Meet Me Conference Calls with the Cisco IP Phone

Meet Me Conference Calls with the
Cisco IP Phone
With the use of a Cisco IP Phone, Meet Me Conferencing allows you to create a conference call
without the use of an outside operator. You can have up to 5 conference participants on the
call including yourself.
Please Note: Special phone configuration may be necessary to add the MeetMe Softkey to the
Cisco telephone used to initiate the conference call. This Function also requires a special
conference number which must be reserved through CSIT. Please contact the Helpdesk @ 3584357
Please verify the availability of the conferencing numbers in advance. If you receive a busy
signal during Step 4 below, someone else has already set up a conference using the number you
were planning to use.
Establishing a Meet Me Conference
1: Pick up the handset and get a dialtone
2: Press the “more” softkey once to display the “Meet Me” tab.
3: Press the “Meet Me” softkey.
4: Dial the Meet Me conference number (just the 4 digit extension)
5: Telephone Display will then say “To Conference”
6: The other conference attendees can now call into the designated telephone number.
Joining a Meet Me Conference
To join a Meet Me conference, simply dial the Meet Me conference number provided by the
Meet Me conference initiator. You may connect to the conference once the conference initiator
has dialed in and established the conference.
For On-Campus participants:
Dial the 4-digit extension number. (If you have a Cisco IP Phone, you do not need to press the
“Meet Me” softkey on your Cisco IP Phone.)
For Off-Campus participants:
For a local call dial 358-xxxx. For long distance call 912-358-xxxx.
Created 10/2011