On-Premise 55 Pound Dryer On-Premise 55 Pound Dryer - Mac-Gray

On-Premise 55 Pound Dryer On-Premise 55 Pound Dryer - Mac-Gray
On-Premise 55 Pound Dryer
Dexter industrial dryers offer high performance
in a reliable design. Available in 30, 55, and 80 lb
capacities with steam and electric..
55 Pound
(Model DTCH55 w/
microprocessor control)
High Performance: Superior Balance of Heat, Airflow and
Tumbling Action
•Efficient heat sources deliver unequated fast drying performance
•Highest airflow in the industry allows maximum efficiency
•Multi-burner design runs hotter and burns cleaner
•Electronic direct spark ignition reduces energy costs
•Fully perforated cylinders provide superior airflow
•Large capacity cylinders allow big loads and effective tumbling action
Commercial Design: Quality Components Engineered to Last
•Solid welded steel frame is built to last in commercial environment
•Cast iron bearing housing and welded steel spider shaft for
added durability
•Oversized bearings and seals the same as in our washers
•Self adjusting dual belt drive for quiet, reliable operation
•Rust protection and interior paint to protect against the elements
•Low cost installation with only one gas connection, one electrical
connection and one exhaust connection
Microprocessor Control: Simple to Set-Up
•Program temperatures to modify cycle time, temperature, and
cool down
•Anti-wrinkle feature to minimize wrinkles with intermittent tumble
•Battery back-up will save programs in the event of a power disruption
•Programmable with a handheld computer running optional
Palm OS software
Optional Fire Suppression
Kit Available
Customer Friendly: Easy to Use. Easy to Maintain
•Extra large stainless steel door with easy grip handle for convenient
loading and unloading
•Easy to to read display including cycle time remaining information
•Extra large lint capacity including a self cleaning screen
•Easy installation 30 and 55 lb capacities fit through a standard
36” doorway.
•Quiet drive system includes heavy dual v-belts with all metal pulleys
OPL 55 Pound Dryer Specifications
Dry Weight Capacity Cylinder Diameter Cylinder Depth Cylinder Volume 55 lbs 32.5” 38” 18.2 cu ft 24.8 kg
82.55 cm 96.52 cm 516.5 dm³
Cabinet Height (with feet)- Minimum Cabinet Height (with feet)- Maximum Cabinet Width Overall Depth Floor to Door Bottom Door Opening 71.875” 73.25” 34.125” 51.125” 29.5” 26” 186.2 cm 186.06 cm 87.7 cm 129.86 cm 74.93 cm 66.04 cm Electrical
Electrical Phase
Electrical Voltage (60 Hz)
Electrical Running Amps (60 Hz)
Circuit Protection (60 Hz)
Electrical Voltage (50 Hz)
Electrical Running AMPs (50 Hz)
Circuit Protection (50 Hz)
Electrical Wire Size
Electrical Service (Single Phase)
Motor Size Tumble Direction
Tumble Speed
120 V
15 AMP
220-240 V
10 AMP
12 Gauge
2 wire + ground
3/4 HP .56 kW Counter Clockwise
47 RPM
Gas Heat
Gas Input/Hour Gas Supply Connection (NPT) Natural Gas Supply (Water Column)
L.P. Supply (Water Column) 160,000 BTU 1/2” 5 -10” 1
111 -13.5” 40,320 kcal
12.7 mm 2.7 - 25.4 cm 27.9 - 34.29 cm Installation
Air Flow Exhaust Size (Vent Diameter) Make-Up Air (Minimum) Net Weight Clearance Behind Machines (Minimum) 910 CFM 8” 1 ft² 581 lbs 18” 25.77 M³/min 20.32 cm 929 cm² 262 kg 45.72 cm
Electric Heat (Voltage/Hz/Phase)
208 / 60 / 3 - 24 kW
240 / 60 / 3 - 24 kW
208 / 60 / 3 - 30 kW
240 / 60 / 3 - 30 kW
Actual Amp/Fuse Amp
Steam Heat
At PSIG (bar)
BTU/Hour (kW)
Steam Supply Conn. (NPT)
Steam Return Conn. (NPT)
97 (6.69)
3.25 BHP
25.4 mm
19 mm
Extra Large Lint Capacity
Easy Programming
Efficient Burner Design
Dexter Laundry, Inc.
2211 W. Grimes, Fairfield, Iowa 52556
© 2010, Dexter Laundry, Inc.
Dexter reserves the right to change features or
specifications without notice.
Rev. 8 - 12/17/09
Optional Stainess Steel Drum
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