13. tcm305 data sheet

13. tcm305 data sheet
TCM 305 Modems
Digital Cable Modem
With its latest DOCSIS cable modem, Thomson multimedia
CableLabs Certified
provides to the cable operators an improved performance product.
Bridging between the USB and Ethernet port
Easy Access to Advanced Diagnostics Web Pages
USB port for easy installation
Indeed, the TCM 305 features an increased processing power and a
more efficient algorithm for a dramatic improvement of the throughput
Reliable high-performance platform
performance, particularly critical in small packet transfer. The
Surf the Internet Up to 100 Times Faster than a 56k
analog Modem
management of the product is identical to the previous generation for
a seamless transition for the cable operators and the diagnostic of the
product offers extensive possibilities for remote troubleshooting.
Always On, No waiting for a connection, No phone line
Diagnostic SNMP based diagnostic tool proposed
with the cable modem for remote troubleshooting
Thomson multimedia cable modem’s offer also includes a SNMP
based diagnostic tool to better remote troubleshooting Thomson and
other competitor’s DOCSIS cable modems.
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TCM 380
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: 4 port router
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: SNMP based diagnostic tool
Broadband Access Products and Systems
TCM 305
Digital Cable Modem
NAT / PAT - Controlled by the operator, this feature, combined
with a DHCP server, allows the user to connect up to 32 IP
devices using a single IP address.
Router - Combined with an external hub and NAT/PAT turned on,
the cable modem features a basic router function.
Firewall - The combination NAT/PAT and additional packet
filtering capabilities provides the cable modem with a basic
firewall feature controlled by the operator.
Easy Installation - Upgraded to the latest technology 100Base-T
Ethernet standard. The TCM 305 also supports the older
standard, 10Base-T Ethernet by auto-sensing.
E-Z Start-Up Indicators - Easy-to-use LED lights on the front of
the unit show the modem status. This provides the user the
ability to verify modem operation and connectivity.
Simple-to-Use Illustrated Setup Guide - The guide steps users
through the connections of the broadband cable, electrical
power, and Ethernet or USB cables.
Security - Supports BPI+ communications privacy to support
secure data exchange between modems and cable operators’
LED Administrative Disable Indicator - Helps prevent
unnecessary truck rolls.
Internal Web Pages - TCM 305 web pages allow direct access
to information about the status of the modem and other
important information.
Advanced Upstream Rate Limiting - This provides an advanced
algorithm to minimize network retransmissions of filtered
packets, preserving the available upstream bandwidth. Cable
companies may limit upstream rates of subscribers, to prevent
single users from running server applications in their homes. Less
sophisticated rate-limiting algorithms lead to high packet loss,
resulting in many retransmissions, further straining the upstream
Thomson multimedia
46, quai Alphonse Le Gallo
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Tel. : 33 (0) 1 41 86 50 00
Fax : 33 (0) 1 41 86 56 59
E-mail : baps@thmulti.com
Bridging - Allows to connect two PC’s at the same time and
even to route between the Ethernet and USB port.
Broadband Access Products and Systems
DOCSIS Based Design - The cable modem is certified to work
on DOCSIS based HFC cable system. Resident BPI+ certificates
enable future upgrades to advanced DOCSIS features.
Internet On/Off Security Button - Turning the modem off puts
the modem into “standby” mode. The modem is still on, and
remains locked to the CMTS, responding to SNMP, enabling
subscribers fast and easy use when required. The button also
serves as a security feature, assuring the customer that the
network will not be accessible if the button is off, alleviating
security concerns of an “always on” connection.
Network Shutdown Recovery - In the case of a cable area
electrical signal outage, in order to avoid all the modems
rebooting at the same time, and flooding the networks with
collisioned requests, Thomson has implemented a feature
allowing the modems to reboot at different times thus facilitating
a smooth reactivation of the network.
Product Specifications
DOCSIS 1.0 compliant
Field upgradeable to 1.1 SW
Downstream Modulation
Frequency Range
Channel Bandwidth
Maximum Downstream Data Rate
RF Input Sensitivity
64 QAM: >23.5 dB, 256 QAM: >30 dB
Input Impedance
64/256 QAM
88-860 MHz
6 MHz
27/38 Mbps {64 QAM/256 QAM}
+15 to –15 dBmV
BER <1e-8
75 Ohms
Frequency Range
Upstream Modulator
Maximum Upstream Data Rate
RF Output Level
Automatic Level Adjust
Gain Control Range
Frequency Stability
Output Impedance
5-42 MHz
Max 5.12/10.24 Mbps {QPSK/16 QAM}
+8 to +58 dBmV
50 dB
± 5 kHz
75 Ohms
Software Features
Software Downloadable
Multiple client support
Upstream Rate limiting
Safety Internet button
Class-of-Service {COS}
Protocol Filtering
SNMP Management
IP Security
LED Diagnostics
HTTP Server (CM status)
Switchable by the operator
Switchable by the operator
Between USB and Ethernet
Sophisticated algorithm to limit upstream rate
and minimize retransmissions of loss packets
When turned Off, the modem can be accessed
by the head-end but the connection to the PC
is Off, so that nobody can access it
Ethernet & IP
V2, V3
Hardware support
5-step LED
Packaging & Content
Cabinet Dimensions (cm)
Shipping Weight appr.
Packaging dimensions (cm)
Overpack Quantity
Operating Temp.
14,7 H x 15,2 D x 5,8 W
1,35 kg
24,5 H x 16,5 D x 9,8 W
0°C to +40°C
USB & Ethernet
I/O Interfaces
Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-T
RF Connector
Number of PCs supp.
Power {Wall Pack}
USB Port
User Switches
RJ45 – auto-detect
220 Vac 50 Hz
Internet On//Off & Reset
Thomson multimedia S.A.
with capital of €1,052,300,655
333 773 174 R.C.S. Nanterre
© 2002 Thomson multimedia S.A. - All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent
of the copyright owner.
Thomson multimedia reserves the right to modify the specifications and pictures mentioned
in this document at any time and without prior notice.
Broadband Access Products and Systems
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