Canon 31Dlli[S - Pacific Rim Camera
Canon 31 OXL w/lens B.S-2S.Smm
f1 .0 & case
-Type: SLR type Super 8 with XL mechanism
_Frame Size: 5.8x4.2mm Super 8 size (Movie frame), 5.4x4mm (Projection frame)
_Lens: Focal Length 8 . 5 ~ 25.5mm (Zoom Ratio 3) f 1.0. Lens construction: 13 elements in 11 groups. Coating: Spectra coati ng. Filter
thread size: 43mm . Lens cap size: 45mm
-Macro Shooti ng Mechanism : The macro shooting mechanism is activated by switching the macro set lever. With the focus set at in fi nity
(00 ), close-up shooting at 21.5cm from the film plane indicator is
The field size is then 84.4x118mm
_Viewfinder: Sing le reflex aerial image system
(Viewfinder Information): Underexposure warning mark; Fi lm transport indicator; Battery check lamp; Macro indication ; Dioptric adjustment -4 ~ + 2 dpt. with eyecup
-EE Mechanism: Automatic exposure mechanism coupled to fi lm
speed and fi lming speed
(Electric Eye System): Light measurement by a CdS photocell
th roug h the window above the main lens. Exposure Control Plate
-EE Metering Range: ASA 250 f 1.018 fps ; ASA 25 f 4518 fps , single
_Film Speed:
(Artificia l lig ht) ASA 40 160250
ASA 25 100 160
- Film Speed Setting: Automatically set when ca rtridge is loaded
-Color Temperature Adjustment Filter: Built-in CCA filter for correct
co lor ba lance with tungsten film under daylight and switch on cam era body for quick cancellation of filter under artific ial lighl. Filter is
automatically cancelled when daylight type fi lm cartridge is inserted
_Filming Speeds: 18 fps , single frame
_Angle of Shutter Opening: 220 0
-Drive System: Film drive with high-performance electric micro-motor
and power zooming
-Power Source: 2 penlight batteries (3V)
Film drive; power zooming ; exposure metering ;
Sufficient fo r 5 cartridges under normal tempe ratures; One cartridge
with new batteries when shooting single frames
-Footage Counter: Automatically returns to S and co unts footage of
exposed film. Coupled to the removal of the cartridge
-Battery Check: A lamp in the viewfinder activated by the check button
_Grip: Co ll apsible
-Socket: Cable re lease socket
-Switch: " ON-OFF" single frame switch used also as safety switch
-Safety Mechanism: Switch to prevent unnecessary battery consumption or shootin g inadverten tly
_Dimensions and Weight: 176x11 2x39 mm ; (6-15 / 16"x4-7 / 16"x1-1 / 2");
580g (1 Ib 4 oz.) (including batteries)
Subject to change without notice.
SG5- E1
1 The World's Fastest (f/1.0) Zoom Lens
t- -: ---tI) -
-+ ~ +--­
--l -
The Canon 31 OX L features the fastest lens of any 8mm
movie camera.
This lens has been designed for greater
compactness and smoother operation than any other lenses
of the same class. Its newly des igned lens construction of
13 elements in 11 groups obtains sharp picture images without
flare, and excellent color balance at full aperture .
2 Large Shutter Opening
The Canon 310XL boa sts the exceptionally large shutter
opening angle of 220 -another XL feature in this new and
sophisticated optical system.
The resultant exposure is
effectively 1/ 30 of a second. Thi s shutter opening arrangement is in all respects adequate for general filming and
for filming from video sources, especially unde r low-light
cond itions .
3 Slim, Compact Design
Despite the incredible abundance of high performance
features that the Canon 310XL contains, its size and design
remains slim and small. This compactness starts with the
lens barrel design of the f/ 1_0 3X zoom le ns having an outside
diameter of just 47mm. Further compactness is afforded by
locating its power source, two 1.5V penlight batteries, in the
upper part of the film magazine compartment .
4 CCA Filter Switch
The Canon 31 OX L incorporates a feature to automatically
cancel the CCA filter from the light path upon in sertion of
a daylight-type cartridge. A special p in within th e magazine
compartment detects the use of daylight film and activates
rel)1oval of the filter. Manual cancellation of the CCA filter
is also possible by simply sliding the knob located on the
side of the camera body _
5 Macrophotography Mechanism
The macro photography mechanism which is incorporated
into the 310XL enables one to shoot close-up photography
without attachment of any other accessories. This is especially
convenient for titling purposes, since it can focus at a point
21 .5cm from the film plane indicator by a simple adjustment
of the macro set lever. The wrist strap serves as a measure
of this distance for macrophotography when it is pulled
forward tautly _
6 3X Power Zoom
The Canon 310XL offers the options of either power
or manual zoom. Zooming is very effective for trimming the
composition and transitions from one point of view to
another . It enables the cinematographer to follow his subject
easily. The power zoom is operable only while the shutter
is being released. While power zooming produces a continuous effect, manual zooming permits zooming at different
7 Exposure Control Plate
.e------Battery Check Lamp
This feature is designed to be used with the Canon Filter
ND-4 when shooting with ASA 160 film. It is also very
effective for shooting strongly back-lighted subjects.
8 Bright Viewfinder
>:B:-----+-Macro Indication
erexposure Mark
Transport Indicator
Since the 310XL uses a total reflection spot mirror and
the exit pupil of the viewfinder is large, the image is always
very bright . Furthermore, the viewfinder information that
is needed for sure and precise movie making, such as battery
check lamp, macro-indication, underexposure warning mark
and film transport indicator, are contained in the viewfinder.
Power Zoom Switch -------------------------:=
Exposure Control Plate----------------
Dioptric Adjustment Ring
C------------Footage Counter
+--=-----------Battery Check Button
CdS Photocell
Distance Scale
Focusing Ring
i-----------------------Ma in Switch
c...-_____________________ .V'~"rn i ng Mark
=--------------------- Film
Plane I nd icator
-------------------------------------Manual Zoom ing Lever /
Macro Set Lever
Cable Release Socket
-----------------------------------------------Folding Grip
'------------------------ CCA Filter Switch
Film Compartment
ide Cover Opening Switch
Film Type I ndlcaltolr----------
Shutter Release Lever
C-___________________ Tripod Soc ket
Chest Pod
5-63061 -00
Release 30
Release 50
4-20601 -20
Copystand 4
Soft Case
Lens Cap 45mm
'C41 -5507 -211
PS-1000 Projector
PLEASE NOTE: For further information on Canon
Super-8 accessories, please refer to the last page in
this section.
SG5- E4
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