Connect-it Basic Install Manual

Below is a list of possible issues and their solutions.
1. Issues with Network printers
Ticket-it considers a locally attached printer (plugged directly into the PC via USB) and a
shared or networked printer as having different names. This can cause issues. Here is an
I use my Ticket-It login on PC #1. The printer is locally attached via USB and named
‘Ticket-It-printer’. I save my printer settings under Administration and print some
I use my Ticket-It login on my neighbour’s PC (PC #2). I try to print labels but cannot,
even though ‘Ticket-It-Printer’ is accessible from PC #2 over the network.
This occurs because Ticket-it cannot find the saved printer ‘Ticket-It-printer’ on PC #2. On PC
#2, the printer will be referred to as ‘PC #1/Ticket-It-Printer’ instead (the Network Name of
the printer). That printer name can be saved as the default printer and I will be able to print
again, but when I move back to PC #1 I will need to once again change my settings.
Do not use Ticket-it on PC #1.
Create a Ticket-It login for use on PC#1 and another one for use on any other
computer accessing the printer over the network.
Consider installing the printer on a completely separate PC (such as a server) that
will not be using Ticket-it. This is the best solution, as the server will be always on,
ensuring that the printer will never be unavailable to the network. For added
convenience, use a Networked printer (one that connects to the network directly
via Ethernet cable), install it on the server, and share it to all other computers. This
way the printer can be placed anywhere and be accessible from anywhere.
2. Pages print on a different printer
If the port assigned to the Ticket-It printer is already assigned to another printer, there will
likely be issues printing. You can change the selected port by right-clicking the printer icon
and selecting Properties. Then click the Ports tab. Your Ticket-It printer’s name will appear
alongside the port it’s currently assigned to. Other printers will also appear in this list,
allowing you to determine which ports are free. Tick an alternate ‘Virtual Printer port for
USB’ port and untick the current port to fix the issue. Alternatively, delete the printer, and
install it again specifying a free port.
3. The Courierpost SATO D512 printer is printing inconsistently
If you have used the driver settings described in our Printer Install Guides, printing should be
consistent – the same every time. If the print jobs are different each time, check for these
Connect-it Basic Install Manual
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Printer power cable is loose
The shared/networked printer is being printed to from computers running different
Label roll inside the printer has fallen off the spindle or is slightly loose
Label roll inside the printer has not been correctly placed under the guides
If everything’s okay, the printer may be faulty. On the SATO D512, there should be a
helpdesk number on the printer to contact SATO. SATO is responsible for faulty
Courierpost-branded SATO printers.
4. The barcode section of the label not completely on the peel-off section of the label
Sometimes the barcode slightly out of the peel-off section – which means the courier driver
won’t be able to keep the barcode (not good!). This is usually due to the printer software
being slightly misconfigured. You can change the position of the print on the label by
increasing or decreasing the length of the Page Size by the amount that the label is offset,
saving, and then printing a test label through Ticket-It. It typically requires a bit of
experimentation to get right.
5. Everything is set up correctly, and test pages can be printed, but Ticket-It won’t print
In this case you might need to:
Reinstall the ActiveX. Instructions for this are at the bottom of this document.
Check if your printer has a ‘ symbol in its name – this is common for Datamax’s
“O’Niel” class printers. Rename the printer if so, as the ‘ symbol can cause errors in
the printing script.
6. Everything is set up correctly, but when printing, there are odd “black boxes” on the ticket
instead of “1 of 2” and “Overnight”, etc!
This tends to occur if you’ve upgraded Internet Explorer or migrated to a new system. The
solution is to reinstall the ActiveX component. Instructions for this are at the bottom of this
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This ticket is affected by Issue 5 (the black boxes) and Issue 7 (causing the ticket to print onto two labels).
7. All the software settings are correct, but my Zebra printer isn’t printing all of the label OR
is printing out of alignment
First, confirm that the printer settings are correct in both the printer driver and in Ticket-It’s
User Preferences. If the problem persists, the printer needs to be recalibrated to adapt it to
the correct label size. See instructions for recalibration at the bottom of this document.
8. All the software settings are correct, but suddenly the image printed on the label is too
small or too big
There is a Windows Profile setting one can accidentally trigger by pressing a certain
combination of keys. This causes Internet Explorer to render websites slightly larger or
slightly smaller than usual. This affects the size of the image that Ticket-It sends to the
printer! To fix this, you must reset Internet Explorer’s settings. Open Internet Explorer, go to
Tools > Internet Options, click the Advanced tab, and then click the “Reset…” button at the
bottom of the Window (just above the Apply button). You will be prompted to close other
programs and warned that certain settings will be lost (usually things like saved passwords
and browsing history). Accept, and reboot the computer if prompted. The problem should
now be fixed. You will need to “Always allow pop-ups from” when
prompted after going to the Ticket-It welcome screen or when printing a label, as the
previous setting will have been lost.
9. The Courierpost SATO CG412DT prints a short amount of label and then jams and beeps
This issue is caused by the printer being in Thermal Transfer printing mode instead of Direct
Transfer printing mode. To fix:
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Browse to the Printers and Faxes / Devices and Printers folder.
Right-click the printer and select Properties / Printer Properties.
Click the Preferences… button
Click the Advanced Setup tab.
Untick thermal transfer.
Click Apply.
10. The Courierpost SATO CG412DT will not print or test print on Windows 7 64bit
This issue is caused by Windows 7 sometimes not installing the correct 64bit printer drivers.
To fix:
1. Download the correct drivers from:
2. Extract the driver files.
3. Install the printer using the ‘Add a printer’ dialogue. When asked to select a driver,
browse to the extracted driver folder and select SI_ENH.inf from the 64bit folder.
4. Select SATO CG412DT from the list.
5. Proceed with rest of installation.
6. More details on the process for this type of installation can be found in the ‘Other
label printers’ installation guide available on the Help Centre at .
11. Test printing works, but labels are printing out blank
Completely remove your printer driver using the instructions at the bottom of this
document. Then, reinstall the drivers for your printer using the appropriate instructions
available at .
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Uninstalling Printer Drivers
7. Browse to the Printers and Faxes / Devices and Printers folder.
8. Right-click the printer you wish to remove and select Delete / Remove Device.
9. Then, in the same folder, go to File > Server Properties (in Windows 7 you may need
to press alt to reveal the top menubar), browse to the Drivers tab, select the driver
for your printer (it should be named the same as your printer model) and click
Delete. Click Okay to any prompts that appear.
Recalibrating printers
Sometimes printers will print labels oddly even with all the correct settings in place. Generally the fix
for this is to recalibrate the printer; which forces it to re-check the label size and adapt to it.
Turn printer off. Hold the Feed and Line buttons and turn the printer on. Hold the buttons
for about six seconds and then let go. Wait until the printer beeps three times, and then turn
it off.
Zebra LP2844, LP2844-Z, and similar models
Hold the green Feed button until light around it blinks twice. Printer will print out 3-10 labels
of nonsense. Turn the printer off if it prints out considerably more labels than that!
Reinstalling the ActiveX
Sometimes the ActiveX component can become faulty – typically after updating Internet Explorer.
This causes the ‘black box’ issue or prevents printing entirely. To reinstall the ActiveX:
1. Download this file: .
2. Extract the two files within the .zip to your desktop, then double-click SMSX.exe (you may
need to run it as admin).
3. Accept all the prompts. If prompted to, restart your PC. If not, restart Internet Explorer and
try a test print.
Connect-it Basic Install Manual
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