1975 Brave 2 Brochure
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The D-19 Brave
Brave value begins with this sprightly
19-footer for 1975.
Take the D-19 for a test drive. You
will be amazed that a unit so compact
and easy to drive would have as much
room inside. We've taken almost every
square inch and made it into as much
usable living and storage space as
some so-called bigger motor homes.
The kitchen, for example. A 3-burner
stove. Stainless steel sink. Overhead
cupboards. And across the cooking
area, a 4 cubic-foot gas/electric
The bathroom has a separate shower
backed by a quick recovery water
heater, a sink, and a marine toilet with
a 23-gallon holding tank.
The comfortable dinette converts to a
sleeping area, and so does the lounge
area. You can put more sleeping space
Glide-away front bunk shown above is optional on
D-19 Brave.
SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 19'1"/ Width: 7'9"/
Exterior height: 9'9"/ Interior height: 6'534"/ Estimated
curbside wet weight: 7,820 lbs. / Dodge M-300 chassis /
Wheel base: 104"/318 cubic-inch V-8 engine / 3-speed
EA Brave with e low-cost front Carpet shown in floor plan is optional automatic transmission / Power brakes with power front
overhead bunk option. disc / Power steering with tilt column / Electronic ignition
o system/ Tires: 8.00 x 17.5C, 6-ply/72 Amp alternator /
The D-19 is JHRLONE TROTE TEASON 70 Amp-hour battery / Sleeping capacity: 3 standard,
we re the name that means the most. 5 optional
One look and you know that the Brave is built for fun. Today. Tomorrow. INNEBA GO.
Season after season. The name that means
Because beneath that sprightly exterior beats a heart thatis pure Winnebago. the most in motor homes. К
And because it's a Winnebago, Brave has a lot of advantages over other
motor homes in the economy class. When you buy Brave, tradition is part of
For one, Brave has introduced more families to RV fun than any other the deal. A tradition of more motor
motor home in its price range. They choose Brave for self-contained living — homes built than any other manufac-
at a modest price. From bumper to bumper, everything that's needed for turer. A tradition of well over a billion
sleeping, eating and relaxing. All as standard equipment. miles logged by Winnebago owners.
And they choose Brave for the classic, roomy design and Winnebago A tradition based on a solid philosophy Thermo-Steel™ construction merges
quality you won't find anywhere else. to build the best recreational vehicle we the strength of steel with the superior
can and to sell it for an honest price. insulating qualities of our exclusive
“Thermo-Panel*”. Proven in over a
And that philosophy follows every billion owner miles, Thermo-Panel is
Brave, from the drawing board tothe an outer layer of rust-proof aluminum
dealership. The dealership to your and an inner wall of tough paneling
driveway. bonded to either side of a thick core of
Since we make almost everything that insulating material.
goes into a Winnebago, we know our Beneath this sturdy shell is a rugged
products well. We can constantly hone framework of heavy gauge steel, with
and refine our models to accommodate solid angle-steel reinforcing all structural
the best use of equipment and space stress points throughout the unit.
for your satisfaction. And to furnish Floor, walls, ceiling, and motor home
you a tough motor home, built for the components are anchored to the frame-
road and for strength and durability work, with extra strength provided by
that lasts. steel members front to rear.
Up front, steel surrounds the driver's
compartment. A tough aluminum
underbelly protects the flooring from
weather and road knocks. And, under-
neath, we add additional steel supports
to the heavy-duty Dodge chassis.
Winnebago has used the U.S. Depart-
| ment of Transportation's crash wor-
| thiness safety specifications proposed
for urban transit buses as a guideline
in the structural design of Type A
motor homes in the 75 product line.
Computer stressed testing of frame The result is a motor home of solid
structure is just one of the guidelines ~~ dependable strength. In safety as in
| Winnebago is using to meet the crash many other areas, Winnebago is a name
I worthiness safety specifications. that means the most in motor homes.
The D-21 Brave
Slip into the cockpit and try a Brave
on the road. The 21-foot Brave lets
you in with ease and comfort. The
bucket seats are fully adjustable. The
steering column tilts away.
Look out through the windshield and
you know that this one is built for the
road. Behind the plush cockpit, there's
a spacious work area with a kitchen
equipped Winnebago style. Big cup-
boards, 3-burner stove, 4 cubic-foot
gas/electric refrigerator and a stain-
less steel sink. The good-looking
dinette converts to a sleeping area.
A roomy, spacious hallway takes you
to the handsome gaucho, which
converts to a comfortable double bed.
And you ve got a big double wardrobe
right there where you need it.
What you get as standard equipment
on the D-21 and all Winnebago sis
one reason we re the name that means -
the most. Carpet shown in floor plan is optional
SPECIFICATIONS: Length. 21 '4"/ Width: 79"
Exterior height: 9'9" / Interior height: 6'534" / Estimated
curbside wet weight: 8,410 lbs. / Dodge M-300 chassis /
Wheel base: 125"/318 cubic-inch V-8 engine /3-speed
automatic transmission / Power brakes with power front
disc /Poswer steering with tilt column / Electronic ignition
system / Tires: 8.00 x 17.5D, 8-ply front: 8.00 x 17.5C,
6-ply rear duals / 72 Amp alternator / 70 Amp-hour
battery / Sleeping capacity: 3 standard, 7 optional
Standard Equipment
You can order your Brave comfortable.
Or very comfortable. Comfortable is
standard and includes all the necessities
of motor home living at no extra charge.
Plus many other nice features for depend-
ability and convenience. Like double
sealing all windows and vents with
silicone to prevent leakage. Providing
easy outside access to the engine. Lining
closets and cabinets. And much more.
More that would fill a good-sized list.
A list in addition to the one we've made
here for you to shop and compare.
Safety Features
UJ Thermo-Steel™ construction
[J Quick-release rear escape window
[] Clearance lights comply with Federal and
SAE regulations
L] Backup lights, parking lights, turn signals,
safety flashers
[] Extra side-mounted turn signals
[J Seat belts comply with Federal regulations
[1 Door lock complies with National Highway
Safety Bureau standard number 206
UJ Fire extinguisher
[] Tinted safety glass windows and windshield
Chassis and Automotive Features
[1 Heavy-duty Dodge M-300 chassis
[1 New front and rear suspension system has
longer and wider springs with rolled ends
and non-lube rubber bushings
[1 318 cubic-inch Dodge V-8 engine
[] 3-speed automatic LoadFlite transmission
[1 Power brakes
[1 Power front disc brakes
[1 New rear wheel parking brake system
[1 Power steering
[1 Tilt column steering wheel
[1 Electronic ignition system
[1 Aluminized emission control exhaust
[1 Dual rear wheels with no-thump
recreational tires
L172 amp alternator
[J Hydraulic jack
[1 Spare wheel
[J Windshield washer and wiper
|] Front access to water fill, oil fill, and
windshield wasner fluid
Driver's Compartment
L] Fresh air automotive heater with adjustable
defroster vents and separate blower
[1] New contour padded dash with removable
instrument cluster
[1 Cigar lighter
[1 Twin wall-mounted ash trays for driver's
[] Inside rearview mirror
L] Twin outside rearview mirrors
[] Contoured swivel bucket seat for driver/
co-pilot upholstered in heavy-duty vinyl
[J Glove compartment
L] Map light
Kitchen Features
[1 3-burner stove w/vent hood
[1 Automatic oven
[1 4 cubic-foot gas/electric refrigerator
[] Easy-to-clean back splash and countertop
in galley area
[1 Sink cover that doubles as breadboard
Dinette Features
[] Reversible fabric and vinyl dinette seats
[1 Overhead cabinets
[] Dinette converts to bed
Sleeping Features
[J Wardrobe
[1 Dinette and gaucho convert to beds
Bathroom Features
[1 Water saver phone head shower
[1 Marine toilet with dual holding tanks
[] Automatic 6-gallon water heater
[1 30-gallon pressurized fresh water system
with 12-volt compressor
L] Lavatory
L] Sewer hose
[] Slide-out battery tray
[] City water hook-up
[1 Forced air (ducted) heating system
[1 Double 20 Ib. LP gas bottles
[ Electrical 12-volt converter and battery
[1 12-volt changeover lighting system
operates from battery or external 110-volt
[J 23,000 BTU forced air furnace
(except D-19)
[J 25" 110-volt power cord
Interior Features
[1 Pre-finished washable paneling
L] Waste basket
[1 Roomy drawers for storage
[1 Convenient 110-volt duplex outlets on
separate 110-volt wiring system
[1 Complete set of 12-volt bulbs
[1 Attractive cabinet doors with positive
door locks
[J Color coordinated curtains
[112-volt interior lights
Exterior Features
[] Radius-cornered tinted slider windows
with screen
[] Glide-away step
[] Pre-finished aluminum exterior
L] Rear storage trunk with door lock (D-21)
[J Flush-mounted gas tank fills
[1 Skylight roof vent
[J Outside luggage compartment
Optional Equipment
It doesn't cost much more to make your
comfortable Brave a very comfortable
Brave. Look over the option list, then
talk to your friendly Winnebago dealer.
He can help you make it as fancy as
you like.
Interior Options
[J Full-width gaucho (D-21)
[] Bunk ladder
[1 Glide-away bunk
[] Rear bunk (D-21)
[] Double co-pilot seat
[1 Armrests
[J] Headrests
[J] AM radio and clock
[J AM/FM multiplex radio and clock
0 AM/FM multiplex radio/tape and clock
[123,000 BTU furnace (D-19 only)
[128,000 BTU furnace (except D-19)
[] Voltage and vacuum gauge
[1 Cruise control (D-21 with 440 cubic
inch engine)
[J] Deluxe wall-to-wall carpet
LI Front bunk
[J 6 cubic-foot gas/electric refrigerator
(D-21 only)
О Deluxe medicine cabinet (D-21 only)
Exterior Options
[1 4,000-watt generator and hourmeter
(D-21 only)
[] 2,500-watt generator and hourmeter
[1 Heavy-duty 70 amp-hour battery with
auxiliary 70+ amp-hour battery
[] Dual gas tanks (D-21 only)
[J 10,000 0r 13,500 BTU roof air
[J Auto air conditioner
[] Spare tire
[] Sunvisors
[J] Luggage rack and ladder
[J] Trailer hitch
L] Undercoating
(J Storm windows
Г) Auxiliary water package holding and
water tank gauge (D-21 only)
[J Chrome wheel covers
[J Two 30 Ib. LP gas bottles with automatic
[] Gas line and wiring (standard with
[1440 cubic-inch Dodge V-8 engine
L] Two large chrome convex combination
side mirrors
[] Screen door
a EA
em 8.
We didn’t nn
get our name
by selling you
a motor home
and then
forgetting you.
It's easy to come by service, parts and helpful
advice when you choose Winnebago. Because
in addition to being the largest RV manufacturer
we also offer you the largest motor home service
organization in the nation. An established service
network of over 300 authorized dealers from
coast to coast and in Canada and Alaska is
ready to serve you.
To these Winnebago dealers, motor homing isn't
a sideline. It's a full-time job and their attitudes
reflect it. That's why you can count on trained
experts looking after your Winnebago, whether
it's tackling a problem or routine maintenance.
Winnebago Industries, Inc.
Р.О. Вох 152
Forest City, lowa 50436
We're proud of these sales and service dealers.
And we re proud of our name.
See the complete family of America s finest
motor homes now at your Winnebago dealer s
showroom. From the most luxurious Custom
to the Chieftain, Indian, Minnie Winnie, or most
economical Brave, he has many different models
of all RV types:
Camper coaches, trailers, 5th wheels,
motor homes, mini motor homes and van
conversions. From 14 feet to 31 feet. One visit
will show you why we re the name that means
the most in motor homes.
The name that means
the most in motor homes.
Due to continued product improvement and changes in suppliers, design and production, accuracy cannot be guaranteed in descriptive and pictorial
representation of the products in this brochure. While they are believed to be current at the time of publication, equipment, colors, material specifi-
cations, and model availability are subject to change without notice. Please contact your authorized Winnebago dealer for current model specifications.
Printed in USA, Copyright 1975 032-B-375-50M
Winnebago Warranty
Winnebago Industries, Inc., warrants each new Winnebago
Motor Home (excluding chassis, 110 volt power plant, and tires),
Travel Trailer (excluding tires) or Camper Coach to the original
purchaser as follows:
+ For the life time of the unit — Winnebago Industries’ exclusive
"Thermo-Panel" Construction is warranted against defects
in lamination for the lifetime of the Winnebago Molor Home
Body, Travel Trailer, or Camper Coach.
For the period af one year from the date of purchase —air
compressor, air conditioner (auto), air conditioner (roof),
antenna, axles (TT), auxiliary battery (MH), battery (TT),
brake assembly (TT), converter, speed control, demand
pump, furnace, hitch (TT), LP gas bottle(s), power range
hood, pre-finished panelling, range, radio, refrigerator, sink,
stereo, vacuum cleaner, gauges, water conditioner, toilet,
and water heater.
Forthe period of 90 days from the date of purchase — carpet,
cushion foam, compartment doors, drainage hose, driver
and passenger seats. electrical systems, cushion fabric, fire
extinguisher, plastic refrigerator interior door, faucets, light
fixtures, plumbing system, switches, shower door, shower
head, vinyl, jack (MH), sealants, LP gas valves, and windows.
Any part of the Winnebago Motor Home, Travel Trailer or
Camper Coach subject to this warranty which is found to be
defective in material or workmanship, will be repaired or
replaced, at Winnebago Industries’ option, by the selling dealer
without charge for parts or labor. If the selling dealer has ceased
to do business as an authorized Winnebago dealer or the owner
is traveling or has moved to a different locality and cannot return
to the selling dealer, the owner may obtain warranty repairs or
replacement at any authorized Winnebago Dealership
Winnebago Industries, Inc., cannot, however. and does not
accept any responsibility in connection with any of its Motor
Homes, Travel Trailers, or Camper Coaches when they have
been altered outside of its own factory. If the purchaser shall use
ar allow to be used in the Motor Home, Travel Trailer or Camper
Coach, equipment and/or parts not made or supplied
by Winnebago Industries, Inc., then this warranty shall become
void. if failure is a result of improper installation or adaption.
Winnebago Industries, Inc., does not undertake responsibility
to any purchaser of its products for any undertaking, represen-
tation or warranty made by dealers selling its products beyond
those herein expressed.
This express warranty is the only warranty applicable to the
Winnebago Motor Home, Travel Trailer, or Camper Coach and
is expressly in lieu of any warranties otherwise implied by law
(including but not limited to implied warranties of merchant-
ability or fitness for any particular purpose). The remedies avail-
able under this express warranty shall be the only remedies
available to the purchaser-user with respect to defects in mate-
rial or workmanship.
Without regard to the alleged defect, Winnebago Industries,
Inc.. under any circumstances, does not assume any respon-
sibility for loss of time, inconvenience or other consequential
damage including, but not limited to, expense for gasoline,
telephone, travel, lodging, loss or damage to personal property
or loss of revenue.
Winnebago Industries, Inc., reserves the right to make
changes in design and changes or improvements upon its
products without imposing any obligation upon itself to install
the same upon its products theretofore manufactured.
It is the obligation of each Winnebago dealer to provide full
service for owners of Winnebago Motor Homes, includ-
ing Winnebago installed and/or approved components as to
all aspects of said products: If the dealer is unable to provide
said service at his place of business, the dealer will, at his own
expense, secure said service for you from other firms authorized
to service the various components in your Winnebago Motor
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