Drobo FS

Drobo FS
Prezzo: April 25, 2012 at the Cove Apple Club by Bob Proctor
What is the Drobo?
The name Drobo is derived from Data Robotics or Data Robot
Drobo FS is a huge disc that’s network attached
Storage Solution That’s Safe, Redundant and Expandable
Without the compexities of traditional RAID
Topics mentioned here but covered in previous Apple Club Meetings
Ask for details on these after the meeting, or “one-on-one”
Time Machine
Grand Perspective
Path Finder
My Drobo FS
Purchased: 4/10/12
Expensive: $1000
Drobo FS: 5-bay box: mix and match discs of different sizes
3 3TB Seagate Discs (~9TB of disc space)
5.41TB for storage
2.77TB for protection
9.55GB for overhead
If one disc goes bad, just swap it out for another …In Theory!
Drobo Dashboard
Utility that runs on each Mac
Used to control all your Drobos
Used to get status of the Drobo
Used to schedule a Copy Event
Why Drobo?
My Messy Data is exploding
I have lots of External USB or FireWire Discs and some are not working
I have lots of duplicated data
Keeping Master Data is difficult, time consuming, error prone and confusing
What I want
Keep Master Data in one SAFE place w/o duplicates
Access my Busy Data with any of my Macs
Seamless Read/Write/Sync
Strengthen my BU Strategy
Keep the process simple
Terms Used
Master Data Stable Data with No Duplicates
Busy Data Frequently changing data with dupliates allowed
My Backup Strategy
Time Machine for every Mac (Saved on Backups partition on Drobo FS)
for partitions not covered by Time Machine (Saved to Local disc, Off-Site disc)
for each Mac (Used periodically, like every 4 weeks)
Drobo FS
Drobo FS
Tools Used
Gemini (Duplicate Finder and Eliminator]
Grand Perspective (Graphic view of disc space used)
Path Finder (Finder on Steroids)
find command in terminal
tar (Utility to create tar files…) “Tape ARchive”
gzip (Utility to compress files…) “GNU Zip”
Tools Needed
Identify NON Duplicates
Compare “This Directory” with “Master Data”
Files in “This Directory” and “Master Data” could be safely deleted from “This Directory”
Files ONLY in “This Directory” should be moved to “Master Data”
Performance Requirements for Drobo FS
Busy Data: As fast as possible
Master Data: Average speed
Time Machine BU: Average speed
Actual Performance
Works best with big files (50Mb or bigger)
Big data that’s composed of thousands of tiny files slows the Txfr rate
Data Deletion can takes a long time, almost as long as writing data
Max Speed: 24.5MBps (Bytes/second)
Slow Speed: 250KBps (Bytes/second)
What’s in my Master Data?
Stable files, shared between my Macs on my network
Disc Images, Movies, Media, Photos, Music, etc.
Seldom Used files of any size which I want to keep
Advantages of moving Master Data to DroboFS
frees up space on local machine
BU of Local machine is easier
How I use Drobo FS
Install Drobo Dashboard on each Mac
Drobo is Ethernet connected to my home network
Connect each Mac to Home Network w/ Ethernet or WiFi
When connected, “Shared” directories are mounted on Mac automatically
Actual Performance
Works best with big files (50Mb or bigger)
Big data that’s composed of thousands of tiny files slows the Txfr rate
Data Deletion can takes a long time, almost as long as writing data
Max Speed: 24.5MBps (Bytes/second)
Slow Speed: 250KBps (Bytes/second)
Use tar and compress to consolidate big nested data
Start a terminal window
Use the tar command to group several files (or all files in a directory) into one file.
You may want to compress the tar file.
tar cvhf "New_Tar_File" "Input Files or Directories"
gzip "New.tar"
How I use my Drobo FS
Local Mac has directory: Drobo FS Storage
That directory has one soft-linked directory (Public) and one local directory (Local Files)
If I need fast access to data on Drobo, I copy that data into (Local Files)
I can easily delete data in (Local Files) when it’s no longer needed. It remains on Drobo
Configuration and Startup
Install Drobo Dashboard on each Mac
Set Firewall
Fill Checkboxes in Share for “[ ] Public” and “[ ] DroboApps”
Create Share for Backups (for Time Machine)
Plug Mac into UPS and set Power Parameters for power failure
Plug Drobo FS into UPS. On Power Failure, the Mac shuts down, the Drobo FS goes to sleep,
then powers off when the UPS dies.
DroboApps (I haven’t tried any of these)
See web page: http://www.drobo.com/products/professionals/drobo-fs/apps.php
Apache - a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current
HTTP standards.
Drobo Apps Admin Utility - makes installing, configuring, updating, and uninstalling DroboApps even
easier. It can temporarily disable a DroboApp to keep it from starting automatically.
FUPPES - a free, multiplatform UPnP A/V Media Server with DLNA support.
Firefly - serves digital music residing on the Drobo FS to the Roku Soundbridge and iTunes.
CTorrent - a command-line bittorrent client.
Dropbear - a small SSH 2 server and client
lighttpd - a HTTP server with a focus on security, speed, compliance, and flexibility
Pure-FTPd - a free (BSD), secure, production-quality and standard-conformant FTP server.
rsync - an open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.
UNFSD - UNFS3 is a user-space implementation of the NFSv3 server specification. It provides a
daemon for the MOUNT and NFS protocols, which are used by NFS clients for accessing files on the
Wake on LAN - This program generates and transmits a Wake-On-LAN (WOL) “Magic Packet”, used for
restarting machines that have been soft-powered-down (ACPI D3-warm state).
Perl - a stable, cross platform programming language. Note: Perl is installed on your Mac by default.
Startup Problems
Took awhile to realize I had to open up the firewall to allow DDService64d, and DDServiced
Took a few days to find method of starting Time Machine BU
Conclusions (Pro)
Drobo is a great company with a rock-solid product
Customer Service is really good, responsive, helpful, knowledgeable
Documentation, FAQ, Forums are very good
Conclusions (Con)
Expensive - ($500 for Drobo and $xxx / Disc)
Slower than I expected
It’s a Great Product
5 Apples     