Masterlink V.2 Masterlink V.2

Masterlink V.2
Designed for the Lathem
LTR8-512 Master Clock
Master Clock Control Software
Take the power of the LTR8-512 Master Clock to a whole new level!
Meet your needs with 3 versions
MasterLink Standard
1 Master Clock and 8 schedules
MasterLink Pro
12 Master Clocks and 100 schedules
MasterLink Enterprise
Unlimited Master Clocks and schedules
Standard features
Control Master Clocks connected directly
to your PC using RS232 & RS485 or remote
Master Clocks using your PC’s modem or
network connection (with optional
ethernet adapter).
• Program holiday lists and schedule changes
for easy maintenance of your Master Clocks.
• Synchronize the Master Clock’s time to the
NIST Atomic clock.
Masterlink Software
• View the status of each Master Clock and
its configuration for fast and efficient
diagnostics and support.
Managing bell schedules was never easier.
Managing Global Schedules is an essential operation in the
Masterlink Software. It allows you to manage schedules for the
entire organization. Once the schedules are defined, they can
be assigned to one or more Master Clocks.
Simply “point and click” to set day
of week and bell assignments
The simple point and click interface gives you the ability to
easily add new or edit existing Global Schedules. For example,
if a school changes when classes start and end, or they change
the number of days per week classes are in session, it is now
much easier to compensate for these changes.
Masterlink V.2
Designed for the Lathem
LTR8-512 Master Clock
Schedules are easily created and modified to meet user needs.
The user has several different options to synchronize the
The user selects the days, circuits, time and the duration for
Master Clock system. PC to Master Clock or Network to Internet
each event to occur and then save the entire schedule. A time
Synch which can update the Master Clock time at a specific time.
saving row copy feature lets the user duplicate event data for
User’s can also setup the Daylight Saving Time function by
different times of the day. Each schedule can have up to 64
simply choosing the code for the appropriate country.
multiday, multi-circuit events while each Master Clock can have
up to 8 schedules assigned to it to achieve a 512-event capacity.
The Master Clock is capable of remembering the dates of up to
Site Information
16 holidays. Just by clicking on the date in the MasterLink
The user can record the physical location for a specific
calendar that holiday is added to the list.
Master Clock and the name of the individual responsible for
it at its location. The Master Atomic Clock Setup allows the
Minimum system requirements
user to specify the day and time they want the Master Clock
• Pentium III Compatible or higher
to contact the NIST Atomic Clock (if the Master has a built
Minimum: 500 MHz
in modem) and also indicates the Time Zone in which the
• 256 MB RAM (512 MB if running Vista)
Master Clock is located.
• 100 MB free hard disk space
• CD-ROM drive
• SVGA with at least 800x600 screen resolution
With MasterLink the user can view and edit the connection of
• Mouse or other pointing device
the Master Clock to the PC using RS-232, RS485 modem or
• An available 9 or 25-pin serial communications port
network connections (with optional ethernet adapter).
• Ethernet Network card for network communications (optional)
• Operating System
Windows Server 2003 SP1
Windows XP Home or Professional SP2
Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate
Package Includes:
RS 232
• QuickStart Guide
• 25’ RS232 Cable
RS 232
RS 485
(up to 31 units)
(with internal modem)
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