Switch to affordable, efficient digital microfilm scanning

Switch to affordable, efficient digital microfilm scanning
Digital Microfilm Scanners
Switch to affordable, efficient
digital microfilm scanning
MS300II / MS350II
MS300II / MS350II
Fully featured microfilm scanning
with reader/printer functionality
Desktop digital scanning
High quality scanning
The MS300II/MS350II are the key to
improving and fully integrating your
microfilm archives into your entire
document management systems. With
these high-performance, digital desktop
scanners, you benefit from both computer
database and enhanced microfilm storage.
The MS300II/MS350II, with the available
film carriers, are capable of scanning all
types of microfilm, including ANSI/3M
cartridges, 16/35 mm roll film, fiche/jackets
and aperture cards. Plus the bundled
CapturePerfect software provides a wide
range of practical user functions.
The MS3000II/MS350II scan at an optical
resolution of 600 dpi ensuring high
quality images. However a variety of
output resolutions are available depending
on the required application – including
200/300/400/600 dpi. Furthermore, 8-bit
greyscale scanning is available as standard to
provide high quality scanning for your analog
archives. Simply select the ideal scanning
resolution – to ensure clarity for even the most
detailed archive documents.
Reader/printer mode
What makes both the MS300II and MS350II
invaluable is that they offer far more than just
flexible microfilm scanning. In Reader-Printer
mode, you simply push the Start button
and data is transferred directly to a network
printer. The printer can either be local, or
your network printer and can be used for full
A3 and A4 hard copy output (dependent on
cassette sizes available). Also, when in reader/
printer mode, you still operate the application
software fully independently of your PC.
High scanning speed
Now you can convert microfilm to digital data
rapidly. Scanning speed is 5.5 seconds per
frame at 200 dpi, 7.5 seconds for 300 dpi,
10 seconds for 400 dpi and 16 seconds for
600dpi. All to increase productivity and enable
you to get through more work in less time.
Ready to meet your
most demanding needs,
while ensuring easy
integration into your
existing digital environment.
MS300II / MS350II
Take advantage of enhanced scanning efficiency and affordable performance
with Canon's MS300II digital microfilm scanner. Or take productivity even
further with the MS350II – offering motorised focus and zoom rotation.
Compact and user friendly, each provides a full reader/printer capability
plus a rich range of innovative features. Ideal for extensive applications, the
MS300II/MS350II are ready to meet your most demanding needs, while
ensuring easy integration into your existing digital environment.
Scan to mail and PDF files
Powerful utility software CapturePerfect is included with the
MS300II/MS350II – offering you extensive scanning and saving
functions. With 'Scan Batch to Mail', scanned images can be instantly
attached to a new message for multiple sending, using your existing
mail program. Also scanned images can be saved in PDF format – in
high compression or standard mode.
Scan batch to mail
Extensive Applications
The versatile design and flexible features
of these scanners make them suitable for
a wide range of applications. With superior
microfilm scanning of source documents,
they're ideal for use in the manufacturing
industry – as well as for libraries and
government institutions. What's more, with
their ability to handle typical cheque film
formats, they're also perfect for banks and
financial institutions.
11 Aperture Card
6 High Speed LaserPrint
22 16mm Rollfilm Cartridges
(ANSI / 3M-Type)
7 Scanner PC Workstation
8 Scan-to-File
33 Open Spool 16mm / 35mm
9 Scan-to-Fax
44 Microfiche
10 Scan-to-Mail
55 Digital Microfilm Scanner
11 Scan-to-Print
MS300II / MS350II
MS300II / MS350II
Simplified operation
A large and clear control panel allows you to carry out even the most complex
operations with ease. Its user-friendly design ensures that each function is
distinctly shown, for easy, error-free use.
Versatile Connectivity
Optional FilePrint printers
Economical energy saving
MS300II/MS350II offers a dual interface
design via USB 2.0 or SCSI-3 making
connectivity that much easier and versatile.
Add Canon's FilePrint 470 or 270 desktop
printer to the MS300II/MS350II for a complete
scanning system with stand-alone printing.
The fileprint 470 offers A3-size printing and
its 250 sheet paper supply can be expanded
to 500 sheets using the optional cassette. The
fileprint 270 is a compact A4 size printer with
a 150 sheet paper supply cassette.
An economical power save mode keeps your
running costs to a minimum. This can be
easily set to switch off automatically – either
after 15 minutes or one hour of the unit not
being in use. With, of course, automatic
restoration of full power the moment the
scanner is operated.
Full size A4 screen
Take advantage of a full size A4 screen, so
reading and working with documents is extra
easy on your eyes. Manual focus and zoom
(MS300II) and motorised focus and zoom
(MS350II) make even the most detailed
images and the finest text crystal clear. Just
place the compact unit on your desk… and
you'll find it a pleasure to use.
Optional FS Controller
Convenient media conversion
Another invaluable function is the ability to
carry out media conversion from microfilm
to other media. This mode enables easy
and automatic scanning of filmed images
after retrieving images with film addresses
– complete with image processing, saving and
automatic indexing.* Thus synchronising film
forwarding with scanning, to open up a whole
new range of opportunities.
Canon's optional FS Controller I is the perfect
partner for the MS300II/MS350II, to enhance
overall efficiency. It features an ergonomic
and 'interactive' keyboard. Fully automatic
search and retrieval functions are also
available – as well as a range of advanced
memory-printing features. Providing your
company with unparalleled efficiency and
productivity in microfilm management.
Ideal for use in the
manufacturing industry –
as well as for libraries and
government institutions.
* only available with optional FS Controller.
Optional FS Controller I
Specifications MS300II / MS350II
Main unit
Screen size
Scanning method
Film polarity detection
Light source
Bundled Software
Power requirement
Acoustic noise level
Work environment
Desktop digital microfilm scanner
300mm (H) x 300mm (W)
600dpi digital scanning by CMOS CIS
Negative to Positive, Positive to Postive, Automatic
Halogen lamp (20V 150W)
ISIS/TWAIN drivers, Capture Perfect 1.0
220-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.2A
Less than 66dB
10 - 32.5C 10-80%RH
442 (W) x 541 (D) x 668 (H) mm
Approx. 26kg
Film types
Fiche, jacket, aperture card 16mm/35mm rollfilm
Scanning sizes
Density Control
Scanning modes
Scanning option
Image adjustment
Scanning speeds (A4)
Image Adjustment
Fixed lens
Zoom lenses
Film Carriers
Installation Kit Q
DMP Board
Framing Kit
Sensor Unit
A4, B5
AE (Automatic Exposure), Manual
Black and White, Error Diffusion, Text Enhanced, Grayscale
200dpi, 300dpi, 400dpi, 600dpi
Border Removal, Trimming, Centering, Full Framing, Automatic
Page Size Detection, Deskew, User Preference, Prescan,
Scan Panel,Multiprint (up to 99)
Edge emphasis, Noise removal, Erase notch, Gamma compensation
5.5sec. (200dpi), 7.5sec. (300dpi), 10.0sec. (400dpi),
16.0 sec. (600dpi)
Manual (MS300II) Motorised (MS350II)
Manual (MS300II) Motorised (MS350II)
Manual (MS300II) Motorised (MS350II)
E x 7 (MS300II)
H x 7 (MS350II)
MS300II – EZ01 (9.5-16X), EZ02 (16-32X), EZ03 (30-55X),
EZ04 (10-24X)
MS350II – HZ01 (9.5-16X), HZ02 (16-32X), HZ03 (30-55X),
HZ04 (20-48X)
FC190RII - Fiche Carrier for Microfiche/Jackets/Aperture Cards
AC100C - Automatic Carrier for 16mm ANSI/3M-Type Cartridge
RFC200 - Roll/Fiche Carrier for 16mm/35mm Open Reel Film,
3M Type Catridge and Microfiche, Jacket and Aperture Card
FS Controller I - for automated retrieval and searching of.
blipped microfilm (sensor unit will be required)
Required to install all carriers except FC190RII and FSC-I
Required to connect optional FP270/FP470
Required for manual frame scanning/printing
Required for FS Controller I
Operation Keyboard standard for MS350II (Not optional for MS300II)
Page sizes
File formats
Viewing functions
Printing functions
Optional Printer FP470
Print speed (A4)
First print time( A4 Portrait)
Warm-up time
Dot pitch
Print paper size
Paper cassette
Output stacker
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Weight (without cartridge)
Desktop Laser Printer
Approx. 13sec (High speed mode/300dpi)
0 sec
600 x 600dpi
250 sheets (500 paper cassette: Option)
250 sheets
FP Cartridge 470
518 x 439 x 277mm
Optional Printer FP270
Print speed (A4)
First print time (A4 Portrait)
Warm-up time
Dot pitch
Print paper size
Paper cassette
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Weight (without cartridge)
Desktop Laser Printer
Approx. 15sec (High Speed mode/300dpi)
0 sec
600 x 600dpi
150 sheets (Paper tray)
FP Cartridge 270
370 x 251 x 217mm (Without paper tray)
Some images are simulated for clarity of reproduction. All data is based on Canon’s standard testing methods. This leaflet
and the specifications of the product have been developed prior to the date of product launch. Final specifications are subject
to change.™ and ®: All company and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective
manufacturers in their markets and/or countries.
Conforms to the International
Energy Star program
Canon Electronics Inc.
Canon Europa N.V.
English Edition 0117W545
© Canon Europa N.V., 2007 (0108)
MS300II - A4, B5, Scanner's maximum, Framing, Auto-detection,
Auto-detect with margin
MS350II - A4, A4R, B5, B5R, Scanner's maximum, Framing,
Auto-detection, Auto-detect with margin
Scan to mail, Scan to batch, Converter mode, Scan to print,
Reader-Printer mode, Rotated image save
Zoom In/Out, Rotate Left/Right, Best Fit, Fit to Width, Next Page,
Previous Page, Go to Page
Actual size, Fit paper, Actual pixels
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