Perception™ - GE Grid Solutions

Perception™ - GE Grid Solutions
Digital Energy
Transformer Monitoring & Diagnostic Software
Diverse Data Collection
Power transformers are mission critical assets for utility and industrial customers. Transformer
failures often lead to revenue loss, placing further demand on already strained networks. Dissolved
gas analysis (DGA) was developed to determine the condition of assets as part of an on-going
maintenance program, originally through manual sampling, then evolving to online monitoring via
permanently mounted monitors capable of providing real time DGA in transformers. The addition
of model analysis and bushing monitoring has further increased the information available for
• Data collection from Kelman Transfix, Taptrans,
Dualtrans, Multitrans, Minitrans, Hydran M2,
Intellix MO150, Intellix BMT 300
Tracking more parameters with increased frequency and moving towards fleet wide asset
monitoring has created a new challenge, collecting and dissecting the large volume of data
• Suitable for applications from a single user or
unit to a full enterprise
GE’s range of Perception software has been designed to address this issue. Perception allows
both the maintenance engineer and asset manager to monitor and diagnose transformer data
collected by GE’s Monitoring & Diagnostics range of on-line monitoring units. The data includes
DGA, calculated models, bushing and other transformer measurements. By providing access to
this valuable data along with powerful diagnostic tools, Perception delivers clear transformer
condition information. This enables decisions to be made quickly and reliably, helping to extend
the life of transformers, reduce unplanned outage, and avoid catastrophic failure.
• Time saving scheduled downloading
• Single, unified solution, providing a
comprehensive view of the transformer’s
Dependable Alerts and
• Discrete and rate of change email alerts based
on monitor conditions
• User access control built on a secure OPC UA
There are three versions of Perception available, scaled from local use by maintenance crews, up to
a fleet wide enterprise monitoring solution. Each version uses the same intuitive and configurable
interface with unique benefits tailored to operation, monitoring, and maintenance needs.
• User configurable wallboards providing
network status overviews with visual fault
warnings, updated live
Perception Express
Perception Desktop
Perception Server
• Asset Tree/Network
Express Features Plus:
Desktop Features Plus:
• Multi-Unit Monitoring
• Automatic Results
Flexible Views and
• Alarm Visualization and
Synchronization from Units
• Intuitive/Configurable
• Simplified Trending (DGA
Results, Inputs)
• Advanced DGA Diagnostics
(Duval’s Triangles, Key Gas
Analysis, 3D Gas, Rogers
& Doernenburg Ratios,
Japanese ETRA, TDCG)
• Data Table View
• One Page Transformer
Overview Report
• Import Manually Sampled
DGA Data
• Gas Ratio Trending and
Alarm Information
• Wallboard Fleet Overview
• Centralized Database (MS
SQL Server)
• Customizable transformer reports
• Correlated bushing parameters, PD activity,
DGA trends, transformer load temperatures,
and other measured variables
• Secure Multiple Users
Access (OPC UA)
• Adjustable trending of measurement points
• Email Alarm Notification
Integrated Solution
• TOA4 Data Export Facility
• OPC UA Server
• Automatic import of files from Transport X
• Data collection and export functionality for
integrating with third party systems
• Large data storage capacity (100 devices with
2 years of data averages in a 2.5 GB database)
imagination at work
Power utilities, metals and petrochemical plants across the world can benefit from the insight that Perception gives into their transformer conditions. Perception
enhances confidence in the everyday operation of businesses, by providing the information required to plan and implement contingency procedures. In addition
to disaster and critical failure preventative benefits, Perception helps utilities establish condition-based maintenance programs, supplying information on
the unique characteristics of transformers during day-to-day running. This helps prolong the life of transformers, reduces costs, and protects the business’s
reputation with customers.
Scalable Network Solution
Trending & Diagnostics
Perception is designed for scalability. It can be installed on laptop computers
for portable DGA, set up for local access to monitors, configured for single
sites with one user, or deployed on an enterprise wide corporate roll out with
multiple sites, units, and users.
Gas levels can be automatically plotted using
the trend chart facility within Perception.
Customized graphs can be created using the
collected DGA and bushing measurements,
along with the model calculations.
Perception Server provides time saving scheduled downloading, collecting
measurement data from devices automatically, and storing it in a central
database for simultaneous user access. The centralized location increases
data integrity, by creating a single point for data backup.
OPC UA architecture provides secure network communication between
client and server. Access control prevents unauthorized access to monitoring
devices, limiting unit and configuration setting changes to designated
Integrated System
Perception has the ability to
connect and download results from
the entire range of GE’s Monitoring
& Diagnostic devices.
Further analysis can be carried out using
the built-in international diagnostics, such as
IEC 60599 and IEEE C57.104, including Duval’s
triangles, Rogers, Doernenburg and Japanese
ETRA gas ratios, and key gas analysis.
Bushing polar plots and models worksheets can
also be easily created to provide an in-depth
analysis on the overall health of the transformer
being monitored.
Email Alerts
If a discrete, ratio or rate of change
alarm is triggered on the device,
Perception will automatically send
an email alert to notify the user of
the change. The email notification system provides details on the current
asset state, including gas levels and historical measurements.
Perception Server’s mass export
folder enables automatic export of
measurement data in TOA4 format,
to a known folder location for acquisition by third party systems.
Visual Network Analysis
An asset network can be built by
adding monitoring units using
Perception’s intuitive graphical user
interface. This can be transferred to
a customizable wallboard screen,
which displays the units on the
network, automatically refreshing
the status as measurements are
collected. The network health can be quickly analyzed to identify problematic
units or sites. Wallboard screens can also be configured for sites and assets.
Perception’s Asset Explorer can then be used to investigate the unit or site
where the alert was raised. The user can select an asset, view the status of
the unit including the current gas levels and check the alarm limits set.
When exceeded, caution and alarm limits are highlighted, using a predefined
color coding system. Email alerts can be configured at a unit level for critical
Transformer Reports
Perception enables users to
automatically generate tailored
transformer overview reports.
Upon selection, the report
creation wizard will guide the user
through the report generation
process, automatically populating
i n f o r m a t i o n re g a rd i n g t h e
transformer, status, measurements
and diagnostics.
Space for editable text enables the
user to comment on the assets,
graphs and diagnostics. The report
can be further adapted by adding a company logo for presentation.
Application Example: Using Perception In a Large Geographically Distributed Company
Caution alarms triggered on device: Maintenance
Engineer alerted via relay on device. Email sent
to designated people. Global wallboard displays
location of device.
Device that triggered
alarm identified.
Local wallboard displays the location
of the device. Site Maintenance Engineer
selects asset.
Intellix BMT 300
Intellix MO 150
Initial analysis with Perception
to identify the problem.
Perception diagnostic analysis using built-in international standards. Corrective action identified.
Corrective Action Implemented
Perception report generated with details
of incident: fault found, corrective action
taken and preventative action initiated to
avoid similar situation.
Desktop Network
Server Network
Perception Desktop enables a single user to connect to
multiple devices from a local database.
Perception Server enables multiple users to connect to many units using a single database.
Intellix BMT 300
Intellix MO 150
Network or
Hydran M2
Intellix MO 150
Intellix BMT 300
Perception Server
Hydran M2
Transport X
via USB
Network or
Transport X
Perception Desktop
Desktop Client
Desktop Client
Desktop Client
Technical Specifications
Number of Units in Database
Additional Languages
• Windows XP, Vista or 7
CSV Import/Export
Alarm Visualization
• 3 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Xeon Processor
Advanced Diagnostics
• 4 GB RAM
Transformer Overview
Trend Chart Annotations
Gas Ratio Alarms and
Automatic Data Download
Email Alarm Notification
User Access Control
Wallboard Screen
OPC UA Server
Automatic TOA4 Export
Support Contract
• 2 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
• 1 GB RAM
• At least 20 GB of available hard disk space
• Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 and 4.0
• At least 100 GB of available hard disk space
• Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 and 4.0
• Windows Server 2003 or 2008
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008
• English
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Chinese (simplified) • French
• German
• Russian
Digital Energy
Lissue Industrial Estate East
Lissue Road
Lisburn BT28 2RE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 2892 622915
GE and the GE monogram, Perception, Kelman, Intellix, TRANSFIX, TRANSPORT X and Hydran are
trademarks of General Electric Company.
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GE reserves the right to make changes to specifications of products described at any time without
notice and without obligation to notify any person of such changes.
Copyright 2013, General Electric Company.
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