specifications advantage the Saeco

specifications advantage the Saeco
This top of the line Vending and OCS machine , the 8P
incorporates Saeco’s patented 9 gr. brew group and whipper system. It can
be placed on a countertop or on the custom (optional) cabinet. In addition
to the 8 drink selections, the 8P can produce decaf versions of coffee drinks,
sugar amounts can be adjusted, and prices and discounts can be programmed
with the time management program in the machine’s digital display. Other
options include a coin and bill validator,backlight kit and clock module.
the Saeco
Adjustable burr grinder.
3 large capacity
soluble product bins.
Separate cyclonic spiral whipper
chambers and dispensing tubes to
ensure there is no cross
contamination of beverages.
Automatic rinse cycle.
Plumbed or external water tank
with no pre-pump necessary.
Automatic cup drop dispenser plus
cup drop override for mugs.
Color: Blue Glitter
Dimensions: 20.8”W x 32.4”H x 22.4”D
Weight: 127.6 lbs.
Power: 1750 watt / 120v
Water Cabinet Tank: 5 gal.or
plumbed 3/4” NTP
Cup Holder: 220 8 oz. cups
Bean Hopper: 8.8 lbs.
Milk Canister: 8.8 lbs.
Powdered Decaf Coffee: 8.8 lbs
Chocolate: 8.8 lbs
Sugar: 2.6 lbs
7905 Cochran Rd. Suite 100 Glenwillow, OH 44139 P. 440.528.2000 F. 440.542.9173 T. 800.933.7876 www.saeco-usa.com
“Fresh from bean
to cup at the push
of a button.”
Fully Automatic
Coffee Vending Machine
Gourmet Specialty Coffee
Made in Italy
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