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CATEGORY: Inserter Mailing Systems
PRODUCT: Neopost Systems
COMPANY: Neopost USA, 478 Wheelers Farms Rd., Milford, CT
06461. Phone: 800-NEOPOST (636-7678).
DS-35: The DS-35 allows offices and departmental organizations with daily folding and
inserting applications to benefit from the
same advanced technology that provides the
precision and reliability associated with large
volume mailing systems. The DS-35 is designed to handle a monthly envelope inserting volume of 5,000. The DS-35’s simple and
intuitive user interface enables all personnel
to operate the system without being trained
and with no need for a dedicated operator.
Neopost DS-35
This automated system fits perfectly on a
desk and ensures users do not have to waste time and money to hand-fold
and insert their day-to-day outgoing mailing, enabling on-demand inserting. The DS-35 has a simple hand-feeding option, which allows users to
put the paper in its feeder every time a set of documents is read to be sent.
DS-63: Designed for the office environment, the DS-63 is capable of inserting up to 15,000 mail pieces per month. Due to its patented “Load’n
Go” feature,anyone in the
office can just load documents and envelopes, press
the button and Go. With its
5.7” color touch screen
graphic user interface, the
system allows users to automate all types of mailings, including invoices,
statements, checks and letNeopost DS-63
ters up to 5 pages inserted.
Because the DS-63 collates and nests all pages before folding, the user is
always assured of the most professional looking documents possible.
DS-65: The DS-65/M3500 is one of the most technologically advanced
Tabletop folder/inserters ever introduced into the marketplace. It revolutionizes ease of use in the office environment.With its advanced graphical
user interface, the operator can create and change jobs real time on the intuitive color touch screen. Automatic document detection in all feeders
allows the DS-65 to know
which stations are activated
and displays this on the color
touch screen. Just press the
GO button and run the job.
Operator set-up has been reduced to virtually nothing
with automatic envelope sealing, automatic separator settings, automatic envelope insert fingers, and automatic
document detection in all
feeders. With the patented
Neopost DS-65
double document detection
(DDD) in all feeders, mis-feeds are eliminated. With 250 piece load capacity for all feeders the machine processes jobs at a consistent high volume. Jobs run at 2400 filled envelopes per hour and the DS-65 can fold up
Neopost DS-75
to 8 pages, ideal for invoice, statements, and checks. And, with four configurations, all upgradeable, the DS-65 offers maximum flexibility to
handle a variety of applications now and in the future without having to
invest in new equipment.
DS-75: The DS-75 folder inserter system is the ideal productivity tool for
any office or mailroom environment, thanks to its unique low level noise
and compact footprint. High Productivity: processing speed of up to
3,600 inserts per hour, high-capacity document feeders holding up to 725
sheets of 20 lb. paper, standard high-capacity vertical stacker holding up
to 500 envelopes. High Mailing Application Flexibility and Support: increased folding capacity; support for barcode reading in personalizing
transactional and marketing mail. New Standard in Ease of Use: new
graphical color touch screen designed for easy setup, semi-automatic envelope separation setup; automatic sealing liquid level detection and automated sealing capability. The DS-75 can process a wide variety of mail
pieces for direct marketing efforts, campaigns, invoicing, monthly statements and virtually any other application companies can or will do in the
DS-85: Ideal for mail centers
maintaining an outgoing
speed of 4,000 filled envelopes per hour, the DS-85
provides enhanced ease-ofuse, increasing customers’
mailroom efficiency and proNeopost DS-85
ductivity, while reducing
postal costs. The DS-85’s
unique full-color touch screen
can be reversed to allow operation from any angle.
Neopost’s “Load ‘n Go” feature further simplifies the
mailing process, as users need
only to load documents and
envelopes into the machine
Neopost DS90i
and then press the “Go” button. The DS-85 automatically adjusts settings, saving them to memory
for instant recall during future mailings. In addition,the folder inserter’s
operation requires the use of only three buttons, allowing anyone to easily
run the machine. Add an optional barcode reading solution to easily apply
barcodes to existing documents to ensure each recipient receives their
correct documents.
DS90i: The DS90i is the ultimate mid-range solution for your inserting
needs. The completely new graphical user interface with full color icons
walk the operator through set up in just three steps – and that’s in manual
mode! The new Remote Assistance provides your Neopost customer ser-
Inserter Mailing Systems
adjustments; a unique scanning module reads almost any type of document coding; landscape insertion, offering higher speeds and lower
envelope costs; and a 15” touch screen.
Neopost DS-160
vice team with immediate access to your system over the internet to help
maximize your productivity.
DS90i FEATURES: NEW Full color graphical user interface with 10.4"
super bright touch screen; Remote Assist – connect to your service tech
over the internet; flexFeed® technology give you the ability to handle
any document size or paper type; With powerFold®, you can crisply and
silently fold up to 10 pages in single fold and 8 pages in tri-fold; Add optional OMR, 1D or 2D Barcode or Optical Character Recognition to ensure each recipient gets their correct documents; Configurable from two
to seven stations and totally upgradeable; High
capacity carrier envelope
hopper holds 500 envelopes with optional 1000
envelope capacity; High
capacity document feeder
Neopost DS-200
Versafeeder holds up to
500 BRE envelopes; Feeder linking allows for continuous document
feeding of up to 3,125 sheets.
DS-160: The DS-160 folding inserting systems makes operational excellence a reality for your mail processing needs. Its modular design supports the widest range of mailing applications – from direct mail campaigns to highly sensitive mailings such as medical billing, payroll and financial statements. The system uses Neopost’s proprietary and robust
IMOS operating system and as a result has the features and technology to
meet the demands of your business with ease. Due to its ability to handle a
superior document packet thickness of 1/4", the DS-160 allows you to
process a wide variety of mail for invoicing, monthly statements, marketing campaigns and virtually all of your organizations mail requirements.
The systems large color graphic interface reaches new heights in user
friendliness and workflow programming. Enhance the productivity of
your mail center with the DS-160HP. It has earned the designation of
“Performance Version” for its increased processing speed, envelope capacity, enhanced sealing capacity and productivity. The DS-160HP can
be customized to process your applications with up to 8 system modules
and 17 feeders.
DS-200: The new standard in mail production, the DS-200 is a powerful solution that has an advanced modular design that will grow with
mailer needs. Neopost engineers took a hard look at mail centers
around the world and then designed this advanced folding and inserting system which can be customized to meet the workflow requirements of the widest range of mailing applications, including flats. The
practical speed is up to 4,800 envelopes per hour and can handle
monthly volumes up to 200,000. Users will find practical innovation
everywhere you look. Powerful and intuitive, the DS-200 has an unlimited job memory; auto- setup, which eliminates hours of manual
DS-1200 G3: The DS-1200G3 is designed to operate at the highest practical speed and efficiency — up to 12,000 envelopes per hour — streamlining the entire mailing
process, from input to
throughput to output,
even during peak or rush
times. The high-capacity sheet feeders, insert
feeder, and vertical envelope output stacker
enable users to maintain Neopost DS-1200 G3
the highest level of operational productivity even for the most demanding
mail processing jobs.
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CONTACT: For more information call 800-NEOPOST (636-7678) or
§ Pitney Bowes Inc.
CATEGORY: Inserter Mailing Systems
PRODUCT: Relay® Folder Inserters
COMPANY: Pitney Bowes Inc., 3001 Summer Street, Stamford, CT
06926-0700. Tele: 877-682-7687. Web:
2000 inserter brings a fast, reliable folding and inserting platform to lowto mid-volume mailers, so you can process mail faster and more accurately than doing it by hand.
Its ease-of-use saves smaller
volume mailers time and
money, allowing them to focus on more important business tasks. The Relay 2000
makes it easy to add reply
envelopes or inserts along
with document pages. The
flexible solution has the
speed and capacity to minimize stoppages with up to
Relay® 2000 Folder Inserter
325 sheet feed capacity and
speeds of up to 2,500 envelopes per hour. You get a tabletop inserter with
a small footprint for big results in productivity.
The Relay 3000 inserter delivers reliability and productivity in an
easy-to-use folding and inserting machine. The Relay 3000 can fold, insert, and seal 3,000 envelopers per hour. The Relay 3000 offers a number
of folding options including C, Z, half or even double fold for legal-size
sheets, and also makes it easy to add reply envelopes or inserts along with
document pages. It uses OMR, 1D, or the latest 2D barcode scanning
technology to automatically handle variable page mail and help ensure
private customer information stays private.