What’s New?
New Panels Added
Control Panel
*Note: Please execute the First Alert Personality Disk to view the FA1660CT panels in the
Compass downloader.
New Features
Radicom Modem Support (V92-SAC4) for Ademco panels.
Vista FBP to FBPT External Migration.
Radicom Modem Support
Configuring Radicom Modem
To configure Radicom modem, perform the following steps.
1. Double click on the compass downloader icon in your desktop.
2. Click Modems button. The Communication settings screen is displayed.
3. Click the Configure COM Ports button to configure the COM port to be used with the Radicom modem.
Note: You must configure the COM ports to enable them to appear in the Select COM ports
drop down list under Modem Settings.
4. Click to select the option List all COM ports including virtual ports.
5. Select the required COM port from the Select COM ports for compass drop down list and click Add.
6. Click Close to exit the screen.
7. Select the required COM Port from the Select COM ports drop down list Under Modem Settings.
8. Select Radicom V92-SAC from the Standard Modems list box.
9. Click Apply and click OK.
Note: You must configure the port buffer to complete the Radicom modem configuration. The
procedure to configure the port buffer is provided below.
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Configuring port buffer
To configure port buffer, perform the following steps.
1. Click Start, right click on Computer and select Properties. The System Properties screen is displayed.
Select the Hardware tab.
Click the Device Manager button. The Device Manager screen is displayed.
4. Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) option.
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5. Right click Communications Port and select Properties. The following screen is displayed.
6. Select the Port Settings tab. Click Advanced button.
Note: # indicates the COM port number in which Radicom Modem is configured.
7. To increase the speed for faster performance,
a. Move the Receive Buffer slider to the right to set it at (4).
b. Move the Transmit buffer slider to the right to set it at (4).
8. Click OK and restart the machine.
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Vista FBP to FBPT External Migration
Migration for FBP panels, Vista 128FBP and Vista250FBP whose Revision is >= 3 is enabled to Vista 128FBPT and
Vista250FBPT respectively.
To migrate, perform the following procedure.
1. Double click on the compass downloader icon in your desktop.
2. Click Customers button. The Rev-Acct#s with their corresponding FBPs are displayed.
3. Select the Vista 128FBP panel and click Migrate. The Migrate Panels screen displays the panel details you
choose to migrate.
4. Choose the panel name from the PanelName: drop down list.
5. Choose the required panel revision from the PanelRevision: drop down list.
6. Click Migrate.
The migration is complete.
Bugs fixed
The Option 0 (0 Seconds) is removed from “Bell 1-Sounder Timeout” feature for Vista BP and BPT panels.
“Access dialer enable” feature is added to the “Dialer” tab for 32FB Revs 2 & 3.
“List 6” option in Relay Zone List is renamed as “List 6 Dial Delay” for Low end panels.
*24 field name (“Ignore Expansion zone tamper”) is renamed as Expansion zone tamper for Vista50P
Connection related issues while enabling “Auto answering machine defeat” feature are resolved.
Configuration issues while configuring “Device type” for addresses more than 8 in the Vista250BP 4.4 panel
are resolved.
Installations issues that are encountered while installing Compass and Acronis backup software in the same
computer are resolved.
Installation Guidelines for this upgrade
This upgrade can be applied to Compass version and earlier upgrades 2.0.15, 2.0.16,
2.0.17, 2.0.18, 2.0.19,,,,,,,,, or or or or or or or
Manually deleting Compass folder from the computer to remove Compass 2.0 corrupts the registry and
causes unexpected issues with future installations.
Do not run legacy and new installation at the same time. The Compass 2.0 installation normally does not
require the computer to be rebooted. However, in scenarios where some files are in use, the setup will
display a message to reboot the computer.
After installing Compass 2.0, it is not possible to use the existing legacy version of Compass 1.5.8.X on
your computer. However, you can uninstall Compass 2.0 and reinstall Compass 1.5.8.X to revert to legacy
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Compass 2.0 supports MS SQL Server\ SQL Express database in the network. It does not support MS
Access 2.0 due to limitations imposed by Microsoft. Therefore, migrate the legacy database of Compass
MS Access 2.0 to MS SQL Server\SQL Express. This is done by choosing Migrate Access accounts
option during installation, or choosing Migrate Access Database from the Database Management Utility.
Use the Bug Reporter tool to share the error logs with the technical support team if you encounter any
errors during installation. This tool can be accessed from utilities folder present on the CD of base build
( The tool is available from the Report a Bug menu option under Help menu available in the
customer screen.
Backup your current database
Launch database management utility from Start->Programs ->Compass Windows Downloader>DatabaseManagementUtility.
Select the Backup Database radio button option.
Select Compass 2.0 database server from the Server Name drop-down menu. This is usually
Click Fetch Databases from Server button.
Choose the database you want to back up from Database drop-down menu.
Click Backup Database button.
The file name will be the databasename_Date_Time.bak displayed in the confirmation message. It
provides the backup location and file name.
Download and Install the Upgrade Software from the Web
Download the installation file from MyWeb Tech. Double-click the CompassUpgrade.exe file.
NOTE: For assistance in obtaining the setup file from MyWeb Tech, contact Technical Support at 1-800645-7492.
Follow the Setup program on screen instructions during the installation process.
When prompted, click the UPDATE button.
Click FINISH to complete the installation.
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Known Issues
Scheduled jobs may fail in the following scenario:
In a network setup, if the same database is used for
Compass2.0 and 16bit, compass16 unattended server may
select and execute jobs created from comapss2.0.
Use a separate SQL server that is not used by
compass2.0 to execute the jobs for 16bit
unattended server.
When user tries to login to Compass, it throws an error
message “unable to connect to Compass database server”.
1. Decompress the folder “C:\Program
Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data”
Steps to decompress a folder:
a) Right click on the Data folder and select
b) On the Data Properties screen, under the
General tab, Click Advanced button.
c) Clear the option Compress contents to save
disk space and click OK.
d) Click Apply.
e) On the Confirm Attribute Changes screen
Select Apply changes to this folder,
subfolders and files and click OK
Note: The login error is generated as the base installation
(20143) failed with the error code 214721900. The
Installation is not aborted after the error, and the
installation proceeds to be successfully completed.
2.After completing the above steps, Use
Database Management Utility to migrate the
data and login to the shell
For an unsolicited call (incoming call in unattended mode),
the DST does not download automatically.
Schedule a download job explicitly to download
Following SQL privileges error comes if compass database
name has any special characters.
The name of Compas2.0 Database should contain
only alphabets, numerals and “_”.
Any other special character in the name of DB
causes SQL insufficient privileges error.
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In compass Client- Server installation, on client PCs,
upgrade panel firmware may fail with the error message.
This could be because firmware files are missing on client.
Error “MSCOMCTL.OCX not registered” may come during
Compass 20 base build ( installation on Win7 XP
Close compass and re-launch.
The issue appears because the new firmware files
added to the server database but these files are
not available to compass clients.
At this point, if any compass client attempt using
these files without re launching the compass
causes this issue.
Upon first login to new XP mode, view on a fresh
Windows 7 admin account.
Open the C:\Windows\System32 folder, which will
then open the folder with blue background with a
link “Show the contents of this folder”.
Click this link to show the folder contents. This
fixes the issue.
In some rare scenarios, during Firmware upgrade
command execution, you may notice “panel disconnected”
You may ignore the message and attempt
reconnecting to the panel.
Upload All command fails for panels (Vista250BPT -10,
Vista128BPT -10 and Vis128BPTSIA-10) when Hayes Smart
Modem 2400 is used.
Try with any other modem such as, Ademco CIA,
or Radicom Modem.
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Panel initiated calls coming to compass PC, which
connected to modem having Caller ID may not work in
certain cases.
Caller ID feature is not implemented for Radicom
modem. Caller ID strings should be removed from
Modem initialization string.
In case of L5000 series of panels, When firmware files are
selected, “Unknown Error” message may be displayed in
rare cases.
During firmware selection, if unknown error
comes, treat the error as “incorrect file” or
“corrupted file” and make another attempt to pick
the correct file and proceed.
Compass accounts created with panels, Lynx-1, Lynx-5,
Lynx-6, Lynx-10 and Lynx-13 gets connected to Lynx-11.3
Ideally compass should not be allowed to connect from
Lynx-1, Lynx-5, Lynx-6, Lynx-10 and Lynx-13 to Lynx-11.3
No workaround – once Compass connects to
panel, please be aware of the issue, before taking
next action like upload/download.
Telco mode of connection is not supported for L5000 series
of panels. Compass still shows Telco option and when
connection is attempted with Telco mode and the error
“Panel not answering the call” is displayed.
Attempt connection to panel with other modes of
communication (Modem or TCP/IP).
In some rare cases, for L5000 series of panels, you may
not be able to view the firmware file details and the screen
does not display anything as illustrated below.
Delete the firmware from compass database using
option “Download firmware” from Shell->Tools
and add the firmware again.
For L5000 series of panels, in some rare cases, the
command “Apply Changes” success/fail status is not
refreshed on screen. This appears as if the command is
going through indefinitely.
Apply changes does not takes more than 5mins.
If the execution goes beyond 5mins and if the
status bar message displays “polling of panel”,
disconnect from the panel and execute the “Apply
changes” again.
Event logs does not display the user numbers against the
bypassed zones
Workaround does not exist. This is a panel
Sometimes during the flashing of firmware, FTM command
execution may fail.
Cancel the Job & try again.
Temperature zones are non by-passable for Resident
Monitor, Resident Response, General Monitor and General
response types. But compass shows that zones are
Ignore this message - since the command does
not get executed at the panel though compass
shows command execution successful.
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K14563V23 06/13 Rev. A
2 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100
P.O Box 9040
Melville, NY 11747
Copyright  2013 Honeywell International Inc.
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