DXM630 Information sheet v1

DXM630 Information sheet v1
PC‐over‐IP® Blade Workstation
The Amulet Hotkey® DXM630 is the latest in our
enterprise class, tier one, PCoIP Blade
Workstations. It offers server‐class manageability,
outstanding data security and state-of-the-art
Intel® Xeon® Haswell™ processors in a compact
blade form factor.
With support for dual, E5‐2600 (v3) series processors the
DXM630 offers up to 36 processing cores and 24 DIMM
slots for 768GB of RAM. A wide range of hot-plug hard
drive options are also available.
Single or dual Amulet Hotkey DXM PCoIP mezzanine cards
provide high‐performance, industry standard graphics
(AMD or NVIDIA) and deliver quad or octal video over LAN
or WAN to our secure desktop Zero Clients.
Up to 16 DXM630 blade workstations can be installed into
the award winning Dell PowerEdge™ M1000e rack
mounted enclosure to create a dense but powerful
solution for back‐racking computing hardware. This 10U
enclosure provides a high degree of power and
networking redundancy together with a comprehensive
suite of management tools simplifying maintenance and
maximising availability.
Where data security and no-compromise real-time
remote performance are paramount, the DXM630 is the
ultimate solution.
Key Features
● Dual, quad or eight monitor support
with AMD or NVIDIA options available
● TERA2140 PCoIP chipset
● Support for high resolution panels (up
to 2560x1600 at 60Hz)
● Up to two Intel Xeon E5‐2600 v3
processors per blade (36 cores)
● USB 2.0 support from the zero client
● BIOS visibility and control from the zero
● Up to 16 blades in 10U of cabinet space
● Full power control from the zero client
● Server‐class manageability and
● 10GbE chipset on‐board
Single or dual, quad video head
PCIe mezzanine cards with PCoIP
and GPU hardware.
Working in partnership with…
DXM630 PC‐over‐IP® Blade Workstation
In the datacenter
At the desk
All DXM series blades are based on the proven Dell PowerEdge
M‐series blade platform, providing a powerful yet highly efficient
workstation infrastructure. The use of tier one server‐class
hardware ensures that each blade is equipped with the latest
processor, memory and storage technologies.
The Amulet Hotkey PCoIP Zero Client is a completely stateless
device that has no operating system or software to be maintained
or compromised. With only a volatile frame buffer, the device
stores no data and is completely secure. Desk initiated threats
can be eliminated by restricting the user’s ability to connect USB
devices using ‘black and white’ lists.
Up to two¹, quad monitor Amulet Hotkey mezzanine cards can be
installed into each DXM630 blade with a number of GPU options
available depending on the number of monitors and graphics
performance required. The latest generation TERA2 PCoIP chipset
provides the user with remote access to their assigned
workstation resource without impacting on graphics performance
or compromising security.
The Dell PowerEdge M1000e enclosure provides a fully redundant
power, cooling and network infrastructure for the DXM630 blade.
Server grade hardware and management tools ensure maximum
availability with unparalleled ease of maintenance.
Designed to fit on or under a desk, the Amulet Hotkey PCoIP zero
client consumes significantly less power than a standard
computer and most thin‐client devices. It is also passively cooled
and contributes minimal heat and noise to the working
environment. The PCoIP® protocol, implemented in hardware on
this device, guarantees pristine, real‐time graphics perfect for
mission and business critical applications.
Amulet Hotkey Zero Clients are available in dual and quad‐video‐
head versions with options for copper or fibre network connections.
Models with an integral smart card reader are also offered.
Mezzanine options (all options include TERA2 PCoIP® host processor)
MXM Type
Video Heads
Power requirement
AMD S4000X
640 stream processors
45W max
AMD 6760
480 shaders
39W max
NVIDIA K3100M Quadro
768 CUDA® parallel processors
75W max
NVIDIA K5100M Quadro
1536 CUDA® parallel processors
100W max
640 CUDA® parallel processors
NVIDIA K2200M Quadro
Technical summary
Form factor: Half height blade for Dell PowerEdge® enclosure
Processors: Intel® Xeon™ E5‐2600 (v3) ‐ up to two
Cache: up to 45MB L3 cache
Cores: up to 18 per CPU (36 threads with Hyper-Threading)
Memory: Up to 768GB (24 DIMM slots 4GB ~ 32GB DDR4 to
● Chipset: Intel® C610
● PCoIP chipset: Teradici TERA2240 (one per mezzanine card)
● Storage: 4 x 1.8” SSD or 2 x 2.5” PCIe SSD
● RAID controller: PERC S310 (SW RAID), PERC H330, PERC
H730, PERC H730P
● Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit (Win7
downgrade available), Linux (CentOS, RHEL, SLED, Ubuntu)
● Remote management: iDRAC8 Express or Enterprise
● Power and cooling: Supplied by the Dell M1000e enclosure
● Monitor resolution: Up to 2560 x 1600 pixels at 60Hz
Note 1: Mezzanine cards occupy either a single or both of the available PCIe
slots in the blade. If a card occupies both slots, only one can be installed.
Amulet Hotkey also manufacture a range of PCoIP and VDI
hardware accelerators for the Dell PowerEdge M630 Blade
allowing ‘extreme’ VDI solutions to be built and installed
alongside, and using the same underlying hardware, as the
DXM630 PCoIP Blade Workstation.
A green solution
with fast ROI
One Dell PowerEdge M1000e
enclosure can support up to 16
DXM630 workstation blades each
sharing a common power, cooling,
infrastructure. This is inherently
more efficient and the cost of
maintenance is reduced because
blades are located in a central,
optimized facility where they are
easily accessible. High levels of
redundancy built into the M1000e
ensure blades are operational at all
For a given level of performance,
power consumption is reduced,
availability is maximized, working
life is extended and the load on
workplace air‐conditioning
decreases significantly. All of this
helps to deliver a fast ROI.
+44 (0) 20 7960 2400
New York:
+1 212 269 9300
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