Reinitialize Limit VP and RS

Reinitialize the Limit
Step By Step Procedure
for VP & RS models
Do It Yourself Guide
Reinitialize The Limit - Do It Yourself Guide
Reinitialize The Limit - Do It Yourself Guide
Reinitialize The Limit is the process of telling the printer several vital pieces of information that can be lost for various reasons.. These
pieces of information are, the home position and the cut down position. When both of these factors are known the machine will then
understand the width or printable area. Head crashes are the most common cause of needing to Reinitialize The Limit. However,
these steps need only be performed if the symptoms below are exhibited.
Symptoms indicating a Reinitialize The Limit may be needed:
When powering the machine on the model type is listed as XX-??? For example VP-??? or RS-???
When “Sheet Cut” is performed the carriage performs the motion but does not engage the cutter correctly.
Carriages are disconnected error occurs repeatedly.
Scan Motor errors occur repeatedly.
This is a simple process that when performed correctly takes just a few minutes to complete.
Performing the Reinitialize The Limit process
the machine OFF from the front
1. Power
the two screws that hold the
2. Remove
right hand cover and remove the cover.
Move the Print Carriage out of the home position. Press the Carriage to the Right and
then gently move it back towards the Left.
freely moving, return the Print Carriage to the lock position on the right. Once the
4. Once
Print Carriage reaches the correct position an audible “click” will be heard indicating the
lock has been engaged. Do not move the Print Carriage too far to the Right or the
Lock will not engage correctly.
Tech Tip: Locking the Print Carriage takes a steady hand and patience. It may take several
attempts before the Lock is achieved. Do not continue the process without locking the
Print Carriage otherwise the process will not complete.
push the Print Carriage to the
5. Gently
Left as shown to insure the Lock is set
properly. The Print Carriage should
not move.
the LEFT, UP, RIGHT Arrow
6. Hold
Keys and Press the Sub Power Key.
Setting Up The Limit will appear on the
LCD panel. Press Enter
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Roland Support Document
Date: 07/15/09
Revision 1.0
Reinitialize The Limit - Do It Yourself Guide
Reinitialize The Limit - Do It Yourself Guide
LCD Panel will now read DETECTING. It is at this time the printer will go through
7. The
a procedure and an error may occur. If an error occurs at this time it is most likely that the
Print Carriage was not locked correctly. Power the machine OFF and start the process
again from Step 1.
the home position is set up the LCD Panel will read “SETTING UP CUTTER DOWN
8. Once
POS”. At this time the Cutter Carriage should have separated from the Print Carriage. If
the Cutter Carriage has not separated from the Print
Carriage power the machine OFF and start the process
again from Step 1.
the Cutter Carriage and bring it to the left hand side of the machine and press it firmly
9. Take
against the inner wall to engage the Sheet Cutter. The Sheet Cut Blade will visibly engage at
this time. This action defines the width of the printer and sets the position for engaging the sheet
cutting blade.
the Cut Carriage at the Left
side of the machine and Press ENTER
after the Cut
11. Shortly
Carriage returns the LCD
on the control panel. The Cut Carriage
will return to the right hand side.
Panel will read INITIALIZE
OFF the machine and restart as
12. Power
normal. The machine is now ready for use.
If the Limit Initialize fails repeat the
process from Step 1.
Further Support
Should further support be needed or any additional questions arise about the processes in this document please contact your local
supporting dealer. As always, thank you for choosing Roland.
Roland Support Document
Date: 07/15/09
Revision 1.0