as
these are fragile. Be sure to take out the loose accessories,
such as pendulum, weights, etc. DO NOT remove the wire or
elastic fixed to the bottom, and do not unwrap the chains
Hang the clock on a strong nail or screw, which is fixed to a stud in the wall at
a height of at least 2 meters from the floor. Once the clock is hung very
carefully cut the elastic that holds the chains in place and remove the chains
from their packaging. Now the clock must not be put down or turned over
otherwise the chains will slip off the chain wheels causing the clock not to work.
In case a chain slips from the wheel please return to Swiss Time immediately.
Hang the pendulum in the wire loop found under the clock in the middle. Hook
the weights on the chain hooks. Unlock the bird’s door. The clock must be
level or the pendulum will not swing freely or evenly.
To set the correct time, turn the minute hand (the longer of the two) to the
left while holding close to where the hands connect to the clock. DO NOT move
the hour hand. If you turn the minute hand to the right you must wait for
the cuckoo bird to complete its chirps at every hour and every half hour and if
music is involved you must await the end of the music as well. Gently push the
pendulum to one side to start the clock.
Depending on the model, the clock must be wound either every 24 hours or
every 8 days by pulling the ring end of the chain downwards thereby raising the
weights towards the clock. Make sure to pull the chain all the way down, and
never hold the weights or help lift them.
You may regulate the time by sliding the pendulum either up or down. If the
clock seems to gain time push the pendulum disc downwards on the pendulum
bar, and vice-versa if the clock is loosing time. If the clock needs to be moved,
please use caution. Always make sure that the weights have been wound to the
top and the pendulum has been removed before un-hooking your clock from the
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