System Requirements

System Requirements
System Requirements
The system requirements are shown below for each type of installation, software, and
peripherals. Should you have questions about the system requirements or replacement
peripherals please contact or 561-969-2882 option 1 for assistance. The
latest system requirements can be obtained here or from the Home menu
in MyTaskit Pro then About MyTaskit Pro, then clicking the Release Note for this version link. If
you are on a non-current version you may need to update your network, server, software, and
or peripherals prior to upgrading to the latest current version of MyTaskit Pro. Note We/Our/Us
when referenced below refer to My-Villages Inc. dba MyTaskit.
Server Requirements
The Server must be a dedicated server. This server must not function as a
domain controller, web server, file server, email server, terminal server, utilized
for or manage any firewall software/system.
Server 2012 Standard or R2
Windows 2008 Standard and Enterprise with
SP2 (32 or 64 bit R2) (2012 Essentials and
Small Business Server not supported)
1 Intel Xeon (or equivalent Amd
Opteron) Hex (6) Core
2.4ghz 15mb l3 cache
1 Intel Xeon (or equivalent Amd Opteron)
Quad (4) Core 2.4ghz 8mb l2 cache
8 GB ECC (more memory
enhances performance)
6 GB ECC (more memory enhances
Free Disk
60GB free after OS and Updates, Raid 5 or Hybrid SSD array
Hard Drive
Server Grade SSD
Remote Desktop or Unattended TeamViewer.
UPS Battery Backup sufficient for server and router power requirements
Data Backup
Remote off-site backup performed
Tape backup system performed nightly.
Virtual Server VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen Server for virtualization
4 Dedicated cores meeting the above server requirements
Virtual Server
You are responsible for your virtual server, and must make sure to provide
enough RAM, CPU, and Priority. We do not troubleshoot performance issues
in your virtual environment. We will charge $75.00/hour for any additional
support required to troubleshoot the server in your virtual environment.
Exclude the D3 database and D3 virtual folders from any virus scanning
products and/or virus scanning that occurs in a windows backup utility.
Remote Location
Contact your account manager to discuss the requirements for remote
location connectivity.
Large or Multiple
Site Installations
If you intend on connecting multiple locations to a single server you
need to have at least T1 speeds or greater between sites. It is highly
recommended that these sites be connected via VPN. The greater the
network throughput the better the connection will work. We cannot
support multi-site connections if the speed is less than 1.5Mbps.
The number of persistently connected users and data processing needs
can impact the speed and performance of your server. For large
network infrastructures with multiple server or remote site
requirements please contact your Account Manager to coordinate a
system design consultation, and discuss the optimum solution of your
application server role within your network infrastructure.
Hosted Connectivity Requirements
Bandwidth Recommended*
120kb/s download and upload for MyTaskit 60kb/s download and upload for
MyTaskit Pro,
120kb/s download and upload for Point Of
60kb/s download and upload for Point
Of Sale
Or 240kb/s if both are running on same
Or 120kb/s if both are running on
same workstation
(kb/s =Kilobits Per Second)
(kb/s =Kilobits Per Second)
Bandwidths shown above are per workstation for MyTaskit Pro and POS
applications only. To determine total bandwidth needed multiply the above by the
total number of concurrent workstation connections needed. Note! Total
bandwidth required will be greater if other applications such as an internet
browser, streaming music and webcams, etc. are accessing the internet at the
same time.
We cannot guarantee that the connection speeds available in your area will be
sufficient for every configuration. Whenever possible business class cable internet
connections should be the preferred method of connectivity. The number of users
concurrently connected, internet connections by other businesses and residences
in your area and/or type of service provided all impact actual up and down
bandwidth speeds.
Workstation Requirements
Current generation of i5, i7 Intel
Intel 2GHz i3
4 GB RAM (more memory enhances
1920x1080 (19" touch monitor) for
MyTaskit Pro and Point Of Sale. With a
minimum of 256MB of dedicated video
1152x864 (17" touch monitor) for
MyTaskit Pro only, no Point Of Sale.
With a minimum of 256MB of video
Touch Screen
1280x1024 (19" touch monitor)
Designed for POS applications
1152x864 (17" touch monitor)
Designed for POS applications
Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Professional 64 bit
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
(requires 6.2.46 or higher)
Roaming Profiles in a non-virtual
environment are not supported.
Free Disk Space 50GB Free Disk Space
Roaming Profiles in a non-virtual
environment are not supported.
20GB Free Disk space
Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 Professional only, otherwise same requirements as
listed above. If you have your own hosted environment please contact your
account manager to discuss.
Support Connectivity Requirements
Firewall/Network Recommended
Support IP Address
In order to access and support your system, We will need the source
incoming IP address of available through your Firewall
or Router’s Interface.
The following Ports should allow translating for both UDP and TCP:
9000 For Comm Server, only on server
13001 For Comm Server for workstations and server
3389 (Remote Desktop) (if 3389 is in use you can use 3390 or
1603 - Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) – optional
4148 and 4149 – D3 telnet server - optional
We will need the following settings on your MyTaskit Pro server to provide
support of your system.
Server Settings
A Windows Username and Password created for MyTaskit Pro
Support with administrative permissions or rights.
The MyTaskit Pro user should be added to the domain
administrators group.
The MyTaskit Pro user should have permissions to install new
software, network printers, access and maintain Windows Services
on the Server.
Separate Domain Admin User for D3VME service
If your security policy only allows access to these ports by individual
requests, your system administrator will have to be available per support
request before we can provide support resolutions.
Important Notes
If you do not have a static public IP available, we will need your system
administrator to provide us with your current IP address in order to
receive support services.
Our support policy does not provide any assistance from our Support or
Implementation Staff to install any third party or proprietary Firewall, VPN
or Remote Connectivity Client Software on the MyTaskit Pro server.
Supported Microsoft Office Products
Microsoft Office
Office 2010 STD and Professional
Office 2003 STD and
Professional. (Office 13, 365,
and Open Office are not
Credit Card & ACH Integration
Integration includes
MyTaskit Pro
EMV, Chip & Pin ready gateway for swiped
credit card transactions
Debit, pin based transactions
ACH processing
Private label gift cards (coming soon)
Loyalty rewards (coming soon)
For Processing at;
Point Of Sale, including
Tip transactions
Cash Receipts
Auto Cash Receipts
Printers and Peripherals*
We have specific policies in place to ensure that our software
performs with specific hardware devices. We cannot certify every
hardware device by all manufacturers available in the general
Setup and configuration of equipment purchased through
suppliers other than My Villages, Inc. that is not configured
properly or that does not meet the required specifications may be
subject to a setup fee. We will not provide free hardware setup
support beyond 1 hour for hardware purchased from other
vendors. All warranties and statements of merchantability are the
sole responsibility of the manufacturer.
We are not an authorized repair center for equipment. Please
contact the manufacturer directly and follow their policy for
returning equipment for repair/replacement. Equipment Shipped
or returned to us may incur a processing/handling fee. The only
printing and hardware devices that we support or recommend to
work with our software are listed by function and Make/Model
Printer Function
Work orders
A/R Statements
Purchase Orders
Financial Statements
Customer Labels
Laser Printer PCL5.0E or PCL6 and above emulation capability.
Ethernet Connection Required. Host based and postscript printers
are not supported.
(Parallel, USB, inkjet, bubble jet, and Multi-function machines are
not supported)
Multi-Copy Forms
Sales Department
F & I Department
Lexmark 2500 Series Dot-matrix printer or Okidata 320,520,
321, 521. Ethernet connection required.
(Parallel and USB connections are not supported.)
Barcode/Job Labels
Inventory items
Job cards
Zebra GK420d printer with Ethernet connectivity. Model#
**Note no other connectivity types are supported.
Barcode Scanners
Service Functions
Inventory Control
Symbol LS4208 Laser USB wired Model# LS4208-SBZU0100ZR
Ithaca ITherm 280 Ethernet Model #ITH-280E-DG receipt printer.
POS Printer
(Parallel and USB connections are not supported.)
POS Cash Drawer
POS Credit Card Terminal
MMF Advantage, printer driven, Model# MMF-ADV113C2131004,
with appropriate printer cable for Ithaca above.
Ingenico ISC250*, EMV Chip & Pin ready. Requires integration
with MyTaskit Pro, contact for more
*This device is not compatible with PAYware Connect. No other
swipe devices are supported.
POS Touch Monitor
ELO E607608 19” monitor
Hand Held Data Collection
Physical Inventory
Cycle Counts
Service Parts
Service Time
Meter Reading
(Contact or 561-969-2882 option 2 for more
Current hourly support rate of $75.00 will be billed for
*Printer and Peripheral Notes configuration and setup of hardware not purchased from us.
Contact for more information.
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